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  1. Obama I have a question for you....
  2. Suspect named in killing of Houston deputy
  3. Donald "No Donors" Trump
  4. you think Clinton is hiding something? Imagine what this guy is hiding
  5. Teacher keeps job despite being late
  6. Trump wants to raise taxes on the rich
  7. Whats the deal with Donald Trump and CNN?
  8. orrissey on How Obama ‘Has Meant Nothing’ and Trump ‘Can’t Be Allowed to Represent Am
  9. It takes a real man to...
  10. Revenge race murder: Bitter black reporter who gunned down white ex-colleagues live o
  11. Trump Is Different - He's not like politicians
  12. Today's Shooting Suspect.
  13. Trump tells Jorge Ramos of Univision to sit down you weren't called ...
  14. Ashley Madison fallout
  15. Could be brutal day in markets
  16. There is one thing that really, really bothers me
  17. It is very refreshing to see ...
  18. You word of the day ...
  19. Hillary's 'Wiped' Server
  20. "first republican debate highlights: 2015"
  21. Deez Nuts improving in presidential poll
  22. Donald Trump says that the Constitution is not "going to hold up in court"
  23. Donald Trump's US President Odds Improving!!
  24. Good news for jobs in America - Thanks Obama
  25. McDonald's Has an Answer to $15 Minimum Wage
  26. Your favorite alternative news sites?
  27. Next POTUS - Not that I am overly interested as a German, but....
  28. Your word of the day.... I know you just can't wait... drum roll please ...
  29. Trumps Self Hatred Will Destroy His Campaign
  30. Tea Party Sex Scandal Rocks Michigan State Capitol
  31. Lerner, in newly released emails, calls GOP critics 'evil and dishonest'
  32. A perfect example of why we need to build a wall at the border
  33. GOP Candidates Who Should Quit The Race
  34. Mark Cuban's take on the Republican party
  35. Stick a fork in Hillary Clinton
  36. Will Bernie Sanders oust Clinton?
  37. Roger Ailes Calling Donald Trump
  38. Climate change: The hoax that costs us $4 billion a day
  39. Do You Still Want To Vote For This Wimp, Bernie Sanders?
  40. Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Told to Destroy Emails: Report
  41. Senator Schumer rejects Iran deal....what a shocking development.
  42. Hopefully this ugly, lying evil bitch goes to jail for something
  43. Must Watch Tomorrow Night : Republican Debate
  44. Go trump go
  45. Where are all the Black Big Mouths Now?
  46. This Attempted Mass Murder brought to You by the Obama Administration
  47. The power behind the Hillary campaign
  48. Evidence The Titanic Was Sunk on Purpose
  49. Clinton Marriage is a Sham
  50. Your word of the day ...
  51. Trump is a complete penetrating fraud
  52. The best candidate
  53. How low will Rep's go
  54. Keep Pollard In Jail, Give Snowden a Medal
  55. For the lame of heart especially scumbag and MMV
  56. What happens if Scott Walker is president?
  57. Greek PM Tsipras Under Pressure Over Covert Syriza Drachma Plan Reports
  58. Bernie Sanders: Socialist In Name Only
  59. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi
  60. Only way Mrs. Bill Clinton wins the Presidency.
  61. Convicted Spy Pollard to be freed
  62. The ‘Donald Trump Act’ Just Passed The House By A Landslide, And Obama Doesn’t Like I
  63. Oh Canada
  64. Illegals committed 611,234 crimes in Texasbetween 2008-2014
  65. Trump for President
  66. Fusion running political campaign against Trump, spams my email
  67. Governor Rick Snyder Of Michigan Declares "Financial Emergency" For Wayne County
  68. Bernie introduces Bill for $15/hr Min wage but pays his interns...how much?
  69. Idiot right-winger calls Bernie Sanders a Nazi
  70. Smart people need not apply: Why do Police Departments disqualify smart people?
  71. MLK would have supported Bernie; Black Lives Matter should support Bernie
  72. Hitlary is a lying evil piece of shit biatch!
  73. When to buy gold, when to sell gold. Really easy.
  74. Is Trump the president we need?
  75. Sanders and Martin Omally heckled
  76. Just to get the blood pressure of our progressive friends up today...
  77. Obama does it again.
  78. Ofukkup the race beaiter con and fraud piece of shit read this!!
  79. Trump mocks McCain
  80. Obama pushes to extend gun background checks to Social Security
  81. Scott Walker is a lying piece of shit
  82. Will ofukkup finally ....
  83. Ever seen this before, a kangaroo feeding in the snow in Australia?
  84. How do you people think a Republican can win the presidency?
  85. Fox News Is Not Real News
  86. Flat Earth Society & Anti-Spherers
  87. Greece riots are under way tonight
  88. Jeb Bush elected president +325/ Republican nominee +170
  89. Waiting for Infowars to explode
  90. Repub talking heads bashing Iran deal........
  91. Obama known as the guy who trusted the iranians
  92. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Stadiums
  93. Why we don't have a New, New Deal
  94. Best Sportsbook for betting on American Elections (more than just President)?
  95. Just for scumbag and all the morons around here... drum roll please... i know you are
  96. Thanks To Reduced Solar Activity, We Could Be Heading For A Mini Ice Age In 2030
  97. Escaped Mexican drug lord El Chapo sends threats to Donald Trump
  98. Minimum wage in Lithuania
  99. First, Bush sends them to get wounded...
  100. "Illegal immigrants commit less crime than native-born citizens." False.
