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    Small reminder why / how casinos don't lose on $1 million win


    "...first time this bet has hit in Borgata's 15˝ year history...wizardofodds.com confirms that the odds of hitting the 6 card Bonus are 1 in 20,348,320.”

    True Odds Payout x $5 Bet = $101.75 Million - Whatever Casino Hold

    Potential life-altering, 9 fig payout is reduced to "how far am I going with this, I certainly can't retire on it" = LESS THAN 1% what it should be. His million payout(before withholding btw) on $5 is less than true odds for a 5 cent bet.

    It's bad enough that Fed/State/Local could take more than ˝ the winnings off the top...and even if you had tax-exempt diplomatic ID, big penetrating deal.

    Life sucks...and then you die.

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    Are you factoring in the EV of other payouts on that bet prop though? Im sure it isn’t 1% total on that bet.

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    lol, of course they short the winner on the odds.

    The hold becomes ridiculous on some of the games.

    That's what it's all about.