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    Taylor v Hopkins

    Big fight coming up soon. Any thoughts?
    Hopkins is a GREAT fighter and deserving champion for many years now. Is it time to pass the torch to a new younger guy? I'm in two minds myself. Decisions, decisions...

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    Taylors jab seems to keep Hopkins in a odd postion to counter punch. If hopkins can get thru that jab his power will get Taylor out of there in a hurry. But thats a big "if"! Otherwise I look for Taylor to set the pace of the fight which won't be good for Hopkins. A question you pose, is "is it time to pass the torch"? Well if Taylor gets another "W" then yes. But what happens if Hopkins Knocks Taylor out? Then "when" the torch is passed is the question.APPLE

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    Hopkins with an easy win, IMHO. He got robbed in the first fight, all of Taylor's aggressiveness in the early going was all BS, as the crowd was ooing and ahhing as he continually missed Hopkins and his great defense. Bernard didn't land many shots, but he counter punched well and then took over big time in the championship rounds. Unless Jermaine is vastly improved, I expect Nard to dissect him with ease and to apply the pressure earlier, perhaps starting from round 6-7. I still can't believe Shaw scored the 12th round for Taylor in the first fight, what a sham.