  101. I found GiveMeTheMoney on Youtube
  102. NYSE on the verge of collapse?
  103. Greece Illustrates 150 Years of Socialist Failure in Europe: or does it?
  104. Is Ted Cruz Stupid or intellectually dishonest?
  105. Starbucks raising prices tomorrow, again, citing...
  106. Why the Democrats Will Do and Say Anything To Stop Donald Trump
  107. Start stacking open parlays with Hillary Clinton +100
  108. Found a petition on MoveOn.org (Donald Trump related)
  109. Republican rankings
  110. Demographics of Immigrants in the United States Illegally
  111. Man arrested in connection with San Francisco killing had been deported several times
  112. Donald Trump at +4000 to win presidency
  113. Black teacher in ohio slaps disabled white student saying she doesn’t have to ‘serve
  114. will donald trump succumb to pressure and apologize?
  115. 'I heard on radio there is Cabinet mtg this am. Can I go?'
  116. Another news flash for you on the evil retard bitch Hitlary Clinton
  117. Guess who started the birther campaign against ofukkup the retard?
  118. David Stockman Shock Blog: The Real Unemployment Rate Is 42.9%
  119. Watch Barack Obama Lie About His Stance On Gay Marriage In 2008
  120. This is what a sane(and Nationally Electable) Republican Sounds Like
  121. Dear Citizens of the United States of America...
  122. Supreme Court Legalizes Same Sex Marriage Everywhere
  123. Pentagon Admits Testing Mustard Gas, Other Lethal Chem Weapons on 60K African America
  124. Look What Goes Up After SCOTUS Decision
  125. O’Reilly Tears Into ‘Race-Baiters,’ Fox Haters:
  126. Be careful what you joke about online...
  127. 'Hope' poster artist Shepard Fairey faces arrest in Detroit Read more: http://www.po
  128. GOP Presidential Assholes Introduce Sheldon Adelson-Backed Bill to Ban Online Gamblin
  129. Demonazicommiefukkupcrappies ... drum roll please .. I know you are waiting ...
  130. The dipshite whiny rhino Republicans
  131. Ofukkup used the N word
  132. Obama just said....
  133. Obama says supporter writes him: 'You're an idiot'
  134. So after obamashites TV appearance
  135. 24 times Hillary Clinton championed TPP as Secretary of State | SUPERcuts! #209
  136. another idiot politician
  137. When if ever will a
  138. When has obamashite ever gone to ...
  139. Should Hillary Clinton be on the new $10 bill?
  140. The Morons Will Love The Campaign Season
  141. Get a load of this: IMF says conservative economic policy causes inequality
  142. Your word for the day ... drum roll please.... are you waiting ...
  143. Donald Trump To Run For President in 2016!!!!!!!!
  144. Hillary win RUN. Jeb Dummy Bush Will Run - He Will Lose & She Will Win POTUS
  145. "New York Bozo" Biggest Mooch In America?
  146. U.S. Will Send 450 Advisers to Help Iraq Fight ISIS
  147. Obamatrade is blowing up ....
  148. Official Bernie Sanders for President 2016 thread
  149. Late breaking news just in ... drum roll please ....
  150. Obama's plan for the TPP might back fire?
  151. There would be more black cops if .... and the answer is ... drum roll please...
  152. When will you demonazicommiefukkup crappies tell me how good that evil bitch Hillary
  153. So ofukkup let's Baltimore burn
  154. This latest Boston terrorist wannabe and his family are hilarious
  155. It's a man's question, but please tell me..no one on player's talk is voting for
  156. Polls Are Wrong Because....wait for it....Conservatives
  157. Obama never acknowledged Kyle - this can't be right can it?
  158. Rand Paul Shut Out By Big Republican Donors
  159. Thoughts on Repubs running on cutting SS and Medicare?
  160. 'white privilege' in school now to blame?
