Originally posted on 05/05/2023:

Apologies if this has already been mentioned. But the individual alleged to have made these bets was seen talking on his cell phone to the coach by surveillance cameras while he was placing the bets at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. (See below from the ESPN chalk article.) I heard the writer of this article talk about this yesterday on ESPN.

Dumb question. Why would someone planning to do this decide to place the bets in a public venue with security cameras instead of the privacy of his own home (or even his car)?

From ESPN:

Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon was fired Thursday amid a widespread investigation into suspicious betting activity on the Crimson Tide's game against LSU six days ago.
Sportsbook surveillance video indicated that the person who placed the bets was communicating with Bohannon at the time, multiple sources with direct information about the investigation told ESPN.
The school announced that athletic director Greg Byrne has "initiated the termination process" for Bohannon for "among other things, violating the standards, duties, and responsibilities expected of University employees."
Jason Jackson will serve as Alabama's interim coach, according to the school, which said it will not provide further comment because of an "ongoing review." The Crimson Tide won their first game under Jackson, defeating Vanderbilt 11-2 on Thursday night.
ESPN has reached out to Bohannon for comment.
The alleged suspicious activity took place Friday at the sportsbook at the Great American Ball Park, according to the Ohio Casino Control Commission.