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  1. What am I missing with this Trump future?
  2. It's official, police murder 18 year old white guy and FBI tries to cover it up
  3. No 4:20 on 4/20 for The Productive President-Trump hard at work
  4. Where is Hillary Clinton when you need her?
  5. Democrats begin to wonder: When do we win?
  6. Trump signs Buy American Hire American executive order
  7. UK citizens will vote again!
  8. anyone betting on French presidential election? looks unpredictable
  9. UC Davis votes to make USA flag optional; rkelly, khicks, jtoler and liberals cheer
  10. The Embodiment of Donald Trump's America
  11. i have a stock for you guys
  12. US hit IS with largest non-nuclear bomb ever used
  13. Pay attention jtoler, this is how you report real news you liberal.
  14. America's first Muslim woman judge found dead in New York
  15. Trump Flips On Five Core Campaign Promises In Under 24 Hours
  16. Ivanka and Jared Kushner having pull in the White House
  17. Daily Mail pulls an rkelly/kraken/jtoler, has to pay Melania 2.9million in damages
  18. Susan Rice 2020
  19. IOC picks between LA or Paris for 2024 Olympics
  20. China handling Islam correctly, punished their own official for not smoking
  21. Trump Toying With Tax Reform Plan That Would Gut Social Security
  22. Are Advertisers fleeing Fox News to damage Trump's only positive newsfeed?
  23. They're Saying that Trump "Became the President"...Again
  24. Sweden to be third world country by 2030
  25. Trump truly just cemented Obama's place in history as a bitch
  26. Trump Fires 50 Missiles Into Syria tonight
  27. jtoler, khicks, rkelly thor chico & liberals become the end of funny prank in malibu
  28. Send your kid to Stanford to join this idiot...
  29. Trump: Jobs Jobs Jobs!
  30. Trump Kicks Off Sexual Assault Awareness Month By Defending Bill O'reilly
  31. Susan Rice: "Let me be clear...I leaked nothing to nobody"
  32. Odds Grow For Possible Trump Impeachment
  33. Throw MLB first pitch of season, or....
  34. Obama state dept employee arrested
  35. more bad news for andy, khicks, rkelly, bosigga & jtoler; ICE arrests more illegals
  36. Illegal alien kills young black kid then tries to flee country
  37. Trump's Approval Rating Hits All Time Low
  38. Remember the lie liberals were repeating about the 9/11 bill? Guess who made it up...
  39. Hannity Responds to 'Hypocrite' Ted Koppel, Who Called Him 'Bad For America'
  40. Of all countries, how could Israel do this?
  41. To the dismay of rkelly and khicks, 19 year old defends family and kills 3 burglars
  42. Idiots like rkelly and khicks welcome the wolf in sheep's clothing
  43. President Trump prop bet on 5 dimes
  44. WTF Fox News President.
  45. what happens when you try to stop a trump rally. I dare you to come to one rkelly...
  46. house freedom caucus day's numbered, possibly
  47. AHCA vs ACA
  48. Students Asks D'Souza to Prove the Democrat's Racist History
  49. Paul Manafort's Daughter's Hacked Texts
  50. Breaking News: Trump vindicated! Improper surviellance being reported, finally....
  51. The good news is Christianity is on the rise and Islam on the decline in Europe
  52. I think Trump has lost weight
  53. Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon
  54. Another major IP being changed for the gay agenda
  55. University Employee Says Was Fired Defending Trump's Immigration Policies
  56. A Song Dedicated To All Of You Liberal Snowflakes Out There
  57. Is there anyone happy that Trump is keeping coal alive??
  58. Did Preet go easy on Wall Street?
  59. Ireland PM eating crow and meeting with trump to beg for help on undocumented Irish
  60. "We can't restore our civilization with someone else's babies"
