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    NFL Sunday ticket in CR

    So I am about to loose my mind. My DirecTV rep told me today that they may not carry the NFL Sunday Ticket package this year. WTF!!! O.K. now I am over it. The Latino channels just weren't doing it for me anyway. Is there another choice?

    I was in Los Suenos last week and I noticed that the Marriot had Dish Network in all the rooms. That got me to thinking

    It's all satellite right? Can't I just pick up any dish in the states and bring it down?

    Anyone have any experience with this? I would much rather just get a Premium satellite package in states and bring it down and install it. Is that possible?

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    sure it's possable to do that. all you really need to do is buy a sub in the states. but, dishnet doesn't offer the sunday ticket at all. but, bellview does (the canadain version of dishnetwork.
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