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    NCAA FB Scores listed alphabetically

    Where can I find NCAA FB scores listed alphabetically, so I can quickly locate the score?

    Isn't there a site that allows sorting alphabetically by Home Team?

    Referring to locating the scores the day of the game, or shortly after, as, now.
    Not a few days from now, when there will be alphabetical lists compiled.

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    How much you willing to pay for this service?

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    Scooter, when I'm grading games for the sportsbook here, I just go to NCAA.com or ESPN.com and pick the "all games" option. Then I just use control+f and search the name of the team I want. I'm sure there's a site out there that does it, but this works just as quickly in my opinion. Same as when I'm grading soccer and there are 500 matches going. But if you find a site, let me know (although again, how do I know which team they'll list first ie true alphabetical or the home or away team?)

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    Peter Wolfe usually updates all scores very quickly

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    Yahoo loads faster for me and thus I prefer it to ESPN.


    CTRL+F is probably the best way to do it.