not handicapped just what i see

tnf tough call capt kirk prime time failure lost by 3 at home eagles barely covered @ pats 3 fg's in 2nd half

vikings had tb beat all game eagles won due to pats fouls omg final play 4th n 25

heavy lean raiders + 9.5 @ bills always a thorn in bills as dog of any

2011 bills - 4.5 no cover 38-35

2017 -1.5 blow out win bills 34-14

going back 2008 -10 blown cover 24-23

theres more than this but in raiderzzzzzzzzz vs overrted bills

umm cincy - 3.5 vs Ravens well ravens beat no one the texans and had trouble in 1st half even 3rd qtr

Bengals must win cannot lose n start out 0-2

Chiefs - 3.5 @ jags well KC how does 0-2 start sound lean on jags tab that ML too

Chargers - 3 at Titans system fade titans 89.7 % on LA -115

GIIGLZ Lions - 5.5 vs Seattle comon man really IM taking Seattle DET is almost central time

Lions thuming chest we just beat the def champs no they beat themselves

and you know when teams win s/u as DOG then favored next game is like dissaster

Cards+6 HOME VS NYG wow to come back out of 40-0 holes i cant see it cards played tough as 7 point dog @ Wash almost won s/u lean on Cards

49ers -8 @ rams hmmmmmmmmm coin flip stay away no wait 49ers beat no one as 2.5 chalk now 2nd road at LA
tickle rams + 8

Cowboys -9.5 vs JETS this is what you get when teams win huge like 35-10 40- 0 i like jets to hang tough

LOL broncos - 3.5 vs WASH both teams negative ATS Wash - 4 Broncos - 4.5 s/u loss

Patriots +2 VS Mia hevey Patriots had that 1/2 time celbration honoring brady almost won game

same old teams Pats win home lose @ Miami M L Patriots +114

MNF 2 games

Panthers +3 home -102 vs saints barely won vs Titans as chalk -3 won 17-16

i like car to bounce back

2nd game Brwons -2.5 at steelrs well if pitts plays like they did at home vs 49ers in a blow out i'll ride the browns to ground n pound and use defense to hammer pickett all day

these are just leans only 1 system play against Titans