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    Is West Virginia overrated or is it just a conference thing?

    i've only been able to watch WVU against OOC opponents and for the most part they were really impressive, esp. keeping it close against Gonzaga and handling teams like WKU, VCU, and Richmond

    i've had to box score the rest of their games, including all of their conference stuff so far. but, they only beat a very bad Iowa St team at home by 5 and then lost big at Kansas and again at Oklahoma who isn't great

    now they're at Okie St tonight coming off a loss, which (in a vacuum) makes it a good spot for them due to the desperation element, but the Cowboys seem to be gelling nicely now and only lost by 3 at Texas and by 1 against TCU who's underrated. Okie St is also coming off an OT win at Texas Tech on Sat, but it's possible that might work against them here against WVU due to potential emotional letdown plus the travel element? the short line on WVU making WVU look enticing could be a red flag though

    i haven't seen anyone say they're on Okie St tonight, any thoughts on this game or on WVU as a whole?
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