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Dejounte Murray #5 of the Atlanta Hawks reacts as we look at the latest NBA next team odds and make our trade deadline predictions for Murray, DeMar DeRozan, and others.
Dejounte Murray #5 of the Atlanta Hawks reacts after hitting a three-point basket against the LA Clippers during the fourth quarter at State Farm Arena on February 05, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images via AFP.

We're looking at the NBA next team odds from our best sports betting sites and making our predictions for the season's biggest names that could move by Thursday's trade deadline.

Despite much of the sports betting world focusing on making Super Bowl predictions, it's a bustling and potentially lucrative time for next team predictions ahead of the NBA trade deadline on Thursday at 3 p.m. ET.  

Nobody can truly predict what might happen ahead of Thursday's deadline, especially with next year's punitive "second apron" looming over many of this year's contenders by the latest NBA Finals odds. That's why we've tried to make our NBA trade deadline predictions for the future bets you need to make before the 3 p.m. ET deadline.

One of our best NBA betting sites has posted next team odds for nine players who could be on the move ahead of the NBA trade deadline, and we've chosen to sift through the latest NBA trade rumors and identify the best values for each player on the block.  

Here's a look at the latest NBA next team odds with our best NBA picks and predictions for landing spots after the NBA trade deadline. Note that the odds listed are only the top 10 options on the board; more odds are available at DraftKings.

NBA trade deadline odds

Market states: Next regular-season minute played after trade deadline (2/8/2024) to be for which NBA team? (2023-24 only)

PlayerFavorite (odds)Implied probability
Dejounte MurrayAtlanta Hawks (+225)30.77%
DeMar DeRozanChicago Bulls (+100)50.00%
Alex CarusoChicago Bulls (-150)60.00%
Kyle KuzmaWashington Wizards (-130)56.52%
Bogdan BogdanovicAtlanta Hawks (-140)58.33%
Malcolm BrogdonPortland Trail Blazers (+250)28.57%
D'Angelo RussellLos Angeles Lakers (+175)36.36%
Jerami GrantPortland Trail Blazers (-200)66.67%
Bojan BogdanovicDetroit Pistons (+230)30.30%

NBA next team ddds and predictions as of Tuesday at 8 a.m. ET.

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NBA next team odds, best predictions ahead of trade deadline

Dejounte Murray next team odds

Dejounte Murray (5) is expected to be moved at the NBA trade deadline as we look at his next team odds
Dejounte Murray (5) is expected to be moved at the NBA trade deadline, but the Atlanta Hawks (+225) remain the favorites over the Los Angeles Lakers (+250) and San Antonio Spurs (+700) to employ Murray's services after the deadline.
TeamBetting oddsImplied probability
Atlanta Hawks+22530.77%
Los Angeles Lakers+25028.57%
San Antonio Spurs+70012.50%
New York Knicks+10009.09%
Houston Rockets+18005.26%
Utah Jazz+18005.26%
Chicago Bulls+20004.76%
Orlando Magic+20004.76%
Detroit Pistons+25003.85%
Brooklyn Nets+25003.85%

In a season without any true superstars on the market, Murray has become the unofficial face of this year's NBA trade deadline less than two years after he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks for multiple first-round picks.

The Hawks remain "favorites" to keep him even at plus-money odds, as this is the most competitive market in theory. In practice, just two teams - the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz - have made a concrete offer for the All-Star guard, according to Yahoo Sports' Jake Fischer.

Neither offer seemed to move the needle for the Hawks, who reportedly want two first-round picks or something similar. The Lakers only have one such pick available to trade and seem reluctant to part with Austin Reaves unless they're acquiring an All-NBA talent in return, which doesn't quite apply for Murray.

The Jazz are an interesting flier at +1800, which feels far too long of a price for one of the only teams connected to Murray. In the end, though, the Hawks are still the best value at +225 for what feels like a 50/50 bet at worst on him getting traded.

