Ok, this fight was meant to take place last night but due to the blizard was postponed to tonight.

Alot of people may know Manfredo from NBC's reality boxing show "The Contender". He was a natural 154 pounder before his apperance on The Contender, now fighting Pemberton at 168 pounds :O Manfredo was a small middlerwieght standing at 5'10. He has a nice style with the ability to out work his opponent. This will be his first "real" fight outside of the contender after losing his previous two bouts by decision to fellow Contender contestant Sergio Mora. Manfredo is a light puncher who has stamina issues, he was also hurt a few times by Mora who is no power puncher himself at middleweight.

Pemberton is a large super middleweight, standing at 6'2 who is definitely a power puncher with 24 of his 29 wins coming by KO. Pembertons last fight was a KO loss to super middleweight king pin Jeff Lacy. He was outclassed that night by a better fighter. Pembertons biggest wins have come against Omar Sheika last year where he won a close decision and in the rematch KO'd Sheika in the 10th.

Now Pemberton is getting old, but is still a good fighter. I expect him to out muscle the smaller fighter in Manfredo. Also with the fight being delayed by a day Pemberton who is a big fighter for the division has an extra day to replenish his body before the fight. IMO Pembertons KO's Manfredo in the middle rounds, so my bets are as follows:

Pemberton @ $2.35 - 4 units

U/9.5 rounds @ $2.80 - 2 units

GL everyone.