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  1. thank you tulsi gabbard
  2. Will Dems admit the obvious....is the earth round or flat?
  3. 456 days & still NO evidence to show Putin backed Trump, putin did back hillary tho
  4. poor melania
  5. Trump's latest lie caught on audio
  6. liberals think trump and putin are buddies...lol trump sends missiles to ukraine
  7. 454 days & still NO evidence to show Putin backed Trump, putin did back hillary tho
  8. lol d2bets gets caught lying about closed-door meetings & turd throws him a lifeline
  9. Lest we forget
  10. d2bets caught lying about closed-door meeting with trump. Typical liberal.
  11. lol d2bets doesn't know what "closed-door" meeting means
  12. Women taking their right to go topless to state's high court (New Hampshire)
  13. lol vitter doesn't know how to use quotations marks, even rkelly isn't that stupid
  14. 453 days & still NO evidence to show Putin backed Trump, putin did back hillary tho
  15. funny excerpts from "FIRE AND ICE"
  16. lol funny thing about shithole comment is the leaker is responsible, not trump
  17. Trumps brilliance is paying off for every working American, he tells it like it is!
  18. Russia-gate is becoming FBI-gate
  19. Donal Trump in another controversy
  20. lol gay anderson cooper doing his comedy routine.
  21. If You're a Right You're Right About Every Issue
  22. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” - Trump haha
  23. Trumps Yo-Yo
  24. Trickle down economics working again
  25. 451 days & still NO evidence to show Putin backed Trump, putin did back hillary tho
  26. Coming soon to the fake news media
  27. Another trump win andy! Largest private employer in world offering raises & bonuses
  28. Another win for trump! Waste Management to Pay Special Bonuses to employees
  29. fusion gps testimony
  30. words mean nothing. again, and again and again.
  31. davos
  32. undeserved raise in minimum wage? These companies say no thanks
  33. Toyota, Mazda to build $1.6 billion plant in Alabama
  34. Our genius and the swamp drainer wants to--wait for it
  35. steve bannon resigns
  36. trump campaign
  37. Has trump gone crazy?
  38. Unbelievable What Was Just On TV. Gotta Give Trump Credit
  39. At first thought I was sure he was going to say Brooks/Dwightie
  40. lol what a pro; bernie bitching about rich people while wearing $700 coat
  41. I have another question, this time geopolitical for our friend Brooks.
  42. The best answer to the global warming debate i've ever heard.
  43. Finally discovered the secret, the reason
  44. as with the "trump odds" thread with 1M or so views, we need an Oprah/Rock odds thrd
  45. Here is another example of our genius president.
  46. Roy's midterm election book
  47. OMG! Seen it all now.......Trumpy bear
  48. Trump voter tries to derail train
  49. A very stable genius
  50. asset forfeiture
  51. sessions
  52. I have a mansion but forget the price. Ain't never been there, they tell me it's nice
  53. After BREXIT Investors are putting more money into UK; MSM wrong again
  54. Trump is Driving Democrats CRAZY! - Literally
  55. Slight disagreement with Mr Roy B and would love the help from all
  56. How to stop trolls jt315 and Dustyy from other sites??
  57. finally...... DOJ reopens hiLIARy email investigation....
  58. Funny but actually frightening too
  59. Trump Adm planning Federal crack-down on marijuana businesses
  60. Facts vs Alternate Facts
  61. Did you get to see some of the quotes from "fire and fury"
  62. Can we all agree that Global warming is way overrated?
  63. Ooops, now Donnie and Steve were never really close.
  64. Trump just hammered Bannon
  65. guys and gals, do you remember
  66. steve bannon
  67. Getting soo tired of all this winning!
  68. Fair Warning
  69. fusion gps op ed in new york times
  70. Trump's latest tweet.....
  71. just last night I made this same exact claim
  72. Will Iran be able to control these protests
  73. Will Iran be able to control these protests
  74. I have a question for Brooks and Dwightie.
  75. Neocons love Progressives
  76. Oooops, things change again.
  77. coming to your white neighborhood
  78. We all have our views, but one thing I've noticed about LIBTARDS...
  79. the middle class is screwed with these chuckle heads in congress
  80. Elizabeth Warren will win Democrat nomination
  81. Woman Claims United Bumped Her From 1st Class For Congresswoman
  82. Which SBR Dem will be the first to jump on the Trump train?
  83. brooks85/d2
  84. Why is the media obsessed with Trump golfing?
  85. What does the new Tax Bill do?
  86. Let’s be honest...Trump has done an amazing job!!
  87. Santa is moving to the South Pole
  88. a t &t
  89. trump tell the truth
  90. Merry christmas
  91. Mattis tells soldiers that being ready for war helps stop it
  92. FBI’s deputy director plans to retire early next year
  93. trump is 3rd worst
  94. Brooks I have another question for you, another one you will not answer.
  95. Oh brooks, I am glad you are around, I have an apology to make
  96. dante I see youre lying as usual, will you address fact you said you'd kill yourself?
