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  1. You don't need police
  2. lol watch this worm squirm for Hillary's emails
  3. The Perfect Running Mate for Trump
  5. Bloomberg
  6. Tribute to a great civil rights activist
  7. Hillary Clinton will win the election EASILY
  8. Trump's on point as usual
  9. FED Yellen.........Negative Rates
  10. How will Carly Fiorina and Christie dropping out affect votes
  11. Christie: Rubio Puts That Little Smile On His Face And....
  12. Trump = Scientology
  13. Typical CEO (Carly)
  14. Hilary over with
  15. Low information voters (minorities) will ensure Hillary Clinton gets the nom
  16. Today's Primary is Meaningless
  17. jeb bush - foot in mouth
  18. Are Electric Cars Really Green?
  19. New Hampshire Final Predictions
  20. Bernie Sanders thinks you can delegate rights you don't have
  21. Trump breaks new ground -- the first candidate ever...
  22. Remember when a ponytailed Trump got frisky with a cross-dressing Giuliani?
  23. Trump denies saying what he said about McCain
  24. With Cruz you lose
  25. Devastating Rubio Montage- Repeats Same Rehearsed Line 5 Times During GOP Debate..
  26. Worse moment
  27. Republican Debate 2/6 In-Game
  28. crazy old lady madeleine albright says crazy comment
  29. Dem's Panicing?
  30. Trump Cancels New Hampshire Town Hall
  31. What do dwightshrute and brooks85 have in common with the Democrats?
  32. Sean Penn, bounty-hunter
  33. Napolitano’s report on Hillary Clinton breaking the law
  34. Trump: I lost Iowa because I'm a rookie and didn't understand ground game
  35. Democratic debate Feb 3rd
  36. Nate Silver: The Trump betting market was a bubble
  37. Breaking...Rand Paul about to announce quitting
  38. Trump: "Ted Cruz didn't win Iowa, he STOLE it"
  39. Trump says self-funding "not worth it" and blames voters for not giving him "cedit"
  40. Next Up, New Hampshire
  41. Is Rubo the new favorite to win GOP nomination?
  42. Trump is done. Rubio gets the Nom
  43. Marco Rubio - New Hampshire
  44. Sarah Palin has gone full wacko bird
  45. Vets, we aren't your Megyn Kelly shield Mr Trump!
  46. congratulation obame
  47. Sam Chachoua on Injecting Charlie Sheen's Blood & The Cure For Aids
  48. Iowa Caucus: What's The Play ?
  49. cultural marxism
  50. he is a muslim
  51. Official Iowa Predictions
  52. Would Trump be capable of giving a concession speech to Hillary?
  53. Marco Rubio's Only Chance
  54. If you think Rubio will win the GOP primary...
  55. Trump: Cruz is a Canadian "anchor baby"
  56. You penetrating Idiots think Trump cares about veterans?
  57. Trump Has Captivated America
  58. why megyn kelly was in a bad mood tonight? trump's post on twitter
  59. Fox news exec has a daughter working for Rubio
  60. Repub debate on now
  61. The Donald J. Trump Foundation has given more to the Clinton Foundation than to vets
  62. trump skipping the debate
  63. Trump's Fox News debate boycott "the most brilliant move of the campaign"
  64. FBI's Hillary Clinton email investigation not letting up
  65. Stock O' the Day
  66. What if--Thomas F
  67. Track Palin and mom
  68. Tump: "Most likely won't be doing debate"
  69. With what i see for 2017 is!
