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    I wonder Vegas won or loss on this game

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    If they want equal action, I don't think they did well with a few of these lines.

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    First, equal action doesn't mean equal money. One square whale might account for 10-20 sharps if they're limited. For all we know, Mayweather dropped a 1,000,000 on Philly.

    Second, vegas doesn't always try to simply rake the vig, they take positions on games.

    Vegas books are not completwly averse to risk

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollie_t651 View Post
    Palmer will light this D up. You never know which Bradford will show up. With that being said, I look for AZ to cover in the battle of the birds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony_come View Post
    How the hell did philly beat pats?
    Same way that the Bucks beat G.S.

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    I guess I'm a square.

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