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    DJEsports 55k Scam - do not use this cryptobook

    I got scammed 55k (1.2btc) by DJEsports, the betting site that's being highly promoted by a lot of esports personalities like Thorin, Montecristo, Launders, etc.

    Short story is pretty much as follows:
    - Sign up in June 2021, a few small issues for the first few months but withdrew 0.9 btc with no real problem.

    - Beginning of October 2021 I have 1.2btc on my account after the 0.9 withdrawal and I try to withdraw 0.5btc more, they reject my withdrawal for 0.5btc. They tell me it's because of some system that's not in their ToS and not guidelined anywhere on their site or discord. I get tons of misinformation regarding this from their Support team/moderators but they assure me I will be able to withdraw my funds when I bet enough on the major.

    - 19th October 2021, I am unable to login on their website, I contact their support team and they tell me it's a tech error on the site, I have this issue until the 22nd of October when I am able to sign in for about 3 hours. On the same day I get locked back out of my account for good and they finally responded to me on the 24th of October telling me to check my email. The email says that my account has been banned for 'not betting enough on tier1 games' and I'm only entitled to $16k (0.26btc) of the 1.2btc on my account, this is shown at the beginning of the video.

    On the 22nd of October (3 days after I was unable to sign in and about 2+ weeks since I placed a bet on their site) they finally added some guidelines in their discord, but not their ToS. This is a desperate attempt to cover their backs and justify what they are doing.

    (40:00 for TLDR, video is boring af, was mainly for their sponors to see but I have no way to push it to them)

    I originally posted this over on HLTV, but someone dm'd me over there and said to also post it here to warn people. They have been spending tons on big name sponsorships in the esports space to build their reputation but have decided to penetrate off every winning user at the same time and there's a lot of complaints in their discord and on twitter.

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    Interesting. Never heard of this site before.

    No company name, no valid license, they even mistyped "Philippines" in their license note in the footer:

    The licensor's "List of Service Providers and Game offerings" does not contain a site with this name: https://www.pagcor.ph/regulatory/pdf...gs-Updated.pdf

    I asked their live chat if they could show me a proof of their license but, no surprise, they couldn't.

    They are literally saying their company name is "DJ Esports". So probably they do not even have a registered company.

    Their "ToS" are hidden in the registry mask and frankly a complete joke:

    "Rules and RegulationsDetails >The following general rules apply to all events and odd/bet types and are binding to all transactions. Where applicable, the provisions and definitions set forth in the Terms and Conditions published on the Website shall apply to these Rules and Regulations.
    Site-Wide RulesDetails >All betting information of the Company is provided in good faith. However, the Company is not responsible for errors or omissions with respect to dates, times, locations, competitors, odds, results, statistics (shown in live video) or other betting information. The Company reserves the right to correct any apparent errors and shall take all reasonable actions to ensure that the odds are managed in an honest and transparent manner, and the odd is defined as different types of betting provided for a live streamer. The company reserves the right to make final decisions regarding all disputes.At all times, the customer is responsible for understanding the score and all relevant match information and we advise that the customer confirm the status of the match before placing a bet.The customer acknowledges that the current scores, time spent, and other data provided on the website, although provided by a third party in the form of "live streaming", are subject to time delays and/or may be inaccurate. Further, the customer shall make any bets based on such data at its own risk. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of such data and is not responsible for any loss (direct or indirect) suffered by customers as a result of reliance on such data.A "Streamer Event" is defined as an event in which streamers directly match random passers-by through the Official Game Client of the corresponding gameThe terms of Streamer Events are applicable to all Streamer Events but not to any ordinary professional league. In the event of conflict between the general rules of Streamer Events and the specific rules of any Streamer Event (such as LOL, PUBG, CS:GO, etc.), the specific rules of said Streamer Event shall prevail.
    DJ Esports Risk Compliance TriggersDetails >Here at DJ Esports we have a zero tolerance policy for any fraudulent activities. While we do not set a limit on what games you can place bets on, we want to avoid any possibility of colluding, cheating or the undertaking of fraudulent activities. To this end, our platform has a robust risk compliance team to check for any of the activities mentioned above. While our team is very careful with their choices, false positives can happen. To avoid triggering our risk compliance system, players can take steps to build a more diverse betting portfolio."

    -> Probably a 100% illegal online gambling site with no business or gambling license registered.