week 1 cleve wins huge steelers home get teeth kicked by 4 9ers cle ve - 2.5 @ steelers s/u loss

Raiders win s/u week 1 @ rival broncos bills lost s/u week 1

week 2 bills - 9.5 NO - 7.5 wax the raiders like chipmunks 38-10

week 1 falcons win huge over div rival car 24 -10 week 2 - 3 vs packers lose #$$ win 24-23

week 1 jets beat bills as a dog week 2 big dog at c boys get bbqued 30-10

what am i getting at ..... what looked great last week dosent mean it will win this week

or teams arent as good as they looked last week or As bad as they looked last week

obviously panthers thrusting in baby new qb is not good idea but they really had no vet for him to learn from

patriots also failed with mac jones

most new players from college fail in nfl differnt rules n the speed of nfl is far faster then college games

heisman winners all positions flopped
15 of them
#15. Howard Cassady
#14. Danny Wuerffel
#13. Troy Smith
#12. Terry Baker
#11. Andre Ware
#10. Johnny Rodgers
#9. Johnny Manziel
#8. Alan Ameche RB
#7. Pat Sullivan QB
#6. Joe Bellino RB
#5. John Huarte
#4. Gary Beban RB
#3. Gino Torretta QB
#1. Eric Crouch (tied)
#1. Jason White (tied)