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Wily I refuse to look at myself in mirror unless I am wearing my $2000 rug
I do not like being bald and many of my angry vids are when I am bald
Willy people think your weird when your bald

This mother fukker has not texted me back and now up to 15 texts
Whats going on here?

JJ: This is where I can answer you in a serious manner. I have a nice looking face but was balding in my fukking 20's. I wore a hat to hide it. People and family wouldd try to embarrass me and say "take off the hat". It made me feel like crap. In 1997 (I was 26 and had to go to a funeral) I was more worried about my appearance than the person that died and that was WRONG. I felt awful.

I got an office job and shaved my head and said whomever is going to like me for me is going to like me. If someone doesn't, that's their problem. I decided to grow a goatee and women were drawn to me. All of a sudden I was a stud. 2 girlfriends later, I realize that it's what I thought of myself that mattered and this is an era where people except bald people. I SWEAR ON MY MOTHER'S GRAVE, YOU CAN MEET A DECENT LADY IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND POSSIBLY ADJUST TO THE TIMES BY SHAVING HEAD, GOATEE, ETC. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR PERSONALITY. YOUR THE COACH OF SBR. PEOPLE LOVE YOU HERE WHEN YOU ACT NORMAL. PEACE, MAN--WILL2