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Twitter is a decaying business along with Facebook.

This young generation is all about TikTok and Instagram.
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Pretty sure facebook owns Instagram.
lol you can't even compare Twitter to companies like Meta (previously facebook), Google, and Amazon.

Twitter isn't even in the same universe. Let me put it this way, all of the advertisers leaving Twitter aren't losing out on anything, the vast majority of online advertising like that comes from the other three I named above and advertisers know that they can easily cancel Twitter contracts because they don't need Twitter.

Twitter is just in the news because it has been polticised, especially by right wing propaganda. They made their viewers think Twitter matters and that Elon Musk is some kind of savior.

Twitter is and likely always will be a poor company and bad investment. Just look at Musk scramble to deal with one of the worst investments in modern history.

While there is money in sowing hate and division, Twitter just isn't that big. They used to generate revenue, and still do, billions even, but it takes moves to turn it profitable.