Prediction: Hawks (+225 via DraftKings)


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DeMar DeRozan next team odds

DeMar DeRozan (11) is expected to remain with the Chicago Bulls as we look at his next team odds
DeMar DeRozan (11) is expected to remain with the Chicago Bulls (+100) through the NBA trade deadline, though the Los Angeles Lakers (+500) are the favorites to acquire him if he's traded.
TeamBetting oddsImplied probability
Chicago Bulls+10050.00%
Los Angeles Lakers+50016.67%
Houston Rockets+14006.67%
Atlanta Hawks+15006.25%
Miami Heat+15006.25%
Golden State Warriors+20004.76%
Brooklyn Nets+25003.85%
New York Knicks+25003.85%
Detroit Pistons+25003.85%
Philadelphia 76ers+30003.23%

There's been very little buzz surrounding DeRozan, who is in the last year of his contract for a Chicago Bulls team sitting in ninth place in the Eastern Conference. That said, it doesn't seem like he's going anywhere.

On Monday, ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported that "there is not an expctation" that DeRozan or teammate Alex Caruso (more on that below) will be traded this week. That comes even after Saturday's news that Zach LaVine (foot) will miss the rest of the season, effectively killing the Bulls' marginal title hopes.

It makes sense that the Lakers are the favorites to land DeRozan if he's traded, as it may not cost much to acquire the Los Angeles native on an expiring contract. Until we hear more about Chicago's willingness to move him, though, it's hard to ignore the coin-flip value on the incumbent Bulls.

Prediction: Bulls (+100 via DraftKings)  

Alex Caruso next team odds

Alex Caruso (6) is not expected to be traded by the Chicago Bulls as we look at his next team odds
Alex Caruso (6) is not expected to be traded by the Chicago Bulls before Thursday's NBA trade deadline, though the Los Angeles Lakers (+700) and Golden State Warriors (+700) are among his potential suitors.
TeamBetting oddsImplied probability
Chicago Bulls-15060.00%
Los Angeles Lakers+70012.50%
Golden State Warriors+70012.50%
Philadelphia 76ers+11008.33%
New York Knicks+12007.69%
Miami Heat+13007.14%
Milwaukee Bucks+14006.67%
Sacramento Kings+30003.23%
Phoenix Suns+30003.23%
Houston Rockets+30003.23%

Just like with DeRozan, the Bulls have shown zero interest in moving Caruso at the deadline, which makes very little sense for a team heavily favored by the latest NBA Play-In Tournament odds to finish outside of the top six seeds in the Eastern Conference.

That alone gives me pause laying such a short price on Caruso staying put, even with the Bulls reportedly asking for a return similar to what the Toronto Raptors received for OG Anunoby. Could Chicago coax a team into moving two first-round picks for the 29-year-old defensive stud on a team-friendly contract?

The Lakers and Warriors are among those rumored to be interested, though it seems unlikely either meets the Bulls' asking price. I'd keep my eye on the Milwaukee Bucks, who are desperate to improve their roster, but the Bulls still feel like the right answer.

Prediction: Bulls (-150 via DraftKings)  

Kyle Kuzma next team odds

Kyle Kuzma (33) is favored to stay with the Washington Wizards as we look at his next team odds
Kyle Kuzma (33) is favored to stay with the Washington Wizards past the NBA trade deadline, but the Dallas Mavericks (+1000) loom as a possible destination.
TeamBetting oddsImplied probability
Washington Wizards-13056.52%
Sacramento Kings+70012.50%
Dallas Mavericks+10009.09%
Golden State Warriors+16005.88%
Los Angeles Lakers+20004.76%
Milwaukee Bucks+25003.85%
Houston Rockets+28003.45%
Atlanta Hawks+28003.45%
Philadelphia 76ers+30003.23%
Orlando Magic+35002.78%

Kuzma is another player whom our best sportsbooks expect to stay put through Thursday's NBA trade deadline, even as teams continue to do their due diligence on the 28-year-old forward.

The Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks are both reportedly interested in Kuzma, per Fischer, though the Washington Wizards seem reluctant to move the player they signed to a four-year, $102 million deal in June. That hasn't stopped those teams from making overtures ahead of the deadline.

