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    Automan I am coming to Vegas to play craps only

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auto Donk View Post
    those cats pay!!!!! JJ take note.....

    where are you playing at RK?

    and congrats!!!!

    and are you saying you hit free spins three different times, or that it "reset" and awarded 15 more free spins during your respins? when you hit the additional free spins during your free spins, that's when you bank bigtime.....

    my wife did that once, to the tune of 1800-1900 bucks on a five dollar pull
    Central PA. I have a casino 20 mins from me.

    I hit 15 free spins on my second spin. During my free spins, additional free spins came up twice for a total of 45.
    Wish I played the max. Thanks again for the heads up.

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    wow.... u do that on the dollar machine, it will spray at least 15-20k.... and if u happen to be playing all 30 lines, with those maxed out wild cards, whew.... off the chain... most i ever play on the dollar machine is 15 lines at one buck, as a 15 dollar spin is about all i'm willing to handle.....usually do 9 lines at a buck.

    on the penny machine, i'll do either the 15 or 30 lines, depending on now i feel... seems like it rewards 15 lines more than 30, my theory on that is the machine is obviously going to pay less on 15, so it's more frequent;......

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