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    Schlesinger out 6-8 weeks

    Starting fullback Cory Schlesinger, whose bone-jarring lead blocks have cleared the way for Detroit Lions runners for the past decade, will be sidelined 6-8 weeks after suffering a fractured right fibula in Friday night's preseason game.

    The 11-year veteran, who has missed just four regular-season contests in his long career, was injured on the sixth play of the game, when he stuck his leg out and struck the shin of an unidentified New York Jets defender. Detroit has a bye on the third week of the NFL schedule, and Schlesinger, who certainly will miss the first two outings, is hopeful he can return for an Oct. 2 game against Tampa Bay.
    "I'm a pretty fast healer, so we can get this thing going and get out there and play as soon as possible," said Schlesinger. "If this was going to happen it probably happened on the best play at the best time, early in the preseason."

    Detroit officials said they will fill Schlesinger's starting spot from the current roster and will not seek a veteran free agent fullback. The backup fullbacks are Paul Smith and Will Matthews. Lions team president Matt Millen emphasized the team is satisfied with the younger players and pointed out that, in the Detroit offense, the fullback is on the field for only about 50 percent of the snaps.

    Still, the loss of Schlesinger is a significant one. Regarded as one of the NFL's premier lead-blockers, and an accomplished receiver as well, Schlesinger is a selfless, team-oriented player. His penchant for throwing himself into blocks head-first is reflected in the fact Schlesinger has broken over 200 facemasks in 10 seasons.

    While Schlesinger has never been to a Pro Bowl game, he was voted an alternate three times.

    The former Nebraska standout, a sixth-round pick in the 1995 draft, has rushed for 472 yards and five touchdowns on 166 carries. Schlesinger also has 181 receptions for 1,378 yards and eight touchdowns in 156 games.

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    sidelined 6-8 weeks after suffering a fractured right fibula
    I'd be sidelined 6-8 years with that! Ouch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illusion
    ... Schlesinger has broken over 200 facemasks in 10 seasons.
    Damn ... dude's a kamikazi ...