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5Dimes’ SBR Rating Suspended

5Dimes’ SBR Rating Suspended

5Dimes announced last Monday, September 7 that they are leaving the US market. Bets from US players will no longer be accepted as of September 21.

Players have until September 25 to request their balances. Funds not requested by this date will be managed by a third-party claims administrator. Details on how players will be paid after the deadline have not been made available.

Several players have confirmed receiving payment so far on SBR Forum, with most withdrawals taking up to 7 days to be received. SBR strongly advises players holding funds to place a withdrawal request now, and not wait until the September 25 deadline.

Complaints Aired on Pending Bets
What has dominated the discussion board on SBR Forum is that 5Dimes will not settle pending wagers after September 25. This means that futures wagers that already have increased in value such as US Election props — will be cancelled.

As SBR reported last week, sportsbooks have honored wagers into the future when leaving markets in the past. The only alternative to doing so is settling these wagers at their current fair market value. Unfortunately, 5Dimes is sticking to their position that they will cancel bets not settled by September 25.

SBR has suspended 5Dimes’ A+ rating effectively immediately and will reevaluate 5Dimes following their US market exit.

SBR will update the newswire feed and SBR Forum with any new information.