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  1. Another loss, I think this is number six, maybe five lost count
  2. liberals lose again, supreme court backs trump's refugee ban. lol d2bets/eddie mush
  3. trump's failure friday
  4. Al Gore’s Climate Sequel Misses a Few Inconvenient Facts
  5. Trump is Woody Allen Without the Homor
  6. Hero's Week?
  7. Anthony Scaramucci
  8. Trump’s war on sanctuary cities has begun, too bad for cowardly liberals here
  9. Neoconservatives / “deep state” using Sessions to remove Trump from office
  10. Neoconservatives / “deep state” using Sessions to remove Trump from office
  11. Democrats block key witness against shadowy firm Fusion GPS, russia wanted hillary
  12. Skinny Bill.
  13. Civil War?
  14. That county Obama gave money to develop NK's nuclear program looking for trouble
  15. commander in thief
  16. Can trump be as "bad" as vlad?
  17. trump an insult to US
  18. When You Get Tired Of Social Justice
  19. Michelle Obama serious contender 2020
  20. With US falling behind, IMF may move to China
  21. When will Trump open his first concentration camp?
  22. Trump Bans Transgenders from Military...
  23. Trump Bans Transgenders from Military...
  24. Single payer, meet all payer: The surprising state that is quietly revolutionizing he
  25. Breitbart turning on DT, now what do the crazies say
  26. Trump about to speak!
  27. Greatest Speech EVER!!!!!
  28. don better with organized business,crime, religion but government?
  29. micro chipping employees
  30. It doesn't feel like 17 years
  31. Trump is taking out the long knives. Rumors say Giuliani as AG and Scaramucci as CoS
  32. How very rare is it when a R
  33. wtf 2
  34. Justice department’s demand for extreme secrecy in Reality Winner trial contested by
  35. trump lies
  36. Free HBO this week end.
  37. Fareed Z
  38. wtf
  39. Making America great--again
  40. Rich Lowry
  41. We don't know is Sessions is guilty or not yet
  42. really bad when I have to defend Sessions
  43. Trump's Republican team is off with one another's heads over Tax Reform
  44. Every Person In The White House Who's Been Fired Or Quit Since Trump Took Office
  45. Sean Spicer resigns
  46. The Innocent!!!!!
  47. B Corker, "things are starting to feel incoherent"
  48. -- such a bad gambler he couldn't bet correct --
  49. why are they called "crazy" another perfect example
  50. Found a video of ----
  51. How things going with "Made in America" week ? ... Only one more day left ...
  53. Trump at it again:filling the SWAMP with more corruption.............
  54. do you know even one person that didn't know A Lincoln was a R?
  55. Very strange interview.
  56. Fight Evil, Fight Islam, Fight the liberal agenda to ruin this country
  57. making America great
  58. MSM now trying to silence youtubers since they are more influencing
  59. John McCain has brain cancer
  60. How do you know that you got someone's goat
  61. Another illegal gone, anti-americans like d2bets, thor, dante, chico nitrogen upset
  62. More proof D+R= Neoconservatives.............. Who surprisingly loathe Trump.......
  63. when the WSJ ters into you well
  64. 800 vs 45,000
  65. Doesn't seem that long ago
  66. Are you in the habit of supporting people/things that will harm you in the long run?
  67. caitlynn jenner
  68. Who is your favorite left wing poster on SBR?
  69. Book for dummies:Why the 0.1% are the 0.1%
  70. ‘Trump under pressure to pursue war policy’
  71. the entire family has no shame
  72. President Trump's first 6 months
  73. Killary strikes yet again
  74. Should someone be charged here?
  75. Trumpcare Bill Vote Delayed
  76. Moire proof Trump is using his presidency for personal gain for he and his circle....
  77. Is melania trying to get some strange from
  78. Anne Coulter on twitter right now.
  79. putin thinks refugees will ruin a country; liberals think he wanted trump to win? lol
  80. The president who claims...I know so many words.
  81. CBO / Budget
  82. this is fake news, this guy really isn't dead, all these news organizations are
  83. food stamps for the wall
  84. thread to bump for liberals like dante, chico & thor as they grasp for russia straws
