NFL Consensus

USA - National Football League

Thursday Oct 01, 2020
08:20 PM/Denver vs N.Y. Jets
Consensus History
N.Y. Jets
Sunday Oct 04, 2020
01:00 PM/Indianapolis vs Chicago
Consensus History
01:00 PM/New Orleans vs Detroit
Consensus History
New Orleans
01:00 PM/Arizona vs Carolina
Consensus History
01:00 PM/Jacksonville vs Cincinnati
Consensus History
01:00 PM/Cleveland vs Dallas
Consensus History
01:00 PM/Minnesota vs Houston
Consensus History
01:00 PM/Seattle vs Miami
Consensus History
01:00 PM/L.A. Chargers vs Tampa Bay
Consensus History
L.A. Chargers
Tampa Bay
01:00 PM/Pittsburgh vs Tennessee
Consensus History
01:00 PM/Baltimore vs Washington
Consensus History
04:05 PM/N.Y. Giants vs L.A. Rams
Consensus History
N.Y. Giants
L.A. Rams
04:25 PM/New England vs Kansas City
Consensus History
New England
Kansas City
04:25 PM/Buffalo vs Las Vegas
Consensus History
Las Vegas
08:20 PM/Philadelphia vs San Francisco
Consensus History
San Francisco
Monday Oct 05, 2020
08:15 PM/Atlanta vs Green Bay
Consensus History
Green Bay

NFL Consensus 

This NFL consensus page highlights how much action the sportsbooks are taking on either side of an upcoming point spread. You can use it to spot opportunities to fade the public and find value when betting on big football games. Read on to learn more about how we arrive at this consensus and how sports betting fans can use it to improve their picks for NFL games. 

How to Use the NFL Consensus 

This page allows you to see how popular each betting option is when considering the point spread on a football game. It tells you the current line on the game, featuring some of the best available odds with the top sportsbooks at that time. You can then see how many wagers have been placed on either side of the bet. You will see the number of wagers that have been placed on each team, and the percentage of wagers that has gone on each team. 

If Indianapolis is the 7.5-point favorite against Jacksonville, you might see -105 on Indianapolis -7.5 and -105 on Jacksonville +7.5. You might then see that 80 wagers have been placed on the Colts, and 70 on the Jaguars. This would then be rendered as 53.33% for Indianapolis and 46.67% for Jacksonville. You will then see the amount that has been wagered on each team. That allows you to see which option is the most popular among casual bettors and which team the high rollers are betting on. 

You might see that 46.67% of wagers have been placed on the Jaguars covering the spread, but 54.36% of the money could have gone on Jacksonville, showing that the Jags are more popular among bettors with larger bankrolls. You will then see the average bet size on each team, along with any SBR Contest Best Bets that have been placed. 

How Do We Compile This Consensus? 

SBR members can quickly place football wagers with the best sports betting sites by clicking through from our odds comparison section. It helps bettors quickly find the best odds on their NFL pick and saves them having to visit the sportsbook website in a separate tab, making the whole process quick and easy. That also allows us to keep track of how popular each side of a bet is. 

We can then use the data to illustrate the consensus picks NFL bettors have made, helping our community understand where the action is going and which way the line might move. We update the consensus picks section in real time, so you are always presented with up-to-date spread and NFL wagerline information on our website. You can also use consensus tools for betting on UFC and various other sports. 

Who Should Use This Consensus? 

Professional bettors like to use the consensus information in order to find opportunities to go against the public. Casual bettors have a tendency to back the moneyline favorite to cover the spread. Popular teams like the Cowboys, Patriots and Steelers often attract a lot of action through blind loyalty among fans. Odds compilers know this, so they often inflate the spread line on these teams, providing sharp bettors with an opportunity to earn value by betting on the opposite side of the spread wager. This consensus makes it easy for you to spot the sort of opportunities that sharp bettors seek out. It is therefore aimed at anyone that likes to bet on the NFL, from novices to pro bettors and everyone in between. 

Should You Tail or Fade the Public? 

Many sharp bettors manage to earn a profit over the course of an NFL season by betting against the public. If the majority of the betting public backs one team to the hilt, the line moves in favor of that team. The betting sites want to spread their risk, so they start offering a more attractive line on the other team. Sharp bettors often bet as soon as the lines are released or just before the start of the game. Anyone seeking to bet just before the start of the game can use the consensus to spot a sharp betting opportunity. 

You should always have a thorough grasp of football before betting on it. You can then pick and choose opportunities to fade the public at opportune moments. If a team goes from an 8-point underdog to a 10-point underdog because the betting public keeps backing the opposition, you might decide to fade the public. However, if you believe that team to be absolutely terrible and think it will lose by more than 10 points, you can choose not to fade the public. While we generally refer to one team covering the spread, over on total points is another popular bet among the betting public. Sharp bettors often go under when an opportunity to earn value arises. 

Where Can I Find the Best Odds for the NFL Picks?

You can use this consensus to find opportunities to fade the betting public and earn value on the other side of the bet. However, you then need to find the best possible odds in order to maximize your potential profit. You can then head over to the NFL odds section of the SBR website, which you can access at the top of this consensus page. You will see all the upcoming football games, and then scroll along to compare the best lines being offered. You will spot the sportsbooks offering reduced juice lines, such as BetAnySports, and you will note that rival betting sites have different interpretations of the line. For example, one might go for Houston -9.5 points and another might have Houston -9 points. 

We only feature highly-reviewed, reputable, trustworthy sportsbooks such as with our Bovada review, BetOnline review, Bookmaker review and YouWager review on this odds comparison tool. They all have a long history of paying out on time and keeping customers’ details safe and secure. Most offer competitive sportsbook bonuses, great customer service, a wealth of banking options, including Bitcoin, and an excellent all-round user experience. It is advisable to sign up for accounts with several different sportsbooks, so that you can regularly benefit from the best available lines, and use this consensus tool to find interesting wagering opportunities.