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    Lucky guy who won $14.3 million gambling to donate money to charity, church

    <figure id="yui_3_16_0_1_1417478959898_931" class=" cover get-lbdata-from-dom go-to-slideshow-lightbox " data-id="2c734a50-79a7-11e4-82ff-4195c4e44cd6">

    </figure>This guy has a little luck and a big heart.
    A Las Vegas man plans to donate much of his $14.3 million winnings this weekend to charity, according to the casino.
    “It’s just a great story this time of year,” Rampart Casino spokeswoman Jenifer Smith told Yahoo News.
    The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, also intends to pay for the construction of a new church for his congregation, which currently holds religious services in a high school gymnasium.
    He is not a big gambler; in fact, he was only playing the Megabucks slot machine to spend time with his best friend, who was visiting from out of town.
    Within minutes, the lucky guy saw $14,282,544.21 flash across the top of the slot machine.
    “He doesn’t really play Megabucks,” Smith said. “He just put $20 in the machine, and it hit.”
    The casino’s general manager, Michael Gaughan Jr., was in the building to congratulate the winner.
    “We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting jackpot. It doesn’t get any better than this,” Gaughan said in a statement.

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    Lots of people in ferguson in need of an education, should start giving it away there

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    No tax

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    It's time to collect
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    I need to talk to him. He is headed in the wrong direction with the money. Don't be an idiot. Build the church and gamble some more

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    Lump sum will be about 5 after taxes.

    a lot of charities are half fcking scams.

    churches do some good, but a lot of preachers pilfer the cash.

    If you wanna do it right, there are a lot of needy people in our country, fck the middle man taking a vig, remain anonomous when collecting, and give the cash to every hard luck case you can find.

    id rather this guy win then the whole "hookers and blow" crowd.

    in be 4, hookers are needy too.

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    Update your status
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    Pretty generous guy

    He must be rich

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    puttin 2 cents in for 3 out
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    wise money wouldnt donate it to the church, but buy the land and build a church on it. tithers always pay the rent on time.

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    Put it all on red.
    175 pts

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    Nice story

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    Lol at giving it to the church like they need any more money than they already have

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    Do you realize who won this???

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    Mega bucks means mega f%cks.

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    he's an idiot

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    There are so few charities that actually don't take a cut before using it for its intended purpose. They rank charities by this. I think St. Jude's was one of the best if any one ever donates.

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    charities are scam.
    its probably owned by his wife or relative.
    now he doesnt have to pay 50% to irs!