  85. All class the Trump men
  86. Trump dropped the ball on paperwork to officially resign from several businesses
  87. Kid Rock Running For US Senate
  88. with regrets
  89. Pruitt wants useless telivised debate
  90. How come these snowflakes who whine about income inequality
  91. Reagan Ronald
  92. N.Korea Nuke Threat=Hoax
  93. Fox News Is Planting Thoughts in Donald Trump’s Head//LOL
  94. Hero's are hard to find
  95. trump jr
  96. Whats The Best Year You Have Had in Gambling?
  97. would you have ever thought that L Graham would be the voice of reason
  98. Analyzing Trump's G20 Debut
  99. Trump Behaving Like Dictator As He Leaves Unqualified Socialite Daughter To Sit In At
  100. Republican Lawmakers Buy Health Insurance Stocks as Repeal Effort Moves Forward
  101. Trump Fan Tries To Frame Bernie Bros With Graffiti
  102. Coming Soon to a Theocracy Near You...
  103. UN adopts global treaty on prohibition of nuclear weapons
  104. Armed man trying to reach Ivanka Trump arrested
  105. some good news on the US front, finally
  106. home depot fires
  107. rachel maddow outsmarted the white house
  108. Hey everyone (Trump supporters especially), Taj Mahal in NJ is selling everything
  109. TRUMP is Poland
  110. Seems Fox snooze personnel have a penis problem
  111. 18 States Sue Betsy DeVos
  112. senator toomey
  113. even former crazies know and admit they are losers and a do nothing party
  114. Muslim prayers at Quebec zoo upset some people
  115. was buzz or trump passing gas
  116. Terrorist Omar Kadhr awarded $10 million by Canadian Government
  117. A question for conservatives
  118. this is long time conservative speaking
  119. Food stamp rolls plummet in states that restore work requirements
  120. Be the funniest guy at your July 4th gathering today
  121. His dialogue concerning N Korea becoming more extreme
  122. here is some real news, which auto turned into fake news less than a week later
  123. not very long ago I commented that it would be great if somebody resigns and talks
  124. Chris Christie
  125. steve bannon
  126. The TRUTH about CNN
  127. Bergdahl can get life in prison. Brooks is pissed
  128. Funniest Thing You'll Read this Weekend...
  129. even some R are walking away, no longer afraid to disagree with DT
  130. victory for liberals like rkelly, dante, khicks, andy, thor and jtoler; all hate USA
  131. just yesterday or the day before I made this same exact point--president Obama got
  132. worldwide confidence in the president to do the right thing.
  133. another fine example of our populist president at his best
  134. Tough July 4th for liberals like chico, thor, dante, rkelly, khicks, jtoler and andy
  135. Trump continues to go in on Fake Media
  136. Trump tweeting again concerning Mika and Morning Joe
  137. Saudi
  138. Trump
  139. Pentagon hands keys to Trump, (which has a military option to strike North Korea..)
  140. How to trigger the regressive left in 60 seconds
  141. Finally. When Trump and Putin meet in person next week we will have real memes.
  142. another lie
  143. Bret Stephens wrote a fabulous article about DR and the news media
  144. veterans speaking out against "health" care bill
  145. Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  146. Time magazine asks Trump to pull 'fake' covers
  147. Wow, comments from some R lawmakers, this is coming too early
  148. Van Jones exposes his own Network CNN
  149. We have a complete crazy person in the WH
  150. another fake news story
  151. leave it to the crazies to be on the wrong side of history, almost always
  152. Breaking News!! Donald Trump Is A Leaker!!
  153. Trump tweeting about the ACA, it is just unbelievable
  154. Pre and Post Election statements from DT
  155. trump and chemical weapons
  156. when some crazies leave office then they see the light
  157. the crazies might say, this is fake news and if it isn't fake news who cares anyway