  97. Hey Brooks I see you are working, good I have a couple political questions for you
  98. lol liberal poster in denial,andy, didn't realize christie was a RINO
  99. Trump odds now at +180
  100. What will you save in taxes? New tax plan calculator
  101. U.N. Votes Overwhelmingly To Condemn U.S. Decision On Jerusalem
  102. common sense republicans
  103. Could Mueller be a double agent for Trump?
  104. Could someone kindly put up the Republicans blowing Trump about his tax scheme.
  105. ATT & Others Giving Bonsues to Employees Due to Trump Tax Cut
  106. Tax bill was a close call
  107. Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bancorp unveil minimum wage hikes after tax bill passage
  108. hispanics shutdown class to avoid taking exam and request take home essay!!
  109. khicks admitted he thinks whatever he says is true and doesn't have to prove it
  110. dante proves he doesn't understand math, says odds don't change as events increase
  111. flashback: d2bets and dante were quoting fake polls because they dont know statistics
  112. Dante still same poster who said he would kill himself then lied about leaving forum
  113. Unlike Brooks I only on occasion call him out, I must again to prove that
  114. keeping the govt open
  115. How Trump Beat All 2017 Predictions
  116. let the pardons begin
  117. you know that huge great big Christmas tax break
  118. The HOUSE makes history!
  119. lol liberals so low IQ they keep falling for same polls that were wrong last time
  120. If you read this with an open mind
  121. What do you believe the probability is that this will be restored?
  122. Some fake news really is actually fake
  123. liberals like dante forget that obama worst president in history by economic measures
  124. franken
  125. Republicans despise the working class
  126. $21 trillion in unauthorized government spending
  127. Economic optimism soars - boosting Trump's approval rating
  128. dec 22 is the day trump fires mueller
  129. mueller has emails
  130. Word are now banned.
  131. you know its true
  132. Trump turning US into 'world champion of extreme inequality', UN envoy warns
  133. Tax Bill
  134. just read this, it is short and tell me you don't cringe in embarrassment
  135. This is a Trump judicial nominee being interviewed.....
  136. Jtoler posts perfect video to represent bernie sanders political career
  137. just for giggles
  138. republican from kentucky suicide
  139. When the shoeshine boys talk stocks it was a great sell signal in 1929
  140. omarosa
  141. Democrat corruption morphing
  142. Trump will Be Removed From Office
  143. DT is no longer the issue. The issue is
  144. Moore-Jones election rigged by Jones collusion with Canada
  145. America is a sadly divided nation
  146. The game has changed on Trump
  147. FBI is exposed again as bias... lol poor liberals like khicks,andy,d2bets,thor
  148. roy moore
  149. Moore vs Jones ingame
  150. Good news for rkelly,andy,d2bets Illegal immigrant found guilty for murder of family
  151. 2017 Lie of the Year...guess who
  152. anyone wagering on Alabama election?
  153. Big success for liberals turd,rkelly,d2bets,grease,chico,andy; suicide bomber hits NY
  154. The burial thread of Chico2663
  155. Trump ripping up the red tape and headed for the moon in 2 years ?
  156. State of Alabama -- Can this be Possible ?
  157. why brooks hates people of color
  158. The GOP is rotting.
  159. Wow! I didn't even think it was this bad. The man can simply not...
  160. Defector says thousands of Islamic State fighters left Raqqa in secret deal
  161. Watch and see
  162. is Trump going to the Army/Navy game today?
  163. Rkelly's fake daughter caught on video proclaiming her safe space is being violated
  164. Ahahah roy moore accurse admits to being a lying sack of rkelly
  165. This is why BLM is a jokes, cops will execute you regardless of your color
  166. roy moore giving new meaning to M.A.G.A.
