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Circa Sports Brings Nevada Hype to Iowa Market

Iowa Hawkeyes cheerleaders perform during a game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Cincinnati Bearcats. Gregory Shamus/Getty Images/AFP

Circa Sports Sportsbook has been busy expanding out of their comfort zone, Nevada where they have five locations including one the company considers the “largest sports betting experience in the world,” in Las Vegas. Earlier this year, the sports betting provider moved into Colorado and this week it was announced that Circa was moving further East into the competitive Iowa legal sports betting scene.

Circa Sports is now live in three US jurisdictions after the consummated partnership with Wild Rose Casinos & Resort in Iowa. It remains to be seen if Circa plans any more jurisdictional moves, although it seems likely that the huge markets on the East Coast could be a logical step.

“We are thrilled to expand Circa Sports to Iowa and the Midwest,” said Derek Stevens, CEO of Circa Sports. “Iowa marks the third state of operation for our mobile app, and we’ve appreciated the collaboration with Wild Rose and Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission on bringing this launch to fruition.”

Why Iowa?

Iowa certainly isn’t the biggest legal sports betting market in the country, but it has been solid, to say the least since joining the US legal sports betting family. There are no pro sports teams in the state but some beloved college sports programs that are a boon to the market, especially this year with the Iowa Hawkeyes football team ranked third in the nation.

The Hawkeye State has been a mainstay in the Top-10 most bet-friendly state list and when September’s numbers are calculated, the overall market should surpass the $1 billion handle mark. Their record monthly handle is a healthy $161.4 million.

With Circa Sports, there are now thirteen mobile sports betting providers operating in the Iowa market in a state that has just 3.1 million residents (33rd in terms of population in the US). Yet Circa Sports viewed Iowa as an attractive next destination. Iowa. Unlike their other two states, Iowa will allow Circa to track its market share.

Circa’s Appeal

Circa Sports, on its face, has a slightly different focus than their competition in Nevada, Colorado and now Iowa. Having a different niche could be a good thing or a bad thing in the conservative Iowa scene.

Circa’s approach is seen as more laid-back than others with better pricing than other sportsbooks and a few niche betting options for their clientele. The sportsbook offers fairly uncommon future bets in parlays and two-sided yes/no future betting and according to a recent press release: “the highest limits, lowest hold percentages and best customer service of any offering in the state.”

Circa has been popular with the “high roller” crowd because of their markets and pricing even though theoretically, the “angle” that sets them apart should cater to casual bettors as well.

Circa’s Chances for Success

Circa Sports has had a good run in Nevada and hopes their “Western Ways” translates to a Midwest market. If Colorado and Iowa go well for the company, moves further East into the Heavyweight urban markets of New Jersey and Pennsylvania is seen like a logical next step.

Eyes will be on Circa Sports and the Iowa market to see how a slightly different approach to sportsbook offerings translates in the Midwest. Circa was a name rarely heard outside of Las Vegas. We’ll see if that continues with the company’s push to expand their brand out of the comforts of Nevada.