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    Newbie needs advice for 1xbet withdrawal problems

    Good day,

    I was registered a long time ago with 1xbet, but just made some small deposit yesterday, double my bank roll and waa supposed to withdraw my principal.

    I got problems with withdrawal, i made my deposit via AMX Virtual Pay, and was supposed to cash out, sadly they dont have AMX on their withdrawal option, i tried using other payment methods but some problems occured, i can only withdraw using the same method i used for deposit which is AMX, i contacted support about it and why they dont have AMX for withdrawal, they told me they have some issues with AMX, i dont understand why they still keep accepting AMX deposit if there is no way to cash out it.

    They told me, that i can use other payment methods for withdrawal but i need to make another deposit from it and made atleast wager with odds of 1.1 and above. Which is in my case i deposited again via XRP ( Ripple Crypto Curreny ). I made 1 wagwr and won. I tried to make a withdrawal again, but another error occured, i can only withdraw money in proportion to the amount i deposited. So i tried to withdraw on XRP again using the same amount that i deposited, but problems occured again telling me that i can use payment methods thay i used for deposit. I cant understand, i made a deposit via XRP too, but now i cant make a withdrawal via XRP.

    Contacted support again, and they told me to make a deposit on other payment methods excluding paypal and crypto curreny.

    I have doubts on making another deposits, i dont want to put more money cause this looks like a scam to me.

    Anyone can advice a newbie like me.
    I know its my fault for trusting them, them have a good looking website, and i failed to make my own research about them, saw plenty of scam accusation agianst 1xbet.

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    Hi - Unfortunately there isn't any good news about your situation. You can try to submit a complaint via SBR but realistically no one is getting helped recently so there's a chance you won't be also. Please research books in the future before you give them your money!



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    Its kinda sad to know, no one is getting helped right now, i lacked reasearch on which site to bet.

    Next time i will be more cautious, now im using paddypower.

    Already sent a complaint, i saw too much scam accusations on 1xbet.

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    "i can only withdraw money in proportion to the amount i deposited"

    What does this mean?

    So if you now deposit using another method like a bank card for example, and you deposit for example
    $5 and then wager that $5 and you don't lose the bet.

    Then you would still (if they allow you to) be able to withdraw only

    Is that each time? So could you keep withdrawing $5 each time until the balance is 0 or does that mean that the money that you have in the account right now is effectively trapped unless you lose all of the balance to them?