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  1. The Hillary that we just can't forget
  2. Poster RKelly check in on this Pennsylvania news
  3. Cool CEO who wanted to pay a $70k min wage now almost broke
  4. Leftist Mob Shuts Down Milo Yannopoulos Speech at DePaul
  5. Obama states being President is serious job. what a jackasss!
  6. Here's The Full List Of Organizations That Paid Hillary Clinton From 2013-2015
  7. Time for some more indoctrination kids...
  8. Another cop in the Freddie Gray incident goes free
  9. The Empire Files: Used & Betrayed - 100 Years of US Troops as Lab Rats
  10. The Clintons are clearly guilty of TAX FRAUD
  11. The Perfect choice for Trump VP is Indiana Gov. Mike Pence
  12. Hillary Clinton vs. Reality TV Celebrity vs. Two Republican Governors
  13. Can Trump win the general election?
  14. Trump Paid No Taxes In The Past
  15. Black Lives Matter & Obama's UN speaker arrested for human trafficking
  16. Liberal media turns on Sanders
  17. Trump leads hitlery in the polls for the first time
  18. EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo disappeared from radar
  19. Trump Will Bring Up Rape On Hannity Tonight Talking About Bill Clinton
  20. Benghazi committee chair finally admits......
  21. GMO foods, large study released today
  22. Senators Try to Sneak Federal Internet Gambling Ban Into Appropriations Bill
  23. Hilliary Clinton just admitted that she doesn't know what to do about the bad economy
  24. Time to spread the lie to the next generation of Blacks May 30th
  25. Hamilton musical...
  26. Trump refuses to change plan to tax middle class, and give tax breaks to the rich
  27. Sheldon Adelson to give 100 million to his new puppet Trump
  28. Are Trump-Hitler Comparisons fair? Interview with Holocoast survivor
  29. Trump should tell Ryan to get lost
  30. Why would Trump lie about "John Miller"?
  31. If Trump Gets Elected, Could He Bring These Jobs Back To America?
  32. Debunking Bill Maher's "What Republicans Will Never Admit About Obama"
  33. Defeating the Left's strawman arguments (I'm looking at you, Bill Maher)
  34. Most nonstransparent administration in history
  35. Facebook censoring conservative news
  36. Lets look at Hilliary Clintons foreigh policy
  37. Trump has got my vote!
  38. Both candidates are middle of the road....one is a lying criminal...vote as you like
  39. A Confession of Liberal Intolerance
  40. Could Romney Be Our Next President?
  41. Going to Trump rally today.... Lynden Washington
  42. London Elects First Muslim Mayor
  43. Conservative Christian
  44. Why are we sending 4000 troops to the Russian Border?
  45. Here is the woman card Hilliary is running on
  46. Answer these questions and you'll know who the next President should be
  47. President about to speak on Economy
  48. Trump just sealed the deal... no way I vote for him and you shouldn't either
  49. Trump: The Making Of A Politician
  50. Looks like the next 4 years will be the same as the last 8....
  51. Wish I could buy shares of Chik Fil-A
  52. Trump's vp nominee
  53. Nate Silver gags on Trump's
  54. Clinton Leads Trump By 13 Points
  55. Hillary Clinton plays "woman card" 13 times in a minute
  56. Trump odds...,
  57. John Kasich suspending campaign
  58. Is there anyone here who even plans on voting for Billary
  59. It's time for unity, if you're not for Trump you're on the other side
  60. Trump is the Nominee
  61. Looks like Cruz dropped out.
  62. Another Vote For My Wife
  63. Settled issue, I no longer debate but this is interesting
  64. Donald Trump Calls Ted Cruz a Pussy
  65. If you're not going to vote for Trump why even waste the trip to vote?
  66. Trump, Epstein Compound, Rape
  67. Amal Clooney's Eloquent Take On Trump
  68. Donald Trump supporter walks through angry crowd of protesters
  69. ... and in other news
  70. The Healthcare Bubble
  71. This is What a Social Justice Warrior Looks Like
  72. Joe Biden nominee +4500 - update necessary
  73. White working class is disappearing
  74. Trump thread too big? Not loading for me.
  75. Bruce Bartlett backing Trump
  76. Charles K on This Week with GS
  77. Curt Schilling another victim of the PC (politically correct) . Your thoughts
  78. Strange logic D Trump supporters
  79. so you're gonna move to Canada if Trump is elected eh?
  80. The smug style in American liberalism
  81. Buffalo anti-Trump protesters explain why they hate "The Donald"
  82. Leftists on suicide watch
  83. Hillary should be treated just like Patraeus
  84. Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say?
