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Thursday Aug 04, 2022
08:00 PM/Las Vegas vs Jacksonville
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NFL Consensus Picks

The NFL consensus picks here at Sportsbook Review illustrate what percentage of bettors are betting on which teams. A consensus can be small or great depending on the game but the betting public often gets it wrong which is why it is always important to spot opportunities where the wise guys might be jumping aboard. Whether you turn to our NFL consensus page for a particular NFL game like the Super Bowl or an entire NFL season, there is plenty to digest and it is up to you to determine whether the majority is right or wrong.

The betting percentage on each game is illustrated daily and even seasoned bettors often check out where the money is flowing. The consensus data is only one tool to use when evaluating your NFL picks and the point spread is dynamic so when it moves it is based on the flow of money on one side or the other. Public bettors are often responsible for the line moving up on big favorites, particularly at home. Sharp bettors will often wait for the influx of public betting to move the line and the odds. Consensus NFL picks are always in high demand.

What Can You See?

SBR's NFL consensus page should be used as a tool to assist you in your NFL picks but they must be interpreted correctly. Here you will see the odds on every game on the board offered by all of the best online sportsbooks. Along with that will be the number of wagers on each team illustrated as NFL public betting consensus percentages. But the NFL betting consensus also reveals the amount wagered on each team which truly tells the tale.

Let's assume the Chiefs are at home playing the Jets. It's a sizable mismatch and the odds show the point spread at Chiefs -11. In this example, we will exaggerate the percentages and the amounts to make our point. Let's assume the betting public has 90 wagers on Kansas City and only 10 bets on New York. This would indicate that the NFL consensus is 90% KC and 10% Jets.

However, let's also assume that the amount wagered shows the Jets with 70 percent of the money on them versus only 30 percent on the Chiefs. This would indicate that the small money bets were on KC but the big money wagers were placed on New York. The NFL public money is squarely on the big favorite but the sharps are jumping on that inflated line and betting Gang Green at what they consider good value.

This is what the NFL football consensus provides our readers and it shows that the public consensus can be a very effective tool. But just remember, the public isn't always wrong and as much as we would like to always be on the sharp side of things, we must use all the tools at our disposal to pick more ATS winners than losers. There is also an NFL consensus FAQ to help with any other questions you might have.

Which Online Books Are Used?

Simply put - only the best in the business. Sportsbook Review is an industry watchdog that assigns letter grades ranging from A+ to F so that our readers will be able to determine the elite, the good, the average, and the truly predatory. The NFL public betting picks are gathered through our readers clicking on their site of choice featuring the best odds on the team they wish to bet on and these stats show up anonymously on our site.

We even have forums devoted to free NFL consensus picks so that our readers can see the public betting money and the wise guy action. But all of these consensus picks are derived from the best books in the industry and are all A+ and A rated books. Those new to SBR should know that all of the online sportsbooks are constantly monitored and these ratings are by no means static. Average books can prove themselves to be graded as good while good books can be graded as elite if they can deliver an exceptional level of customer service and satisfaction.

The online sportsbooks that appear on our pages, whether it is NFL consensus picks Week 1 or the entire 2021 NFL consensus picks, are all among the most trusted and respected in the business. The NFL season is long and it is even longer this season as the teams will be playing 17 regular-season games versus 16, plus the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl. Therefore, it is important to make certain that the shop, or shops, you are betting with are among the elite.

Some might ask what is essential when establishing an account at an online sportsbook? The most critical element is that the customer gets paid in a timely fashion when requesting a payout. That is the holy grail in the sports betting business because if your payment is delayed or not paid at all, what is the sense in even betting with that book? Even the mid-range books pay but there are nefarious, black-listed, F-rated, books that don't pay...ever. That's why it is so important to read the sportsbook rating guide.

Among the common denominators of these elite books are the many ways to fund an account including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They make depositing a breeze and getting paid is equally as seamless. The NFL public consensus and NFL moneyline consensus that you see are derived from these books and others that meet SBR's lofty expectations. The odds will differ at times at many of these books but that is why it is always best to have multiple accounts to ensure that you get the best odds or point spreads available.

And once you fund your account you should know that the best online sportsbooks provide outstanding customer service, a plethora of betting options, easy to navigate dashboard, state-of-the-art mobile platforms, excellent bonuses, and unique betting props, particularly during the Super Bowl. And although everyone loves betting pro football and the NFL odds consensus and consensus free picks NFL might be among the most popular, it should be noted that SBR offers this for all the other major sports as well.

If you are new, we welcome you to SBR and you will find that there is a wealth of knowledge on these pages for both the recreational and professional sports bettor. The NFL Week 1 consensus picks will be here before you know it and make sure to look for the NFL expert consensus picks as well. It's all here in one what are you waiting for?!