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Iíve registered, what do I do now?

Feel free to jump in and post about an experience you have with a Sportsbook, a game you are thinking about playing or general sports comments. Also remember to check your in-box for an e-mail from SBR sent to confirm your e-mail address. Without confirmation, your account could be restricted or suspended.

Who is welcome to use SBR Forum?

SBR Forum is a message-board intended to be used by sports fans and betting enthusiasts. SBR prohibits third party solicitations to its members. Also prohibited is third party service to existing customers. SBR Forum will not be used to facilitate service between business and customer.

Content which cannot be posted

SBR Forum prohibits users from describing their financial transactions with third party companies. Any reference(s) to such activity with sportsbooks, poker rooms, or other gaming businesses that may or may not be considered illegal in any jurisdiction will be removed. Users who repeatedly violate this policy will have their posting rights revoked.

What if I forget my password?

If you attempt to sign on without the correct password, a large gray box should appear telling you so, and there will be a link directing you if you have forgotten your password. If you continue to have trouble or require further assistance, e-mail

Iím having problems with a specific Sportsbook. What should I do?

You should fill out the complaint form at our parent site, SportsbookReview. You might also search that site for recent news wires about sportsbooks, and you can search inside the forum (message board) to read posts by other users who may have experienced the same trouble.

Oh, so there are more SBR sites than the message board?

Yes, we operate several different information sites from the message board, to our Sportsbook Reviews, to a free picks site offering analysis by several well-known handicappers to our SBR Odds.

Whatís an avatar?

In computer jargon an avatar is a small graphic that in some way represents the poster. It might be a logo of their favorite sports team or a photo of a celebrity or a real-life photo of the poster themselves. If the user chooses to select an avatar, either from those we have on file at SBR or by uploading from their own computer, the graphic will appear just under the posterís ID each time he or she posts.

We do not allow animated avatars, full frontal nudity or avatars promoting other websites. And if you choose to make your own, remember they must be no larger than 150 pixels by 150 pixels (100kb) and you can upload it through your control panel (User CP) located near the top-left of the page once youíre signed in. If you need additional help with avatars, donít hesitate to contact a moderator or admin at the site.

How do I add a signature to my posting account?

Like avatars, signatures can be added or changed through the User CP function. We do not allow images or photos in signature lines, nor do we allow links to sites outside SBR or promotional material of any nature. Opinions are welcome in relevant threads. Again, if you have any questions or problems, contact a moderator or admin.

Whatís a PM?

PM stands for 'private message.' Registered users have access to this feature which allows posters to interact in private, much like sending an internal e-mail when visiting SBR.

Be advised that PMs are routinely monitored in order to protect SBR and the posters. Private messages may not be used for any commercial or illegal activity, nor can they be used to recruit SBR posters to other websites or to in any way facilitate or allude to poster-to-poster financial transactions. If and when these violations in our terms of service occur, PM privileges will be revoked.

What about contests at SBR?

SBR offers a great variety of handicapping contests for its members to have fun, challenge each other and win prizes. Posters are also free to engage in their own Ďhead-to-headí contests or track records of their fellow handicappers. However, SBR cannot and will not organize, oversee nor mediate any of the unofficial contests and challenges. Furthermore, all monetary and/or prize arrangements between posters should be kept separate from the message board. This includes the use of private messages for said arrangements and discussion. There are several betting exchanges available that would be safe and efficient for these types of contests. SBR reserves the right to limit or prohibit restricted posting accounts from participating in forum-hosted contests.

What about Betpoints?

1) Posters that share the same household may not both receive Betpoints. The second account will have loyalty points withheld. If this rule is violated, or if SBR determines that one user is controlling multiple accounts, SBR reserves the right to remove points from all accounts. In addition, offenders are subject to loss of their SBR posting accounts at SBR's discretion.

2) Posters that become restricted or banned from SBR are subject to immediate forfeiture of their Betpoints balances.

3) Points cannot be bought and sold between posters. Posters are reminded that no personal business or commerce can be conducted on the SBR family of sites, including the PM system.

4) Posters who are banned indefinitely due to violation of SBRforum TOS or any inappropriate use of the forum may forfeit their current Betpoints balance or the ability to collect Betpoints the future.

5) Betpoints distributed through the forum are intended for contributors of the SBR community. Posters who sign in or post once per day for the sole purpose of getting points will not receive loyalty points. Posters are not entitled to points, points will be awarded at the discretion of SBRforum. Posters that register multiple accounts may lose point access on one or both accounts at the discretion of SBR.

6) Posters may redeem their Betpoints for merchandise within the SBR Store. Certain countries may be unavailable for shipping. The SBR Store is not responsible for items lost in the mail.

7) SBRforum does not grant username changes. However, users that wish to have their current accounts disabled to create a new account will be subject to a 100 point fee if they wish to have their point balance transferred. SBR Pro status, however, is nontransferable. SBR reserves the right to deny these requests.

Automatic SBR Pros

The automatic SBR Pro program for international (non-USA) users works as follows:

When registering for SBR Forum, you have the option to input your sportsbook account ID and real name. Doing so automatically gives you the benefits of SBR Pro status for a period of one year. SBR Pros receive double betpoints, unrestricted poker access, sports trivia, and the chance to redeem sportsbook cash via SBR Store. Users who opt not to submit their sportsbook account ID and real name at the point of forum signup must turn SBR Pro via the standard Pro application form.

If you became SBR Pro automatically, in order to make your very first SBR Store cashout, you must have made at least one deposit of any size through an SBR sponsor and must have created your account through an SBR network link for that sponsor. The maximum amount of betpoints that can be used for this first store transaction is 3,000. Points in excess of 3,000 will be reset to 0. After this point, there are no such resets provided you do not allow your Pro membership to lapse.

    *If a user does not use their real name as on file with their sportsbook for their Pro application as well as that name on their store redemption, they risk losing SBR Pro status and all points. *

    *If a user does not renew their SBR Pro membership within one year of registering or going Pro, the pro membership will automatically expire. The user can renew their membership by making a deposit of any size to a newly created sportsbook account through SBR in the Pro application form. If a user allows their membership to lapse, they will be reset to maximum 3,000 betpoints.

Are there any other rules about what can and cannot be posted on the message board?

Yes there are. The descriptions for each of the forums should give a general idea about the subject matter in each forum. Players Talk is at the top of the list and is for general discussion from serious sports and handicapping topics to normal everyday water cooler talk.

The Think Tank and State of the Industry forums are for more serious discussions as their descriptions imply. These two forums, along with the sports specific forums, are more heavily moderated to keep discussions on topic.

We do not allow for posting of personal information (addresses, phone numbers, etc) in any forum. Re-posting of material from other message boards, sexually explicit comments and graphics, and racist or hate-mongering posts will be moved to the Private Zone which is not moderated.

Spam and promotional links will be moved to the Promotions & Links Forum. If you wish to advertise with SBR outside that forum, contact a moderator or admin to be put in touch with the right people.

We welcome lively and passionate debate, but when the posts turn simply personal in nature, SBR reserves the right to either edit or move those posts as seen fit. If anyone sees a thread or post that appears out of line, please report the post using the report post link that appears under all postersí ID and avatar.

These rules and terms of service may be modified without prior notice by SBR.

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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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