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Trump was elected mainly because of how bad Obama was. Nearly everything was worse under Obama. Millions of people who voted Obama, voted for Trump because Obama did fukk all except spend money and talk a good game.
I'm no Obama fan either, Unemployment under Obama went from close to 10% to around 4.5% a drop of over 5%.. It had been trending down for several years when Trump was elected the 4.5% did keep dropping to 3.6% it's lowest under Trump! About a 1% drop before ballooning to around 11% under his leadership.
I can't remember the highest GDP under Trump right now but I've posted it a few times and there is at least 7in the 15 years before he was elected that's higher, even though he bragged about best economy ever 100's of times it wasn't even close.
Another reason Trump's term was a failure he told the nation that cutting corporate taxes would bring in more money in taxes, history shows this don't work, or has not yet, revenues were down afterwards and business was great, yet again what he had promised did not pan out.

Mr Obama was so bad he was elected twice, how bad did it have to be for Trump not to get a second term and the worst candidate in history won that election!

If Biden and the Dems are so much smarter than anyone else, that they can rig a national election, the ones that can't prove it with Trump appointment judge's and Republican ran audits and recounts going the extra mile to prove it in at least 2 of the states .......damn one side Is hurting bad!! When a man that cant put together 2 sentences out smarts you, maybe time to retire