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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrongside View Post
    Now, that ainít happening
    Exactly not with James Harden

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    Losing Robert Williams is major. That's what makes their defense so good. It starts there. Its not that they won't still be good defensively, but its a huge loss. For now, they say rest of reg. season. Perhaps, it will be the rest of the whole season. What's left 11 games in reg.? Then playoffs? He won't be ready for the playoffs.

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    76ers zero threat

    Harden was a bad pickup

    Team got worse

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    Hilarious how well the Celtics have been playing since Morono said their season was over back in February.

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    I hope I didnít jinx them injury wise. 😢

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    they can play small but don't know how that will fair against other teams now since a lot of teams also play small. but yea this thread was as close to a jinx as you can get

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    only sweep in nba

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    Swept em out.

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    Now its Celtics/Bucks with no Middleton. Idk? I admit I haven't really believed in the Celtics all season, but they're a tough matchup for the Bucks. The Mavs beat Milw not long ago in Milw and really showed teams how to wall off Giannis from the hoop and try to make him shoot jumpers as much as possible. Celtics have homecourt too. I'm thinking both teams win a road game and it goes back to Boston 2-2 and whoever wins game 5 wins it

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    Somebody buy this guy a lobster roll.

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    its more like warriors worst of the west

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