  161. Jon Price Sports Betting Should Be Legalized in America Opinion
  162. I might actually like this - Donald Trump "I have an annoucement"
  163. United Airlines "violates" Muslim chaplain
  164. RIP Beau Biden
  165. Dennis Hastert...do we have a Sandusky Scandal?
  166. Bernie Sanders thinks women fantasize about being gang raped....
  167. Elizabeth Warren caught being a bit of a hypocrite...
  168. 9 Dead in Baltimore This Weekend
  169. Why Hasn't The Stock Market Crashed Yet?
  170. Evangelicals increasing role in our "secular state"
  171. Just How Stupid Is Obama?
  172. Docs reveal the US created ISIS.
  173. 1,600 families including 2700 children now have a chance
  174. Good for me but not for you
  175. Nothing to see here, move along
  176. Who do you believe, the Obama Administration or Seymour Hersh
  177. Guy won't buy insurance and thinks he should be able to after medical issues...
  178. Damn man made global warming !!!
  179. You people are morons
  180. Muslim gunmen shot trying to attack free speech convention in Texas
  181. Trade in the Clown Car for a Clown Bus
  182. scumbag = cancer
  183. Over 50 years of demonazicommiefukkupcrappy rule in Baltimore
  184. Finally, an explanation why the world is going crazy...
  185. Tesla Powerwall
  186. Rand Paul: Poor parenting cause of Baltimore riots
  187. Hillary was AGAINST gay marriage before she was for it
  188. What Do You Get?
  189. Sheldon Adelson's quest to stop internet gambling
  190. Another day ANOTHER MSNBC host gets hit with a tax warrant by the IRS
  191. Does anybody here invest outside of sports?
  192. California Drought
  193. So why are you dumb idiots voting for that bitch Hitlary?? read the info
  194. I still haven't see anyone
  196. Read this info regarding your goon boy
  197. scumbag is a scumbag
  198. lmfao some more dirt on that dumb bitch Billary Clinton
  199. Harry Reid Makes Sexist Generalizations—but It's Ok, because he is roll the drums
  200. Another good reason to hate the
  201. Another MSNBC host who loves taxes, doesn't pay her own fair share!
  202. Show me a real not forged Birth Certificate
  203. Darth Vader For President
  204. These are Fun and often enlightening
  205. Lefty liberal lands copter on Capital building lawn RKELLY check in pal
  206. Young and diverse!
  207. The DNC already has a ground game from Obama out to support Hillary 2016
  208. Marco Rubio to Run for President
  209. So apart from JJ who here has their mind made up and will be voting for Billary
  210. Clinton 2016
  211. Hilliary Clinton Officially Presidency 2016
  212. Spring Break Sheriff has had enough of the 'animals'
  213. If Hillary aka Hitlary gets elected this country is toast
  214. State of Maine gets it! Well done Mainers! Let's do this nationally....
  215. The market has spoken, GM haults production of the Chevy Volt
  216. One thing you want from next president?
  217. The Smartest Liberal
  218. Puerto Ricans receive disability payments for not speaking English.
  219. Rand Paul: 'I am running for president'
  220. BALTIMORE to begin shutting off people's water today for unpaid bills
  221. Iran deal means potential nobel peace prize for kerry
  222. Oops, Christie's privatizing of the state lottery bombs....
  223. Thoughts on this Indiana religious freedom law?
  224. LGR has gone to the great gambling god in the sky.
  225. Comedy Central Finally Announces Who Will Be Filling Jon Stewart’s Chair as Host
  226. It’s Official: The Pentagon Finally Admitted That Israel Has Nuclear Weapons, Too
  227. Harry Reid deciding to retire
  228. WTF!? Dem Congresswoman hits parked cars and just walks away from the scene.
  229. Ted Cruz Becomes First Major Candidate to Announce Presidential Bid for 2016
  230. The Republicans are getting smart about elections
  231. SBR's NCAA Tournament Experts Rip President Obama's Bracket
  232. Mandatory Voting? Obama Says It Would Be 'Transformative'
  233. Let's go to China
  234. Jobs is Jobs
  235. Schocking
  236. The GOP has two kinds of voters: rich people and suckers
  237. Illinois Tollway Commission Suppressing Speed Limits Contrary To New Law and Safety
  238. politics of sports why only NV
  239. 3 Myths
  240. Well that locks up the Texas Ranger vote
  241. Is Russia in the midst of a coup?
  242. 2008 Senator Obama undercut Bush foreign policy.
  243. Obama administration bodyslams Hillary
  244. Is California still a dying state with an exit sign for businesses?
  245. MSNBC's Ed Scultz gives us one for the ages..
  246. Wiki sues NSA, DOJ while CIA was busy trying to hack your Iphone
  247. GOP tries to undercut (stab in the back) Obama on nuclear deal with Iran
  248. standing army: the US military has taken over the world for the Elite true rulers
  249. oh well, there you go
  250. MSNBC Fail: Man Pretending to have been on Delta Flight Says Unfortunate Profanities

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