  70. Maybe I missed it, but if you can't believe this hasn't been commented on
  71. Trump" If I'm President, we're going to be saying 'Mery Christmas' again
  72. What is a reasonable odds for Trump to be Rep. Nominee?
  73. Bloomberg eyeing a Presidential run?
  74. Trump With Huge Lead
  75. Check in if you are voting for Hillary
  76. POUND Bernie Sanders/field as an underdog to win the IOWA CAUCUS
  77. 2016 Presidential Lock
  78. Hillary Clinton is Democratic Nominee -490
  79. Obama wasnt that bad
  80. Koch Mafia worse than we thought
  81. Sanders vs. Trump Election?
  82. I know most of you know this but let me rub it in a little
  83. Palin blames her domestic abusing son on Obama
  84. Instead of the White House, will Hillary be headed for the big house?
  85. Financial Markets Collapsing
  86. Poor Trump...Palin endorses him
  87. Dwight will respond in this thread why he is an agnostic.
  88. Is Rand Paul a penetrating idiot or a liar?
  89. Do you idiots need help understanding Bernie's Health-Care plan?
  90. Poor Trump--two corinthians
  91. News flash.....
  92. Nate Silver (538.com) says Trump in big trouble in the General Election
  93. Juan Williams
  94. Trump now dumping on Right Wing Nut Glenn Beck LOL
  95. Is Ted Cruz +1400 a steal?
  96. The Trump is now the favorite to win the nomination.
  97. Republican Debate In Game Thread 1/14/16
  98. Republican debate thread
  99. Poor Donnie and his faulty mic
  100. Hillary, Bernie, or Joe?
  101. just read this, sounds like something I have been saying since day one.
  102. Has GIVEMETHEMONEY Killed the Politics Forum
  103. Lies of this regime's administration for you to remember while you listen to his bull
  104. Iran is holding 2 US Navy Ships
  105. State of the union address tonight @ 8 EST.
  106. Donald Trump is right!
  107. Clinton rips into Sanders as her Iowa lead vanishes
  108. What a joke Ofukkup has a kid that used his piggy bank to help the soldiers
  109. Dear SBR Admin, Mods, & posters.
  110. Clintoni declines to answer questions about women involved in sex scandals
  111. You know what Hillary's Campaign reminds me of??
  112. FBI Expanding Investigation of Clinton Private Email Use
  113. Pick the correct score of the Alabama vs Clemson game for tonight
  114. Jimmy Carter conceded the race before 10 pm to Ronald Reagan
  115. Economist: GOP may win 47 states in general election
  116. Gallup: Share of Democrats reaches record low
  117. David Bowie passes away of cancer
  118. Poll: 20% of Dems would defect for Trump
  119. GOP focus group in Iowa
  120. A message for your goon boy con and fraud divider in grief!
  121. All Independents are worthless pieces of shit pussies
  122. Trump will pull assets if UK bans him; UK accuses "blackmail"
  124. All leftist are fukking pussies!
  125. Of course the attempted murder of a cop in Philadelphia can never be Islam's fault
  126. Email Suggests Hillary Broke Law...
  127. The real truth and nothing but the truth
  128. The murder of the police officer in Philadelphia ...
  129. U.S. Economy Adds 292,000 Jobs In December - Thanks OBAMA!
  130. 74% of Republican Voters think Trump likely nominee...