  85. Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern on the Dem Candidates
  86. Tubman $20 bill=division
  87. Good article on supply side tax cuts
  88. this is a little boring, I know, but the point is
  89. Saudi Arabia Terrified of Release of "28 Pages" in 9/11 Report
  90. why some are absolutely crazy
  91. Even R know Kansas has been a total failure
  92. J Kasich--this is the smart
  93. Here's the Clintons tough stance on terrorism!!!
  94. Trivia- Who is the only First Lady to be subpoenaed by a federal Grand Jury?
  95. Bernie Sanders to be VP +575
  96. any chance Clinton doesn't get the nomination ?
  97. Why is there no stock topic at SBR?
  98. Donald Trump supporters(trumptards) grope and pepper spray' 15-year-old girl
  99. Trump unfavorability number sky rocketing
  100. Wisconsin exit polls (republican)
  101. Derp! In the Heart of Texas
  102. Bernie is really picking up steam
  103. Trump will make Mexico pay for wall by threatening to cut off money transfers to Mex
  104. Panama Papers
  105. And Hilliary says Trump is a racist!!!
  106. Economic Disaster
  107. kasich- say it isn't so
  108. 21 Questions For Donald Trump
  109. Am I Missing Something? Or is the GOP Really This Dumb
  110. Judge Jeanine Pirro - Opening Statement - Hillary Clinton Vs FBI - April 2, 2016
  111. Unfortunely the Butcher of Benghazi will be next president.
  112. State Department says halts review of Clinton emails at FBI request
  113. Peddling fantasy
  114. The Culture War
  115. D.C. Madam, assassinated in 2008, call logs on 72-hour timed release.
  116. Kasich +700 to be the Republican nominee
  117. John K might be worth a small wager
  118. How low will Trumps odds get ?
  119. Are we getting the leaders we deserve
  120. CIA Agents To Troll Alternative Media Sites In Huge Propaganda Program
  121. TED CRUZ +500 to be the Nominee
  122. More Proof About Climate Change Bullshit
  123. Will Ted Cruz beat Trump?
  124. US State Department Doesn't Want Syria To Retake Syrian City From ISIS
  125. A Modest Proposal with apologies to Jonathan Swift
  126. A short article, true article about
  127. bush sold usdown the river
  128. D Trump doesn't even want to be president. hmmm
  129. Obama really just said he welcomes in Muslims "refugees" from Syria!!!
  130. The Dems break out the some old playbook when they fear losing!!!!
  131. Donald Trump Tweets About Sports Handicappers Upset Call
  132. Brussels get's covered 24/7, but twice as many killed in Pakistan isn't covered on TV
  133. California raises minimum wage to $15 an hour. How is this a good idea?
  134. Petition to allow guns at Republican National Convention
  135. #CruzSexScandal
  136. Every time Trump exhibits his no class personality he loses
  137. Student's traumatized at pro Trump chalk markings
  138. Benghazi, email, lying, under investigation
  139. Trumping the Bernie Rally (UM vs. OSU) - Collecting donations for the Wall
  140. Voting lines - 5 hours in Arizona
  141. Finally found the reason Trump appeals to so many--at last
  142. Inside a Bernie Sander's meeting...
  143. Humanity
  144. This is the campaign of our R candidates, this is what they are speaking about.
  145. Kathleen Parker--self described right of center journalist.
  146. Do Americans really want to listen to Hilary for years?
  147. Yes Muslims are terrorists and yes they're taking over Europe
  148. Hilary Clinton is a Bitch
  149. RIP Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
  150. Trump warns about attack ads against Chicago Cubs
  151. Liberal white men
  152. AIPAC who gives a rats ass!
  153. US Airforce Happy To Spend Money Killing, but Humanatarian Aid isn't Worth The Price
  154. Does Donald Trump actually have a chance to become president?
  155. Will Ted Cruz get more than 50% of the Vote in UTAH?
  156. LIVE Stream: Donald J. Trump Hold Campaign Rally In Tucson, AZ (3-19-16) 6PM ET
  157. BLACK LIVES MATTER is a terrorist organization
  158. The 4th industrial revolution is coming sooner thanks to liberals
  159. Japan loves Trump!!!
  160. 2016 Biggest Political Losers- the professional endorsers seeking relevance
  161. Obama selects a modrate
  162. 2% That is the answer to what question.
