NFL Scores and Matchups

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

New England vs Pittsburgh
Acrisure Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Thursday, December 7, 2023 - 8:15 PM EST

New England
+6 -105
+5.5 -105
-6 -115
-5.5 -115

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NFL Matchups

SBR provides its users with plenty of tools but few are more helpful than the NFL scores and NFL matchups page you will find right here. First off, there is a small calendar icon at the top where you can find the NFL scores last night, last week, or any date of your choice. You can even find the NFL scores today, NFL scores tonight, and NFL scores now. The latest NFL scores can always be found here so why go anywhere else?

Now when we click on an NFL matchup, herein lies a plethora of stats and information at our fingertips. We have the option of three tabs at the bottom: the VS Matchup, Odds, and Line History. Let's start with the VS Matchup and discuss what that entails.

How to Read the NFL Matchups page

  1. VS Matchup

    At the top we see which teams are playing, the date, and the time.

    Betting Consensus

    This tells us the current line and what percentage of the money is flowing on both sides regarding the spread, moneyline, and over/under.

    Game Details

    Here we see the location of the game, the temperature, wind speed, precipitation, and which network is broadcasting the game. Obviously, these are valuable tools, particularly when betting the over/under on a game as the wetter it is and the higher the wind velocity the more likely it is to be a low-scoring affair. Successful sports betting takes several things into account and these are just a few.

    Injury Reports

    As we scroll lower we can view the injury reports with the road team's players listed first. It covers the date of the injury, the name of the player, his game-day status, and the nature of his injury. The identical features are listed for the home team below that.

    Head-to-Head Matchups

    Near the bottom of the first column, we find the head-to-head matchups. Included therein are the ATS (Against the Spread) records, the straight-up records, and the totals or over/unders in all of their matchups since 1996, and below that are those statistics over the last three seasons including playoffs.

    Those stats are also listed for all games played at the home team's venue since 1996 and again over the last three years. As you can see SBR provides everything you need to know when researching the matchup in question.

    Team Records

    But we are hardly done because now we scroll to the top of the page and find the middle column starting with Team Records. Below we will find each team's straight-up, against the spread, and over/under record. You will also find their ATS units which let you know whether they are plus or minus units vis a vis the spread or the NFL odds.

    Lastly is each team's turnover differential which is a critical stat when assessing how disciplined a team is when on offense or how opportunistic they are on defense. Many great coaches have said games are won and lost on turnovers. This can be a good indicator of which team you will include in your NFL picks.

    Current Season Performance

    But it doesn't end here by any stretch of the imagination. Underneath Team Records you will find Current Season Performance. The following stats are included for both teams: Points for, points against, yards per play, opponent's yards per play, yards per point, turnovers, opponent turnovers, time of possession, team score at the half, opponent score at the half, Passing CMP - ATT (%), Rushing ATT - YDS (YPR), 3rd Down Made - ATT (%), 4th Down Made - ATT (%).

    Recent Results & Schedule

    This lists each team's last five opponents including the date of the game, the line, OU (over/under), the final score of the game, and the result of the betting picks in terms of straight-up, against the spread, and whether the game went over or under.

    Location Matchups

    Now comes the location matchups which include the away team's straight up and ATS road record and the home team's straight up and ATS home record, as well as the over/under record for each, away and home respectively. This category also includes each team's straight-up and ATS record according to the playing surface of the venue (grass, artificial turf, etc..).

    Turnovers, Penalties & Special Teams

    Now we are getting into the nitty-gritty where the sports betting rubber hits the road. This is the minutia that seasoned pros examine carefully but are often overlooked by most recreational bettors. The NFL matchups today require intense scrutiny if you want to be a winner at the end of the season. Recent NFL scores of games illustrate how important this information can be to successfully bet these games.

    The categories under this umbrella include: Average Penalties - Yards, Kickoff Returns Per Game - Return Yards, Average Yards Per Kick Return, Punt Returns Per Game - Return Yards, Average Yards Per Punt Return, Interceptions Per Game, Fumbles Lost Per Game, Turnovers Per Game, and Turnover Differential.

    Past Matchups

    Here we can find the most recent meetings between the clubs including the dates of the game, scores, the lines, and which team got the straight up and/or ATS cover in each game.

    Best Lines

    This is a terrific tool for the NFL sports bettor who wants a quick glance at which of the best online sportsbooks are offering the most advantageous lines. Here you can see which shop is dealing the best number on the underdog, the favorite, moneyline odds on the underdog and favorite, as well as the best line if you are looking to bet under, and conversely, the best number if you are looking to bet over the posted total.

  2. Line History

    If you like graphs then this section is for you. Here you can see where the line has gone from the time it opened early in the week to where it is at the time of your viewing. It will even give you precise times of when it moved and to where. You can get all of this information on the full game, halves, or even quarters. It is all right there for those who need NFL scores odds or need the NFL scores right now at the top of the page.