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Heritage Sports Review Last Updated: 20 February 2017

Heritage Sports Overview
Heritage Sports is an A+ rated sportsbook and has long been regarded as one of the most exclusive gaming companies of the offshore sports wagering world. Heritage has arguably the best reduced juice pricing model in the industry, translating to huge savings over the course of a wagering season as long as MLB.

In August of 2011, Heritage Sports acquired the US-based players of industry staples The Greek Sports (SBR rating A+), and former sister sportsbook BetJamaica (SBR rating A+). Heritage has managed the growth well, continuing to cater their offerings toward the needs of their new clients. Heritage has shown dedication to international markets for their non-North American player base, and is regarded as a rising force in terms of the quality of their soccer offerings. Heritage Sports management is confident that the transition from an invite-only to all-comers sportsbook will be handled with the same efficiency that existing clients have come to expect over the years.

Recent Heritage Sports News
Heritage rolled out a brand new wagering interface this football season allowing bettors to easily navigate between markets and place bets while changing pages. The sportsbook is known for inviting public beta testers to take part in updated software rollouts and takes player feedback seriously.

Is Heritage Right For You?
Heritage is known for their perks, special promos, and creative incentives that traditional bookmakers typically do not offer. Heritage is based in San Jose, Costa Rica, has a state of the art facility and employs dozens of some of the industry's best customer service, accounting, fraud, and IT managers. Heritage Sports committment to excellence and consistent quality in their product has long been the object of many bettors' desire.

Heritage Review Video
Sportsbook Review takes players through a guided tour of the betting software at Heritage Sports.

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Country Restrictions

Costa Rica

Hours of Operation

Bets accepted 24/7, 365 days per year via the internet.


President and General Manager: Mike Madison

New Account Bonuses

Players can choose from Player Programs:

1. Reduced Juice: -108 style sides / totals + Cash back

2. -105 style sides/totals: All full games and totals

Sign up bonus: 50% cash, max $250 bonus, 12X rollover. P2P deposits not eligible. Confirm eligibility with CS.


Special Promotions

Bitcoin Cash Bonus on first bitcoin deposit. Existing customers only, ask CS for more details.

Loyalty Program

Perks include reduced juice with two of the bonus programs, free contests, Open Spot parlays, Leverage bets, Hedge bets, a Free Birthday Parlay, free payouts, and more.

Most Common Complaint

Professional price-trading players may not receive full access to loyalty perks.

Customer Service

Heritage clerks speak English (and Spanish) fluently.

Live Chat




Min. Bet


Max. Bet

Varies by sport.

Reduced Juice

Yes, -105 & -108 style pricing


Almost parlays Pleasers Teasers Action Reverse Leverage Plays If Win or Push and more...

Limit Collars

Limits may be lowered at management's discretion.

Parlay Payoffs:

Teams Payoff
2 2.64/1
3 5.95/1
4 12.28/1
5 24.35/1
6 47.41/1
7 91.42/1
8 175/1
9 335/1
10 642/1
11 1226/1
12 2342/1
13 4579/1
14 8734/1
15 16331/1


Standard Teasers
6-Point Football | 4-Point Basketball
Standard Teaser, NO NFL SPREADS (NFL Totals OK): 6 Points Football, 4 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
6½-Point Football 4½-Point Basketball (Standard)
Standard Teaser, May Include NFL: 6½ Points Football, 4½ Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
6½-Point Football 4½-Point Basketball (Standard NO NFL SPREADS)
Standard Teaser, NO NFL SPREADS (NFL Totals OK): 6½ Points Football, 4½ Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
7-Point Football 5-Point Basketball (Standard) Standard Teaser, May Include NFL Spreads: 7 Points Football, 5 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
7-Point Football 5-Point Basketball (Standard NO NFL SPREADS)
Standard Teaser, NO NFL SPREADS (NFL Totals OK): 7 Points Football, 5 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.


Super Teasers
Special 10-Point Football 8-Point Basketball
Special Teaser: 10 Points Football, 8 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
Super 13-Point Football 10-Point Basketball
Super Teaser: 13 Points Football, 10 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
Gigantic 14-Point Football 11-Point Basketball
Gigantic Teaser: 14 Points Football, 11 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
Enormous 17-Point Football 14-Point Basketball
Enormous Teaser: 17 Points Football, 14 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 3-15 Teams.
Humongous 20-Point Football 16-Point Basketball
Humongous Teaser: 20 Points Football, 16 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 4-15 Teams.
Gargantuan 21-Point Football 17-Point Basketball
Gargantuan Teaser: 21 Points Football, 17 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 5-15 Teams.

Software Provider


Betting Screens

Place a Bet Confirm your Bet Bet Confirmed

Transaction Polices

Currencies Accepted

USD, Bitcoin

Methods of Deposits

Method Deposit Min/Max Cost
Bitcoin $25-$10,000 per transaction Free
Instant Banking (Canada) Contact CS for details Free
Person to Person $50-$1,500 per transaction Reimbursed on deposits of $300+
International VISA Prepaid Cards $17-$500 per transaction Free
Cashier's Check $1,000+ Fees reimbursed
Bank Wire $5,000+ Fees reimbursed

Methods of Withdrawal


Method Withdrawal Min/Max Cost
Bitcoin Min: $50
Max: $3,000
Max $10K every 7 days
Instant Banking (Canada) Min: $100
Max: $2,000
Person to Person MG: Min $100, max $690 per transfer
WU: Min $100, max $688 per transfer
Variable fee.
Pay2Card Min: $500
Max: $3,000
Skrill Min: $100
Max: $2,500
Cashier's Check Min: $500
Max: $3,000
$50 per check


San Jose, Costa Rica

Date Established


Phone Numbers

Customer serivce: 1-800-800-7777 Wagering phone: 1-800-800-7777 Local phone (CR): 011-506-232-0001

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