  61. Increase In Minimum Wage Boosts Economy & Pay For Everyone
  62. Barry Hussien Obama's BROTHER tweets out his ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE... WE BEEN HAD!
  63. Only 4% of sports media voted for Trump
  64. Is the Obamacare replacement any good?
  65. CNN cuts off veteran after he cites crime stats on refugees
  66. Why Bill Clinton was the worst President ever.
  67. Oregon judge helps illegal caught driving drunk escape ICE
  68. Running the govt on hate for the previous president won't end well....
  69. The Koch's Bought You. Now Do What They Demand Or Else!
  70. CONFIRMED : Obama Administration Spied On Trump before Nov Election
  71. Trump travel expenses
  72. Liberals Only Thread
  73. It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you
  74. Trump's whole term
  75. Illegal immigrant speaks out at press conference; detained by ICE when she leaves
  76. Another Trump accomplishment
  77. Okay Liberals, here's proof your own party wanted borders...
  78. Disney ready to brainwash kids with first openly gay character in movie
  79. I Predict Canada Will Have Av Immigration Overload Come Springtime
  80. By all accounts - Trump kicked Ass last night
  81. Calling Sen Warren calling Sen Warren
  82. Reality Bites: Blue Collar Workers Starting To See The Light With Trump At The Helm
  83. How is the voter fraud investigation coming along?
  84. Question about gold and stock market
  85. Russia hacks the Oscars
  86. Leaning towards the ROCK in 2020
  87. Girl wrestler on PEDs completes undefeated season
  88. Why is tillerson so quiet?
  89. The DNC did the correct thing
  90. trump like red light camera
  91. Have not been paying attention: Anything new going on with Trump?
  92. Do you recall how crazy the R
  93. RIP Alan Colmes
  94. Democratic shill Alan Colmes dies at 66
  95. Violence against Jews increasing
  96. Two hunters shot by Mexican immigrants
  97. Remember these 10
  98. Dear Outraged Liberals: Trump’s Just Taking Over Where Obama Left Off?
  99. MSNBC: Trump Shouldn't Control What People Think, 'That Is Our Job'
  100. If you had any doubts about the M$M
  101. GOP is gonna blow it all.
  102. ‘Trump Bump’ for Dow Industrials Is Biggest Post-Inaugural Move Since FDR
  103. Riots erupt in Sweden’s capital
  104. America is so fukking poor.
  105. MSM/dems ensuring more Trump voters and intelligent citizens globally in the future
  106. MSM doesn't know how to respond to their facade crumbling
  107. Difference between rkelly and I? I would vote for a black person. Rkelly is a racist.
  108. Trump and The Truth about Sweden
  109. Fascism will come from the D, not the R's.
  110. Seldom agree with the GOP but how can you disagree with this
  111. Arrogance or Ignorance ,,4 vs 8?
  112. POLL: What grade would you give President Trump after one month as president?
  113. How can you be president of the US
  114. 10K people show up for MAGA Trump Rally - Saturday
  115. Trump's Space Program Budget
  116. Impeachment will come from the R, not the D's.
  117. WSJ and others report US spies keeping info from Trump
  118. I know so many of you are so very concerned abyout
  119. "conservatives" don't conserve, and "liberals" don't liberate.