  163. Anto-Trump group threaten massive spring disobedience
  164. Trump/BigDaddyQH Ticket?
  165. Hillary making this far too easy for Republicans
  166. Trump is no accident
  167. Throw some money on Rubio to win Florida
  168. Do white people have the right to exist?
  169. Good Footage In Here From Chicago Trump Rally..Unreal What Turmoil He Is Causing
  170. NC authorities considering whether to charge Trump with inciting violence
  171. Guilty! Hitlarry Clinton & George Soros organized the mayhem in Chicago!
  172. typical clinton/sanders lowlife supporter
  173. Super Tuesday Parlay
  174. So when will Obama nominate...?
  175. 75% of Repub candidates want to cut Social Security
  176. Donald Trump Futures......
  177. Many, many years ago a political question was asked--I remember it well
  178. Sounds like Trump is worried about Florida
  179. khazarian ashkeNAZIES back clinton
  180. Liberals doing what they do best...
  181. The much anticipated KingJD endorsement
  182. Worst President in US history
  183. Bernie supporters are violent communist thugs
  184. Loser New Generation..Just Watch Illinois Anti Trump Protests
  185. Trump pusses out of Chicago rally
  186. Vote Trump to stop the spread of evil
  187. 3/10 Debate In-Game
  188. 78 yo Trump supporter sucker punches homie.......
  189. A lesson for d2bets and khicks
  190. Trump's candidacy is ripped right out of the fascist playbook
  191. Horrible Dem Univision debate on CNN
  192. Megyn Kelly... defending Donald Trump and making DNC look a fool
  193. Who wants to bet on the size of Trump's Manhood?
  194. Just How Bad Is Hillary?
  195. NBC Journalist Caught Tipping Off Clinton Spox to Questions Before Interview
  196. Navy Seal Confronts Hillary Clinton – ‘You Are An Ignorant Liar’
  197. What were Bernie sanders odds to win Michigan Tuesday from Clinton?
  198. Trump on Nancy Reagan: "She was never very beautiful. That's for sure."
  199. Trump is the next Ronald Reagan
  200. Rubio getting Crushed!
  201. Turkey Seizes Another Major Newspaper
  202. FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting
  203. 2/3 of Americans View Trump Unfavorably
  204. Wanna know why Donald Trump will win?
  205. CIA-Analyst: Ray McGovern talks Snowden What say you jtoler
  206. Alberta's hypocrisy
  207. Trump University Truth
  208. Kevin O' Leary kind of endorses Trump on CNBC
  209. New York allows Cruz on the ballot
  210. Why Are Politicians So Enamored With Power?
  211. Trump says he would refuse a presidential salary if he wins...
  212. Betting on Trump Pays Off for Paddy Power Gamblers .........
  213. Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant....
  214. Did Romney's trumping of Trump hurt him?
  215. Nancy Reagan Has Died
  216. Sound familiar? Bobby Jindal leaves LA a mess for his Dem replacement.
  217. Ted Cruz making a Run
  218. Trump on Lyen' Ted Cruz
  219. Prisons are big business in the US
  220. Who's hitting this?
  221. Trump vs. Hillary -- Third Party Alternative
  222. With All Due Respect
  223. This could change the whole presidential election - Be careful with your bets
  224. Who was posted more about Trump; d2bets or khicks?
  225. Did you guys know that Mitt Romney could still end up being the Republican nominee
  226. Donald Trump vs. Megyn "Blood Ears" Kelly In-Game: The 3-3 Debate
  227. What would happen if both Sanders and Trump ran as INDEPENDENTS?
  228. Mitt Romney Praised Donald Trump...
  229. Romney publically bashing Trump
  230. A REAL GOOD 3 to 1 BET - Christie to be Republican VP nominee
  231. EASY MONEY: Senate confirms any SCOTUS nominee +160 BEFORE Obama leaves office.
  232. Amazing Trump Video
  233. March 15th Will Tell The Tale
  234. WTF! Hypocrisy keeps getting better!
  235. How To Beat Trump by Phil Hellmuth
  236. Trump vs Clinton
  237. Trump sweeps except Texas
  238. Why Trump should skip the debate on Thursday?
  239. Imagine that, Clinton's emails do not contain classified info
  240. Texas Primary: Glitch switching Trump votes to Rubio
  241. FBI
  242. ***Official Super Tuesday In-Day Thread******
  243. LOL Rubio Ad
  244. Trump against free press!!
  245. what just happened in politics...huge line moves
  246. Trump 5D odds over past 7 days
  247. kasich and cruz vying for trump vp spot
  248. Joe Scarborough: Trump's refusal to disavow Duke/KKK is "disqualifying"
  249. Donald Trump will go down as...
  250. Iran hard liners looking to lose elections

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