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    Whenever i get a lucky winning streak i always just make bets in future to hedge against either this happening or me bustoing the balance. I really lack discipline so betting on events in the future is sort of like a nice cool down/ hedge for me.

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    These books also have different payment structures set up with these online casino's. It doesnt have to be a disgruntled employee, it can just be theft by either end....

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    Did this ever get resolved??? Or is the money MIA forever???

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    This was the final result.

    Quote Originally Posted by SBR Forum View Post
    We spoke with 5Dimes management. While unfortunate that this player reported this issue, a review of the facts revealed that his that his email was comprised and additionally a new device enrolled 2FA prior to the transfer of the casino. In order to enroll a new device using 2FA, a secure link and security code is emailed to the user. There is no way for anyone to do that without access to the player's email. There's nothing that the book can do here. Our advice is the player to set strong passwords for all of his email accounts and to secure his network.

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