Originally posted on 09/20/2022:

New England +3

If you saw this before edit ,forget you did I dont know what I was thinking!!

The O-line is playing well I saw Strange play in collage and he pushed people around in that league, it was easy to see he could have played at a bigger school I didnt know how well he would do in the NFL but with his mobility could be a pro bowler! Jones looked much improved week 2 and coach going to have a good plan to slow down Lamar

Ravens coming off a huge first half last week and a let down in 2nd half cost them the game Bill B knows how to take advantage of every angle. the phins D bad was bad in 1st half and stopped Lamar 2nd half, NE D should be ready will see, Chucky thats why they play the game!!

Just a little on the SF and Denver most everyone was big on Dever coming into this year, I didnt see it, but SF I thought last year was so close to making that leap to SB, they keep making silly mistakes at bad times, they are my biggest disappointment(besides Raiders) so far this year I thought they could go to the NFC Championship game if QB worked out and now they got Jimmy back AND he will look great for 3 weeks then dodo the bed for a week or two but he can defiantly play