The Dallas Mavericks, in particular, seem to be aggressive in their pursuit of a power forward to improve their defense and help offset the scoring load for star Luka Doncic. Kuzma doesn't exactly help the former, but he's averaging a career-best 21.8 points and could be the target for a team that always makes a deadline deal. At 10/1, it's worth a shot.

Prediction: Mavericks (+1000 via DraftKings)  

Bogdan Bogdanovic next team odds

Bogdan Bogdanovic (13) is expected to remain with the Atlanta Hawks as we look at his next team odds
Bogdan Bogdanovic (13) is expected to remain with the Atlanta Hawks through the NBA trade deadline, even with the Los Angeles Lakers (+1000) among those interested.
TeamBetting oddsImplied probability
Atlanta Hawks-14058.33%
Los Angeles Lakers+10009.09%
New York Knicks+14006.67%
Minnesota Timberwolves+14006.67%
Milwaukee Bucks+20004.76%
Dallas Mavericks+20004.76%
Cleveland Cavaliers+22004.35%
Houston Rockets+25003.85%
Philadelphia 76ers+28003.45%
Oklahoma City Thunder+28003.45%

Murray isn't the only Hawks player on the block, as the sweet-shooting Bogdanovic is the quintessential target for any contender ahead of the NBA trade deadline.

Neither seem likely to be dealt this week, though Atlanta seems particularly content to hang onto Bogdanovic, whom they signed to a four-year, $68 million deal in the offseason. That's one heck of a contract for a player with Bogdanovic's size and shooting stroke, even if he's on the wrong side of 30.

One team to watch in this market is the Philadelphia 76ers, who have been strongly linked to Bogdanovic even after the Joel Embiid injury. I suspect he'll stay in Atlanta, but at these odds, how could you not take a shot?

Prediction: 76ers (+2800 via DraftKings)  

Malcolm Brogdon next team odds

063 1978387740
Malcolm Brogdon (11) has already been traded once this year to the Portland Trail Blazers, and oddsmakers expect the Philadelphia 76ers (+500) and New York Knicks (+500) to target him ahead of the NBA trade deadline.
TeamBetting oddsImplied probability
Portland Trail Blazers+25028.57%
Philadelphia 76ers+50016.67%
New York Knicks+50016.67%
Los Angeles Lakers+55015.38%
Houston Rockets+80011.11%
Orlando Magic+12007.69%
Phoenix Suns+16005.88%
Oklahoma City Thunder+18005.26%
Atlanta Hawks+25003.85%
Milwaukee Bucks+25003.85%

Many expected the Portland Trail Blazers to move Malcolm Brogdon shortly after acquiring him as part of the cascading returns from the Damian Lillard trade. Six months later, he remains a key member of the rotation for one of the NBA's youngest rosters.

He's also been able to stay mostly healthy, playing in 39 of his team's first 50 games while leading this young group in assists per game (5.5) and 3-point percentage (41.2%). That's helped boost his trade value over the last few months, with teams like the Houston Rockets reportedly showing interest.

All of that said, Brogdon seems genuinely content in Portland, and the front office seems to value his leadership and mentorship for a team heavily invested in a trio of young guards. Maybe the divorce is coming soon, but a 28.57% chance of him remaining in Rip City feels far too low.

Prediction: Trail Blazers (+250 via DraftKings)

D'Angelo Russell next team odds

D'Angelo Russell (1) is expected to move on from the Los Angeles Lakers at the NBA trade deadline, with the Atlanta Hawks (+250) and Chicago Bulls (+450) among the favorites to acquire him.
TeamBetting oddsImplied probability
Los Angeles Lakers+17536.36%
Atlanta Hawks+25028.57%
Chicago Bulls+45018.18%
Portland Trail Blazers+16005.88%
Detroit Pistons+19005.00%
San Antonio Spurs+22004.35%
Orlando Magic+25003.85%
Charlotte Hornets+30003.23%
Washington Wizards+30003.23%
Utah Jazz+30003.23%

The Lakers have a problem. They desperately want to acquire talent to bolster a potential title run, but they don't have the assets to make that happen.