  158. CNN Fake News on Russia Exposed!
  159. Modern Educayshun - The Average School In The Not-So-Distant Future -
  160. CNN Absolutely buried exclusive
  161. it was just a joke guys, everybody knows that
  162. US/DEEP STATE protects Syria terrorists from aerial bombardment: Moscow
  163. A ‘very credible’ new study on Seattle’s $15 minimum wage has bad news for liberals
  164. Supreme Court reinstates Trump's travel ban
  165. Trump appointing ANOTHER coservative justice soon. dante, chico and andy lose again
  166. Ny times and trump lies
  167. Hey Trump got it right this time
  168. Leaked: CNN new rules for Russia news
  169. Rand Paul is a little bitch
  170. Here is another...the craziness never stops
  171. Poor Trump-when he attempts to explain a fck up
  172. Feminists Think You’re Sexist, Even If You Vote For a Woman
  173. If he is speaking or writing, he is lying or BS
  174. Great news for khicks, thor, andy, d2, dante, rkelly, chico. SJWs going liberals
  175. When is Johnny Depp going to get arrested?
  176. lol scumbag obama comes out with facebook post proving he is a pos hypocrite, again
  177. List of trump's important accomplishments, liars like thor, rkelly & khcks will run
  178. Obama's Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said DNC would dont accept help and
  179. Caught On Video: Russian, NATO Jets In Near Standoff After F-16 Buzzes Defense Minist
  180. List of trump's most important accomplishments, liars like andy and dante will run
  181. Trump wins again - Georgia House Seat
  182. Cringe worthy stupidity. Almost daily
  183. Coal
  184. Trump agrees with Hannity, Paul,Gingrich:‘deep state' working against government
  185. Wow ! George W. Bush and B. Hussein Obama - TIED in Popularity
  186. I have a question, must any employee of DT pass a crazy test before
  187. some crazies are not totally nuts, some but not many
  188. Fox news is no longer crazy enough for the crazies.
  189. --==== Donald Trump's US President Odds Improving!! Part 2 == ==-
  190. carpetbagger vs country club republican
  191. us shoots down syrian jet
  192. Trump - cuba
  193. SURPRISE!! A Democrat-Run State Is In Financial Trouble!
  194. NBC's fake-news foray could have real fallout
  195. How many of you remember the "saturday night massacre
  196. Is Rosenstein feeling the heat?
  197. how about this appointment
  198. another broken promise, to the crazies
  199. NBC will cuss the day they Hired Megyn Kelly for HUGE $$$
  200. Trump’s job performance at 50%
  201. Trump Orders Government to Stop Work on Y2K Bug, 17 Years Later
  202. And another R speaking truthfully, oh my
  203. Just the other day I wrote the rats will one day leave the ship
  204. Will Trump survive this Russia thing?
  205. Vlad send lawyers guns and money to save your pal as the shit has hit the fan
  206. Trickle down economics?
  207. Congressman Steve Scalise Has Been Shot
  208. Looks like Sessions is off the Hook
  209. USA was..is...wrong on war iraq..
  210. why are they called "crazy" just one perfect example (confederate memorials over
  211. clown does it again.
  212. I'm rubber your glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you response
  213. If you get as much justice as you can afford should trump spend a billion
  214. AP fact checking
  215. Another fascist woman like dante gets punched and police do nothing
  216. Trump: I will testify under oath on Comey lies
  217. Theresa may
  218. What's the big deal with the British election?
  219. ‘Clinton hides her inner monster very well’
  220. I am sure many of you remember how many times I have asked the crazies
  221. Trump LIVE THREAD!!! VIA TWITTER Tommorow at 10 am, on COMEY TESTIMONY!!!
  222. Live Thread: The James Comey Hearings: Bigger Than NBA FINALS ..June 8th
  223. So, What Kind of Hamfisted Dumbassery...
  224. epic billboard calling out the fake prophet muhammad
  225. State Department Spokesman Speechless, then Spouts Gibberish To Question About Saudis
  226. Saudi deal: Boeing, Lockheed to receive $78bn
  227. Let's help Hillary name her new book
  228. Pittsburgh mayor fires back at Trump’s reference of city
  229. ‘Trump meeting, Al Khalifah's intensified clampdown on dissent no coincidence’
  230. manilla terror attack
  231. Joe Biden Announces Political Action Committee For 2020
  232. trump pulls USA out of paris climate deal!!!
  233. UK stops sharing Manchester attack intelligence with US
  234. Instincts get transit cop fired but he was right...there is a reason profiling works
  235. Another example of how dangerous islam is and liberals like rkelly, chico support it
  236. Trump goes to school
  237. russian asks for immunity
  238. Leftist's Target White Professor For Failing To Leave Campus On Day Without Whites
  239. George Clooney Will Win the 2020 US Presidential Election
  240. Does brooks have gay love for rkelly,thor,d2 or myself
  241. The graduating class of 2017, and zuckerberg calling for universial income
  242. Public university refused to pay for an antiabortion speaker. Liberal brainwashing
  243. Freedom vs Oppression; a picture is worth 1000 words.
  244. Muslims carryout another attack, leave 24 dead and 27 wounded. Chico and rkelly cheer
  245. Only millennials and pansies need a wall
  246. After another deadly attack in UK let us Americans be thankful the Witch lost
  247. Trump tells NATO countries to pay up
  248. In first under Trump, U.S. warship challenges Beijing's claims in South China Sea
  249. Denver rewards illegals who commit crimes; new law that rkelly, chico, thor support
  250. ICE Officers Dined At Cafe, Then Arrested 3 Of Its Cooks, Owner Says

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