  167. papadapolous girlfriend
  168. papadapolous girlfriend
  169. trump helps seniors
  170. bad news for rkelly and andy, Father kills armed robber threatening his family
  171. dems help repubs
  172. Barrack Obama Compares Donald Trump To Adolph Hitler
  173. Al Franken Resigns
  174. Al Franken
  175. We can all agree - shut down the deep state
  176. Trump Losing to North Korea
  177. Jesus probably doesn’t care whether you say “merry Christmas”
  178. Mayor Cries After City Council Member Denies Her ‘White Privilege’
  179. will tax bill cause recession
  180. Trump needs to shut down the Mueller investigation soon
  181. my god
  182. Conyers to bequeath House seat
  183. WSJ editorial wrecks Mueller, MSM says nothing about it to protect liberals
  184. Deutsche Bank receives subpoena from Mueller on Trump accounts
  185. lol liberals time to eat MORE CROW; Supreme Court says Travel Ban is legal... duh!
  186. President Mike Pence
  187. MSNBC caught with an entire fake news show
  188. Just watch the first 7 or 8 minutes to get a different take
  189. Libs pivot towards excuses on tax reform
  190. Remember this, now DT is claiming he knew Flynn lied that is why he fired him.
  191. Merry Christmas Khicks from the Oompa loompa's
  192. Grease says Obama admin 10x more fiscally responsible than trump's; the truth is
  193. when did israel take us over?
  194. synopsis of tax bill
  195. Yet another study show climate change agenda is bullshit
  196. Hannity Leading With Benghazi Tonight
  197. My favorite mantra, what is it again, I forget
  198. liberals like rkelly have forgot obama had WORST RECOVERY IN HISTORY
  199. GOP manipulating the stock markets today...
  200. more fake news
  201. Did you catch this on national news, the fckin irony of fake news
  202. You still argue that DT isn't completely insane.
  203. Trump will win in a landslide in 2020
  204. Matt Lauer joins the club
  205. Truly comical how liberal sheep have forgot what a RINO is and who political class is
  206. Mueller Must Be On To Something New...
  207. black serial killer
  208. Family Guys ROASTS Internet Leftists With 'Twitter Outrage' Episode
  209. tax plan
  210. some more proof he is as crazy as they come.
  211. why the republicans don't have a health plan
  212. Trump people, doesn't this bother you even just a little bit?
  213. Who occupies CFPB director office tomorrow?
  214. Trump sells Miss Universe pageant, black girls win back to back years for Miss USA
  215. Donald Trump hit on Billy Baldwin's wife
  216. Amazon’s Alexa is a CRAZY SJW LIBERAL!
  217. this is a minor point but to DT is is not minor, it is a catastrophe
  218. lol liberals worried about NK yet they supported Obama who funded NK's nuke
  219. typical liberals, vote for a pedophile/pedo supporter yet act like roy moore is wrong
  220. low IQers like rkelly and chico think attacking NK leads to WW3; too much sheepfeed
  221. roy or one of the resident geniuses
  222. Eminem Is 'Extremely Angry' Trump Has Not Responded To His BET Cypher Verse
  223. Rkelly with another hilariously stupid post; says trump can get USA destroyed...
  224. Read these comments and ask yourself if this guy graduated from HS
  225. some poster once said this administration will be considered the most corrupt ever
  226. new republican party
  227. North Korean soldier mad escape, shot 5 times but makes it to South Korea..
  228. Happy Thanksgiving to my amigos on the left and right
  229. Liberals breaking down daily as trump accomplishes more than obama while golfing
  230. Hmmm, maybe he is innocent
  231. There's A Republican Born Every Minute...
  232. At first glance I thought this might be a joke
  233. Trump calls for Beast Mode suspension..
  234. A couple or few weeks ago I wrote on this very forum
  235. I probably wrote on this very forum...that even if Jesus Christ himself
  236. Gen. John Hyten, 'I'm gonna say, 'Mr. President, that's illegal.'
  237. Im not even sure where I stand with Trump as POTUS
  238. if it wasn't sad it would be funny
  239. Trump hammers back at lavar
  240. How Donald And Ivanka Are Involved In Panamanian Organized Crime
  241. another R asshole, it never ends.
  242. Al Franken to leave senate
  243. Is soy food turning men into massive pussies?
  244. On the wrong side--again.
  245. Factory of lies (did you catch this on NBC news)
  246. Dante or other libs - I have a serious question
  247. "the dumber they are the better I like em"
  248. 450 days & still NO evidence to show Putin backed Trump, putin did back hillary tho
  249. Have you ever changed your mind?
  250. In just one international trip Trump accomplishes more than Obama did in 8 years

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