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    KHL, SHL, European Leagues

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm just curious if anyone follows KHL and SHL and regularly encounters problems getting lines.
    This is my first year following these leagues and on one book, they would post lines but would
    consistently be missing 1 game. I opened another account elsewhere and was having no problem
    until tonight. No lines are posted for European leagues. The CSR simply told me that lines are
    posted at the line managers discretion. Wouldn't tell me if they would ever appear, nothing.

    If anyone regularly follows European hockey, is there a good book you can recommend that will
    be consistent about hanging a line on these games without any problem.


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    you better know the rules. Betonline does not include OT in any of the lines - 3 way or what I call "puck line". I still not sure I agree with their rules as we disagreed what continent was in - customer service insisted they were Russian while I mentioned that they were in 2 continents.