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    Pistol Pete
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    Hit my first middle

    Not trying to brag just so freakin excited right now gotta tell someone. I have been wanting to middle games all season and tried about 3 times so far and was close. Today my local books her in Texas has line Dallas Pk total 41 and Dallas -3 total 45. Thought this was a perfect line to expose because i loved the under and it both that and spread was pretty big difference. I took dallas pk and over 41 then Philly+3 under 45. Was doing stuff all game a checked score with 3 min left in game was still 20-7 figured it was over for me. Before went to bed checked espn.com found out i hit all 3 and pushed over god it feels good to win with no risk invole.

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    i'm happy for you bud. but, your local books her in Texas has line Dallas Pk ??... man, i wish i could play with your locals.

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    Hopefully the first of many. Congrats!

    Have to second BBD here. A Texas local with the Cowboys as a PK? He must not like money!

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    You mean the players there must not like their money cuz obviously the book's got too much weighted action on the local team. Reminds me of the first time Atlanta made it to the Superbowl. The line in Vegas had Denver favored by 10 or 13 i can't remember but right before kickoff i called in to ask the line and they had Denver -3. And my next question to them was 'what's the max i can bet'? One of the easiest and best plays I ever made.