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    Beat The Prick Week 15 Picks: Watch & Weep

    one more week and you aint seein me a whole 10 months, can't fuggin wait bitches

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    After this years give away all the points performance I doubt it's only 10 months.

    Next years 1st annual Beat the dart throwing monkey contest will be a smash hit for SBR
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    Prick is the man around here. Who is the shovel face trying to interview you that looks like he is enjoying sitting on a fist? 5-0 week is coming guys.

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    Only way you'll make anyone weep is if you fart going up the escalator
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    Prick ship me some points man, its the holidays

    Im 62 spots from dead fukkin last
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    How did El Skeletor get on SBR?!

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    Christ Prick on Eagles this week. Kiss of death

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    Hope you finish 5-0 pal!!

    Have a Merry Christmas Prick!!

    Let me know next time your in Vegas...

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    what you mean 10 months ? is it because you have a better class of friends now sir... c'mon man we go way back

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    Awesome!! He picked 5 NFL sides yet again...

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    Have a great offseason Prick

    Fun as always