That's why the teams on this list are the same ones looking to move their best players - Russell would be a likely trade chip with a $17.3 million salary and a player option for next season. He's even admitted as such, saying his "contract makes sense to be traded" after he waived his right to a no-trade clause this summer.

Where might he end up? This is essentially a bet on "who do the Lakers acquire," and I'm skeptical that Rob Pelinka can get a deal done this week that markedly improves his team's roster. Because of that, I'll take the plus-money on Russell staying put.

Prediction: Lakers (+175 via DraftKings)

Jerami Grant next team odds

Jerami Grant (9) is heavily favored to stick with the Portland Trail Blazers as we look at his next team odds
Jerami Grant (9) is heavily favored to stick with the Portland Trail Blazers through the NBA trade deadline, though the Dallas Mavericks (+1000) could make a move for the veteran forward.
TeamBetting oddsImplied probability
Portland Trail Blazers-20066.67%
Dallas Mavericks+90010.00%
Sacramento Kings+11008.33%
Philadelphia 76ers+11008.33%
Los Angeles Lakers+18005.26%
New York Knicks+22004.35%
Miami Heat+25003.85%
Golden State Warriors+25003.85%
Houston Rockets+30003.23%
Chicago Bulls+30003.23%

There hasn't been a ton of smoke around Grant, who signed a five-year deal with the Trail Blazers this summer before the team traded Lillard. The timing of those two moves made it feel inevitable that Portland would eventually deal the 29-year-old, especially before he's owed more than $100 million over his final three seasons.

Could that be this season? We haven't heard much about the versatile swingman getting dealt this week, which is why the Blazers are dealing as such heavy favorites to keep him. The one team that keeps coming up is the Mavericks, who are among the most active potential buyers ahead of Thursday's deadline.

According to The Athletic's Tim Cato, Dallas is interested in adding a "tall four, ideally with two-way ability and solid spot-up shooting" ahead of the deadline. That sounds an awful lot like Grant, who is shooting a career-best 40.3% from deep while averaging 21.3 points per game in his second year with Portland.

I highlighted the Mavericks as 10/1 dark horses to acquire Kuzma, and I'd bet on them to make a run at Grant, too. They're unlikely to get both, but if Dallas can seal the deal for either of these two, we'll be walking away with a nice profit.

Prediction: Mavericks (+900 via DraftKings)  

Bojan Bogdanovic next team odds

063 1246684837

Bojan Bogdanovic (44) is expected to move on from the Detroit Pistons before Thursday's NBA trade deadline with the Milwaukee Bucks (+700) and Los Angeles Lakers (+750) among the favorites to acquire him.

(editors note: Bogdanovic has reportedly been traded to the New York Knicks) 

TeamBetting oddsImplied probability
Detroit Pistons+18035.71%
Milwaukee Bucks+70012.50%
Los Angeles Lakers+75011.76%
Sacramento Kings+10009.09%
Philadelphia 76ers+13007.14%
New York Knicks+16005.88%
Miami Heat+16005.88%
Dallas Mavericks+17005.56%
Atlanta Hawks+19005.00%
Oklahoma City Thunder+20004.76%

To the outside observer, it would seem like malpractice for the Detroit Pistons not to trade the 34-year-old Bogdanovic, whose contract is only partially guaranteed next year for a team that has won only six games this year.

In reality, Detroit is run by a coach (Monty Williams) and general manager (Troy Weaver) who are both intent on keeping their jobs, and Bogdanovic has started 27 of 28 games while averaging 20.2 points for a team that currently owns the third-worst win percentage (.122) in NBA history.

Williams and Weaver certainly don't want their names etched in the record books of futility, which is the driving reason to bet the Pistons here. If any team is prying Bogdanovic from the Motor City, I'd keep tabs on the Bucks trying to make a swing here, but the incumbents still feel like the best bet on the board.

Prediction: Pistons (+180 via DraftKings)  

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