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A detailed view of the Associated Press Coach of the Year Trophy as we look at the deal between the Associated Press and BetMGM
A detailed view of the Associated Press Coach of the Year Trophy on March 31, 2016. Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images via AFP.

BetMGM made some massive news on Thursday when it announced that it had signed a deal with America's - and one of the world's - largest news agencies, the Associated Press, to provide odds for sports reports in their publications. It's a massive deal for one of our best sports betting sites.

The historic deal is a major coup for one of America’s best sports betting apps. BetMGM odds will be prevalent for the AP’s estimated 44.2 million monthly users and will be seen in a host of markets, big and small, across the country and worldwide. If you want to check out what BetMGM has to offer, you can use our BetMGM bonus code.

It is another landmark step in media and sports betting marriage in the last few years.

BetMGM steps in for FanDuel, which previously held the distinction of being the Associated Press’s official sports odds provider. FanDuel held that role from 2021 until the deal ultimately expired earlier this year.

As AP Director of Global Text and Commercial Products Barry Bedlan said, “People want trustworthy sports betting information, and we are pleased to work with BetMGM to provide a dependable and credible reference point for our customers and audiences.”

BetMGM Chief Revenue Officer Matt Prevost commented, “It is a special opportunity for BetMGM to align with the Associated Press, a leading global news source that billions around the world rely on for the most up-to-date coverage. Being a trusted resource within that forum is an important connection to expand our reach, and we look forward to providing content that enhances the organization’s coverage.”

More on the transformative deal

BetMGM is based out of the New Jersey sports betting market and will see its exposure increase dramatically through its newly signed partnership with the Associated Press. Its odds will now be available to 44.2 million monthly Associated Press users worldwide.

Going forward, all of the Associated Press’s daily sports features will have BetMGM odds attached to them. That includes game previews and all other sports stories that have previously incorporated odds into the narrative.

The Associated Press will reportedly retain editorial control for its content.

Adding to its focus on media

BetMGM has been one of, if not the most forward thinking sportsbook in terms of expanding the ways in which it gets its product out to the general public. The AP partnership is just the company's latest sportsbook/media tie-up.

In February, BetMGM signed a first-of-its-kind partnership deal with “X,” formerly Twitter. At that time, the company became the first and still-only partner for a social media company boasting 550 million active users.

Other groundbreaking partnerships signed by BetMGM in the last year include the Marriott Bonvoy tie-up that links BetMGM and Marriott Bonvoy accounts while allowing customers to earn rewards points to use with either company.