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    How good is Illinois St.?

    They have been a money train since christmas time, just smashing everyone. But it's all weak opponents. Anyone have a strong opinion on if they are a legit team, or just beating up on a weak conference.

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    I think its more about their schedule. They have played one game vs a top conference which was TCU and lost by 9 giving up 80 points. They cant stifle bigger conference teams that have more size and have several scorers that can beat them off the dribble. They have a good winning model for their league but don't have the size to be able to do the same thing to teams they would face in the tournament. To win a game or two they would have to become a better shooting team because they will get owned on the boards, unlike now.

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    Paris Lee is quite good, but too small for NBA I imagine at around 5'11 185ish (unless he channels his inner Isaiah Thomas)

    Either way, I have watched a decent amount of their games, cohesive squad

    Agree they need to play a good team to see how that goes

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    They are good. Don't sleep on them. They are scrappy and hustle. Paris Lee is solid and other weapons step up.

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    I bet them last night..i had them winning by 17 and they won by 20 covering 11.........anybody got any other teams they like......I been waiting for Gonzo to play....they have been killing it out west..at Santa Clara -13.....and I play against MIZZOU..they wont win a game in the SEC... I had them last night...bought a pt and they tied Bama at -12!

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    Midd tenn state is similar to ill state. They seem to own their competition. They have an experienced team with some good players and play great d. Pick spots with them like ill state and you cant go wrong.

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    sneaky good but not under radar any more