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    Is BOL poker rigged or skewed to get more deposits...

    I'm not joking... some of the bullshit I am seeing is just unreal... Don't need the hear variance crap. But is it widely accepted that it is legit or could their be some doubts? I enjoy the book but god damn poker here is nuts....

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    all sportsbook poker seems suspect. played on stars and fulltilt for years. sit at sportsbook table and you see quads 3 times in an hour lol.

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    I think they are all rigged to create big pots and more rake.

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    people always thought i was crazy when i said most online casinos/poker are rigged... then lo and behold it turns out there are superusers, and other nonsense.

    it's not crazy to assume that something is rigged, quite the opposite, it's crazy to think it WOULDN'T be rigged

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    It's spun for action
    All of them are
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    Not nearly as spun as some of the others