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    How Sad is Harry Reid?

    After talks between Joe biden and the GOP about extending the debt ceiling collapsed, NEvada Senate Majority Leader (and Golf's favorite Senator of all time) Harry Reid was asked if the Speaker of the House and the President would have to get involved in the talks to break the stalemate. Reid's answer was this. He said that aparently this decision will come down to: The Speaker of the House, the President, and SADLY me". SADLY me? That statement coming from the Senate Majority Leader?

    It must be very satisfying for all of you Liberal loving brown nosers out there to have the leader of your party in the United States Senate take that type of attitude. What a loser. The only thing "sad" about this is that Reid is still the Majority Leader. This will change next year.

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    Corrupt as can be! Should be in PRISON!

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    i wouldnt pisss on fire to put harry reid out

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    aparently ...bigdaddycrybaby can't spell apparently.