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Brandon Miller of the Alabama Crimson Tide puts up a shot over Coltie Young of the Jackson State Tigers at Coleman Coliseum on Dec. 20, 2022 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Brandon Miller of the Alabama Crimson Tide puts up a shot over Coltie Young of the Jackson State Tigers at Coleman Coliseum on Dec. 20, 2022 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Photo by Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images via AFP.

Though the excitement surrounding the San Antonio Spurs' probable acquisition of Victor Wembanyama via the 2023 NBA Draft is understandable, from a betting standpoint, it would be wise to shift your focus to the other teams and draft prospects. Jon Metler provides an in-depth examination of some NBA draft betting markets following the NBA draft lottery, utilizing the best NBA odds.

The NBA draft order has been determined, and the San Antonio Spurs have emerged as the winners of the Victor Wembanyama sweepstakes. This marks the third time in their history that the Spurs will have the first overall draft pick, with their previous two selections in that position resulting in David Robinson and Tim Duncan.

Though many were focused on who would secure the top spot and have the opportunity to draft Wembanyama, my attention was primarily drawn to the teams landing picks two through five. These selections offer intriguing betting markets, which is what truly captures my interest. Following the NBA draft lottery, I immediately delved into our best sports betting apps and even placed a bet, prompting me to write this article.

Now, let's take a closer look at some NBA draft bets that I find appealing based on the results of the NBA draft lottery (odds via our best NBA betting sites).

NBA draft best bets 

  • Second overall pick: Brandon Miller, Alabama (+130 via Bet365) - May 17, 2023

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NBA draft bets

Second overall pick: Brandon Miller, Alabama (+130 via bet365)

Scoot Henderson-140-140-170-160-150
Brandon Miller+100+100+130 🔥+115-105

The Charlotte Hornets secured the second pick in the NBA draft, prompting my immediate focus on finding the best odds for Brandon Miller to be drafted second overall. I placed a bet at both FanDuel and DraftKings, at which the odds were +125. However, it seems that you can obtain a slightly more favorable price by shopping at Bet365, as it's offering Miller at +130, which is five cents higher than the price at which I initially purchased it.

It's worth noting that when I checked on Tuesday night, Bet365 didn't have any NBA draft bets available. The fact that FanDuel and DraftKings have now adjusted Miller's odds to +100 should raise some eyebrows among bettors.

For a while, the prevailing belief was that Scoot Henderson would be drafted second overall, and if not for Wembanyama, he would've been a strong contender for the top pick. However, Miller has significantly closed the gap on Henderson throughout the season. When you examine the specific needs of the Hornets, it becomes clear that Miller is a much better fit than Henderson. The Hornets are in dire need of a wing scorer like Miller, and though pairing Henderson with LaMelo Ball could be an option, Miller's 3-point shooting ability and positional play would have a far more significant impact on their roster.

I firmly believe that Miller will, at the very least, emerge as the front-runner at our best sports betting sites to be the second overall pick, with Henderson potentially trading at plus odds.

If you're not entirely convinced that the Hornets will select Miller, one strategy would be to secure a bet on Miller now, and later place a bet on Henderson when he's trading at plus money. By doing so, you essentially guarantee a small profit from this investment, regardless of the outcome.

Taylor Hendricks, Central Florida

Before the NBA Draft Lottery, I placed bets on Hendricks to be drafted fourth overall at +5000 via DraftKings and fifth overall at +2000 also via DraftKings. These odds were rogue prices across our best sports betting apps for Hendricks, and I was particularly hoping for the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic to secure the fourth and fifth spots, respectively, as I believe he would be a good fit for either of their rosters.

With the odds shifting to +1000 for Hendricks to be drafted fifth overall by the Pistons and the Houston Rockets obtaining the fourth overall pick, I no longer have a specific bet to discuss regarding Hendricks. Nevertheless, while I have your attention on draft betting, I would like to highlight Hendricks as a player.


Hendricks isn't a widely recognized name, primarily because he's a freshman who has played only one season at Central Florida. Hendricks possesses remarkable defensive skills, excelling in shot-blocking, and he also boasts a 39% shooting accuracy from beyond the arc, attempting an average of 4.6 shots per game. Hendricks is an immediate contributor in terms of 3-point shooting and defense, and he shows promise for further development.

I believe Hendricks will be highly regarded on many teams' draft boards and ranked significantly higher than what the national media may acknowledge.

Although we don't have his current odds at any of our best NBA betting sites, I anticipate that his draft position total will open much higher than it should be, hence why I wanted to emphasize Hendricks. If the total is set at 7.5 or higher, I'm smashing the Under on Hendricks' prop bet because I don't foresee him slipping past the Pistons, Magic, and the Indiana Pacers.

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NBA draft bets made 05/17/2023 at 9:30 a.m. ET.

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