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    pinnacle asian lines

    Fairly new to betting and i was trying to find some asian lines on pinnacle for tomorrows man city v burnley. I've noticed that pinnacle and sbo only offer a couple of lines (like -2.35,-2.5 etc) but not lines like -1.5 or -5.5.

    I know pinnacle also doesn't offer dc lines but you can calculate that using online calculators with 1x2 lines. So i was wondering if anyone knows of something similar for calculating the asian lines? I've tried googling but most of the links are broken or very outdated.

    tldr is there a way of calculating -1.5 asian lines from -2.5 or -3.5 lines on pinnacle?

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    Im not sure its what you are after but what you can do is go to a site like betbrain.com. There you can go to the Man c game.

    Check handicap for -1.5 and see what odds there are, take an average of that and you can calculate the market price for -1.5.