I'm located in Canada and opened my new FanDuel account on Monday, February 6th and made one deposit using the Interac method. The deposit was successful and I placed a four-team parlay wager with the deposit amount, which concluded with the final leg of the parlay on Tuesday evening. The parlay came in a winner. That was the only transaction I made in my new account.
On Tuesday afternoon, I attempted to log into my account and discovered it was "locked".
I contacted support via live chat and was informed that the Accounts department was reviewing my account because there was some unusual activity. It would, they told me, take 24-48 to review my account and if any documents were required, the Accounts team would contact me by email.
The time frame passed and as of today Sunday, more than five days later, my account is still locked with my winnings in the account, totalling $8500+.
I've spoken to a number of live chat agents at FanDuel since Tuesday and receive the same response each and every time: That the Accounts team is reviewing my account because of some unusual activity and they will contact me shortly by email. Still no contact from the Accounts team.
(1) How long can it take to review one's account and (2) how can they maintain that there has been unusual activity when I only made one deposit and one wager todate?
I should have detected two separate red flags with the Fanduel sportsbook before making my one and only deposit, which were:
(1) Unlike other sportsbooks like BetMGM, 5Dimes and Bet365 (among others) that provide a phone number to contact support or management, Fanduel does not. The only two methods of contacting this sportsbook are by live chat and by email.
(2) When I initially opened my Fanduel account and made my deposit, there was $25 placed in my casino account. An agent informed me that it was there because I was a new customer. I played a few rounds of blackjack and increased the $25 to $47.50. I then attempted to withdraw $47 and it was declined. Once again, I contacted support and was told I had to make a deposit before I could withdraw the funds from the casino.
Sportsnet.ca here in Canada advertises and continues to advertise for Fanduel on a regular basis on television during NHL games and NFL games. If this is a corrupt and bogus sportsbook, why are they advertising for them?
I've pretty much concluded that my account will not be re-opened at this stage and that both my deposit and winnings have been taken away from me. There's not a lot I can do or anyone I can contact regarding my situation.
What I am hoping to do is make to make my bad experience with this sportsbook public so that the next person does not get taken in the same fashion.
Bottom line: Do not register an account with FanDuel sportsbook.