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theScore Providing Extra Incentive for Bettors to Get Back in on the Action

theScore Providing Extra Incentive for Bettors to Get Back in on the Action

Everybody is excited about the return of North American Sports. Golf and NASCAR were just the appetizers and MLB action the last few days is just the start of a huge main course of summer betting about to come our way. Hungry betting providers are lined up at the starting gate with bonus offers in hand, ready for a battle to attract bettors to their sites and build on what has been an incredible two years of legal sports betting in the US. theScore Media and Gaming Inc. is one of the first providers on the board with some extra incentive to get its customers back in the wagering groove with an extended offer aimed at attracting new and keeping old bettors in their fold.

The competition for betting dollars will be tough as we crawl out of the COVID-19 hole that we have been in for months and providers are recognizing a need to step up their games to attract seasoned and new bettors alike. Although other providers have beaten theScore to the punch in terms of “return-to-sports” bonuses, the Canadian-based sports media company which currently operates in New Jersey and has impending launches scheduled in Colorado and Indiana may just set the standard for what we are about to see from competing providers.

The Offer

theScore appears to have gone all-in on their attempt to attract new and old bettors into their fold with what they have called “…the most compelling promotional offer since its launch”. On Thursday, the company announced a 5% cashback offer to its customers over the next two months, meaning that bettors are eligible for up to $2,500 cashback on all bets they place on the mobile app, regardless of the outcome of their bets.

Existing players on theScore Bet app qualify with their next deposit while new bettors will be welcomed into the platform after downloading the app, creating an account with theScore Bet, and making a deposit. A 60-day period is certainly a long time to run a promotion, but a summer of 5% back may just set the company apart.

theScore’s Rationale

Aubrey Levy, theScore’s Vice President Content and Marketing, recently said: “Fans have been eagerly waiting for sports to return, as have we. Across both theScore and theScore Bet, we’ve been preparing to welcome back fans with an even further improved and integrated experience as they flow between media and betting, following scores and news and then placing their bets.

“We wanted to deliver a promotional campaign that matched this excitement and remained easily accessible. With our ‘Sports Are Back’ cashback offer, all users can unlock real cash as they play. When you bet, you get 5% cashback, win, lose or draw.”

It’s a Good Time to Be a Sports Fan

Sports fans and sports betting providers are in line for a full menu as sports is about to consume all our summer plans, which thanks to COVID-19 will likely be focused on inside, non-social activities rather than barbecues and beach trips with all of our friends. Baseball the past few days was an incredible gift to all long-suffering sports fans and the NBA and NHL plan to resume play this week after a four-month hiatus.

This coming Thursday marks the re-start of the NBA season and Saturday sees the NHL head back to the ice – both sports will take place in hub cities. Never has North America seen three of its four major sports running throughout the summer. Pent-up demand for sports and sports betting is about to be satisfied in spades as the second half of summer greets us.