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    Giving away 40,000 points!

    Originally posted on 03/16/2013:

    i have no idea how to use these points. i have +40,000 and i cant use them cause im out of US! i really dont need these points. So yes, im giving away my 40,000 points! Thats right! just let me know how much points you want. i will send it right away!
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    Send whatever you feel is fair. Thanks
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    40,000 thanks

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    Is this real? -- obviously, if its real I'll have 1000 to start... And, thanks a bunch... This will definitely help with a plan i have to help as many legit people as I can, plus help various highly worthy causes to help make a better world.

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    shopbar picks
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    2 please

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    10000 thanks

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    I'll take 3,333 points. Please and thank you

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    i'll take 2

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