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Mitchell Parker of the Washington Nationals pitches in the first inning as we look at the financials from FanDuel's first two weeks of operation in the District
Mitchell Parker of the Washington Nationals pitches in the first inning against the Baltimore Orioles at Nationals Park on May 08, 2024. Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images via AFP.

Since its launch in 2020, the DC sports betting scene has been a relatively large disappointment. But since FanDuel's launch in mid-April, things are looking better for residents of the Nation's Capital. That's what having access to one of our best sports betting sites will do for a city. 

FanDuel officially took over from GambetDC on April 15, and the numbers from the first two weeks of operation for the sports betting behemoth are in - and they're promising. 

A spokesperson from the District's Office of Lottery and Gaming commented to Covers that the launch "has not just met but surpassed expectations."

The transition from GambetDC

The DC sports betting scene has long struggled since its launch in 2020. GambetDC was previously the only city-wide betting app since its operator, Intralot, signed a deal with the D.C. Council in 2019.

But the app has faced issues since its launch with frequent complaints, interface issues, odds that weren't competitive, and usability problems. It all added up to make for an unenjoyable betting experience. 

To make matters worse for the lone city-wide app, it still had to face competition from some of our best sports betting apps, as a couple of big names - BetMGM and Caesars - are allowed to operate within two blocks of the stadiums they're partnered with. 

With one of the nation's big two now in action instead of GambetDC, the scene has shifted considerably.

The numbers

The two-week period from April 15 to April 28 saw FanDuel accept $13.5 million in handle. While that number certainly isn't eye-opening compared to some of the figures we've seen out of the New York sports betting scene and its ilk, it is still a very respectable number. Compared to GambetDC over the same period in 2023, it represents a 371% increase in handle. 

That handle generated $2.3 million in gaming revenue, a 1.325% increase year-over-year.

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The District's Office of Lottery and Gaming spokesperson commented that it wasn't just the financials that were excellent through the first two weeks of operation, adding that "Players have expressed excitement about the change to FanDuel." 

That's evidenced by 22,000 active users returning to the DC sports betting scene. Those users were either turned off by GambetDC's issues or perhaps placing their bets in the neighboring Virginia sports betting or Maryland sports betting scenes.

The future

There has been a concentrated push from lawmaker Kenyan R. McDuffie to overhaul what he sees as a broken system, although that's a tougher sell than just starting from scratch. McDuffie has been clear, though, with his comments that "the general idea we need more competition in our city sports wagering program is something I support, and I think others will support as well. And it’s what our consumers have been demanding.”

The Sports Wagering Amendment Act of 2024 held public hearings on May 6 as residents had their say. It seeks to legalize multiple DC sports betting apps and reduce FanDuel's monopoly. 

McDuffie's plan also outlines an opportunity for the District's professional sports teams - such as the Washington Wizards, the Washington Capitals, the Washington Spirit, and more, to have individual sponsorships with sportsbooks as we've seen throughout other sports betting scenes in the country.