  120. Don't know about impeachable offense, more on that later but
  121. Many years ago I wrote on this forum....
  122. Warren Buffet, the Snake
  123. God Bless Dennis Kucinich
  124. When FOX knows you are completely crazy.
  125. Where are the out of work Coal Miners?
  126. how to stop ISIS
  127. The NON main stream media news on the Donald Trump from abroad thread
  128. Prime example of what liberals like d2bets and trytrytry really are; fake
  129. Another example ofthe dangerous future we face thanks to increase in hispanics
  130. Maher books Milo, fascists runs from show in fear
  131. "Scientists" caught lying again about global warming
  132. Harry Potter creator silenced on twitter over refugees
  133. Why I Left the Left
  134. ACLU vs fascists over Milo
  135. Michael Flynn is cheese
  136. Trump Appointee Flynn Resigns Amid Web Of Lies
  137. President kicks CNN out of the country
  138. Where does Tucker find these liberals?
  139. Fleece the Red States
  140. Ron Paul makes a good point about the Republicans and Affordable Healthcare Act.
  141. The RushSeans are coming the RushSeans are coming
  142. Conservatism is the NEW Counter-Culture
  143. More white washing in the news media?
  144. The Wall Will Cost 21.6 Billion
  145. Hillary trying to stay relevant........gets owned by Conway
  146. So you think they aren't crazy, right
  147. Nancy Pelosi another pathetic liberal Dem
  148. U.C Berkeley Teacher Attacks man over his rights
  149. Asian Trump Supporter Crushes Liberals And Identity Politics
  150. Nordstrom Drops Ivanka
  151. Two attacks-Spicer and Conway claimed
  152. Jokes about "Liberals"
  153. Oops! Maybe this SC nominee will be cancelled
  154. Most Europeans agree with Trump want to stop migration from Muslim-majority countries
  155. White House announced today they are considering a major assignment for
  156. Obama(Bull) VS. Bush(Bear)
  157. Michigan Billionaire Betsy DeVos Voted In As Educational Secretary In Trump's Cabinet
  158. A true ad about 84 Lumber's commercial to support illegal immigration
  159. A new hilarious low for dante, making up people in a thread that are not even there
  160. Sanctuary cities - what's your feeling about them? Can anyone here defend them?
  161. If we can't hire skilled immigrants, they'll set up their own Silicon Valleys...lol
  162. Jared and Ivanka
  163. Not even in a month and talk of war
  164. MMA Fighter stops fascist scum from beating trump supporter while police do nothing
  165. predictability vs chaos
  166. Chuck Schumer is typical liberal trash
  167. Checks and Balance/Rule of Law
  168. I discuss and argue politics with many but
  169. 'Trump Bump' reaches into the Jobs Market
  170. Donald Trump wow
  171. rex tillerson
  172. Faustian Bargain
  173. Our president at the prayer breakfast
  174. Little Breakfast for Black History Month
  175. Drinking milk is hate speech
  176. Apple is sitting on $246.09 billion CASH
  177. White House leak: Priebus and Pence suspect Putin is blackmailing Donald
  178. Will DEMS Ever Again Nominate White, Straight, Christian Man??
  179. Sean Sphincter and Kelly Anne Conwoman......
  180. Opie, this Trump Muslim ban has gone too far
  181. Conservitives/Republicans, What is your response to this?
  182. Liberals would DESTROY conservatives in a CIVIL WAR
  183. Will Marshall Law be imposed at any point in the Trump Adminstration
  184. trump fires acting attorney general
  185. Clash of Civilizations--maybe it begins anew
  186. If Trump loses the plutocrats
  187. How will this US made steel ending play out in media
  188. Washington Post's dishonesty about voter fraud
  189. A Great Read About Trump
  190. Why Saudi Arabia home of 9/11 terrorist is not on the Ban List
  191. Deport Trump!
  192. President trump is kicking ass!!!
  193. Theresa May
  194. old article on Mexico corruption
  195. Doomsday clock closer to midnight because of Trump
  196. List Reasons For Trump Not Releasing Tax Returns Here.
  197. Betsy DeVos has teacher unions scared
  198. She said she was SORRY
  199. Trump to order ban on refugees, restrict immigration and build WALL
  200. Liberals are shell-shocked at witnessing a real president honor his campaign promises
  201. Trump orders freeze on EPA money
  202. Who will be the next Pope?
  203. The American people are slaves to private banks
  204. Trump does more for this country in one day than Obama has in 8 years
  205. register as Muslims
  206. Remember how Trump attempted to connect HC
  207. Trump
  208. Trump Kills TPP Trade Deal
  209. Alternative Facts
  210. President Donald J Trump's 1st week in Office
  211. Cory Booker Proved Trump Right On Big Pharma
  212. Trying To Think Of The Reasons Why Liberals Are Terrified Of Trump
  213. Inaugural trivia question. Obama had tripled Trump's crowd? Wut?
  214. Trump Is Going To Kick Ass
  215. How embarrassing for Hillary voters, Clinton Global Initiative is over
  216. Worthless Protesters already up to good.
  217. Donnie t
  218. The Inaugural of a Presidency since 1789
  219. All Fiscal Conservatives proudly sign in here
  220. Live Inaugural Thread : Greatest Day For All Of Us Tomorrow
  221. Oh Shit, it's spreading......Is Canada next?
  222. Obama on 60 minutes last sunday
  223. Liberals are going All 'Alex Jones' on us
  224. Independent/Third Party Perspective on Upcoming Trump Administration
  225. Health Care/DT and Republicans, this is so much fun
  226. No More Insulting the Other Party Until You Criticize Your Party First
  227. How Donald Trump Could Help Legalize Sports Betting
  228. Will Michelle Obama run in 2020?
  229. Trump Is The President
  230. Who voted for Obama 2nd term?
  231. One final gift from Obama to his people
  232. Four years of fun guys/gals. I promise you this will be great fun.
  233. Obama is 438% more wealthy than when he first ran for office
  234. APPLAUD OBAMA on THIS ONE..and I voted TRUMP
  235. How does the u.s.a plan on paying back the 19 trillion it owes?
  236. Now we know why they're MAD
  237. Fiscal responsiblity
  238. trump supporters
  239. Rumors About Political Figures We've Determined to be True
  240. World Bank : Donald Trump’s Tax Cuts Could/Will Jump-Start Global Economy
  241. Hillary ain't done, rematch ? considering NYC Mayoral office
  242. TRUMP: "You're FAKE News" CALLS OUT CNN
  243. Robert Kennedy Jr. on-board to MAGA
  244. Dump may not even make it until jan.20th...
  245. Obama's Legacy
  246. Jeff Sessions is a True American Hero
  247. Will you watch Obama "drop the mic" in Chicago?
  248. 52% of Democrats believe Russia tampered with vote tallies to get Trump elected
  249. Are you a man or a coward? Check-in to take a simple test
  250. liberals check-in so I can make fun of you

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