  131. Politics first that's the Rubio way
  132. Gratest ad ever (trump)
  133. Researchers Predict That A “Mini Ice Age” Is Coming Very Soon
  134. Now why don't you see this kind of enthusiasm at Hitlary bullshit rallies?
  135. Streaming Donald Trump Rally Live Now From Vermont
  136. Trump takes over bernie's home turf....
  137. True enough
  138. Think you want to help and let the Syrian refugees here? You had better think twice!
  139. A Question for Vanguard, Fidelity, T. Row Pride & other Fund Companies.
  140. Oregon Terrorists Forgot to Pack Food
  141. Moore Orders Alabama Judges to Cease Issuing Sodomite Marriage License Posted on Janu
  142. Watching a re run of A Few Good Men
  143. K Parker--conservative columnist
  144. One US soldier killed in Afghanistan last night
  145. Dems go for donald...
  146. We cannot continue to police the world and get nothing for it!
  147. IN 33-MINUTE SPEECH ON GUNS, pussy pig on a lipstick goon REFERS TO HIMSELF 76 TIMES
  148. There is no such thing as a gmtm free thread
  149. Finally did it, GMTM is on ignore.
  150. Thought on a common Conservative assertion (GMTM-free-thread)
  151. Obama divider in chief? Not hardly. (GMTM need not reply)
  152. Trump hints Cruz isn't eligible.
  153. What your libturd lamestream everyday news stations won't show you the truth
  154. Obama executive action
  155. High school top 10 to FBR top 10
  156. Thoughts on Obama's exec order on gun regulations? (Anyone except GMTM)
  157. Chant 'Build That Wall!'
  158. Women on stage scowl, grimace, roll eyes while Clinton speaks...
  159. Hypocrite Life
  160. An ISIS Trump Video Will Materialize
  161. Democrats unsure Hillary Clinton can beat Donald Trump in general election
  162. Cargill FIRES 150 Muslims for walking out over prayer dispute!
  163. Has Apple stock maxed out?
  164. Extreme right wing terror groups
  165. I long for the days before ...
  166. Saudis and Iranians going at it today
  167. Trump dares Bill Clinton to talk about women’s issues
  168. Trump still believes in single payer health care
  169. The economics of an idiot
  170. Hillary was right: Trump in terrorist recruitment video
  171. Shocking 1995 Video Surfaces of Barack Obama Revealing Who He REALLY Is - See more at
  172. Carly Fiorina roots against alma mater
  173. And even though I can't stay you leftist commie pinkos pieces of shit
  174. A new term for you clowns who never try to learn anything new
  175. State Department still doesn’t have all of Clinton’s emails
  176. Fbi offers $5,000 reward after bacon found at vegas mosque
  177. Clinton Foundation Donation Questioned...
  178. Cute Little Story From Baggerville
  179. Finally at long last
  180. Iowa and New Hampshire
  181. Spying on israel swept up members of congress
  182. Ofukkup’s Four-Point Gun Confiscation Plan
  183. Exclusive - Islamic State ruling aims to settle who can have sex with female slaves
  184. Iconic Comedian Jerry Lewis Slams Obama – Praises Donald Trump (Video)
  185. The Great Divider Command in Grief
  186. Imam denies ties to San Bernardino killers as phone records surface Read more at http
  187. Minorities line up behind ... Donald Trump
  188. EVEN more priceless!
  189. Will the real Bill Clinton stand up?
  190. This is priceless
  191. Looks like Obama's strategy on ISIS is working
  192. For all of you pathetic doubters out there
  193. Top 5 libtard fails of 2015
  194. Muslim family whines ‘racism’ for being kicked off plane, look what we just caught th
  195. Mayor Who Called Hussein Obama a Muslim Asked to Resign
  196. Man 'walks off cliff and plummets 60 feet to his death on Christmas Day while distrac
  197. Hillary Clinton’s ‘Secret Weapon’ Could Escalate Campaign Rhetoric
  198. Watch what happens when cnn host presses ‘black lives matter’ activist to back up cla
  199. So far I have yet to have anyone here
  200. Bergdahl: Taliban Captors Asked If Obama Was Gay
  201. Heavily redacted Benghazi emails released on Christmas Eve
  202. 1979 American hostages to receive 1 BIlLION dollars
  203. ofukkup's Top Ten Constitutional Violations of 2015
  204. Be careful Bill Clinton
  205. When will Black Lives Matter bullshit tell the truth and address this bullshit?
  206. Us blocks uk muslim family from boarding plane to disneyland
  207. Black Lives Matter protesters blocked from Mall of America as some stores close
  208. U.S. plans raids to deport families who surged across border
  209. Did you hear or see this
  210. This is the best shirt I have ever seen!
  211. Where are all of you dumb fukking clowns who will tell us how good ur fukkup party is
  212. Htillary Clintoni’s Laundry List of Lies
  213. Trump wins lie of the year award
  214. Leftist threatens to shoot donald trump throughout michigan rally in online forum
  215. In case you think the whiny ass muslims are nice folks watch this!!
  216. This is my first attempt to learn the arabic language
  217. Clinton/Trump poll
  218. Agrabah
  219. Hilary parody
  220. Obama on tv lying before Christmas Vacation
  221. This is your DEMONAZICOMMIEFUKKUPCRAPPY worthless piece of shit regime at work for u
  222. Here is what one of rkelly's illegal pieces of shit messican buddies did
  223. Star Wars is racist
  224. Watching the Debate in between shows
  225. GOP debate tonight
  226. Just saw this very good news on the O'Reilly Factor
  227. Hundreds of “refugees” caught with images of isis flags, severed heads on their phone
  228. Trump: 41%
  229. My guy, the guy I support hardly ever tells the truth
  230. Donald Trump will never be president of this country AND THANK GOD
  231. Trump: Ted Cruz is a "bit of a maniac" and not qualified to be President
  232. Where can I bet on the Fed interst rate hike - FOMC - Janet Yellen
  233. Colorado aclu chairman resigns after writing about shooting trump supporters
  234. How Stupid Are You People. ALL Of You People
  235. Darth trump
  236. Trump threatens ligitation for personal attacks; read the reply letter
  237. Trump's goal is to win 100% of the vote of "the blacks"
  238. Texas police chief, others urge citizens to arm themselves
  239. See what happens when you go here:
  240. Whiny ass muslim Hospital Worker in Ohio Calls for Beheading of US Soldiers
  241. Here's a thought for Trump
  242. How Donald Trump Plays the Media
  243. Trump wants to ask Bill Gates how to "close up the internet in some ways"
  244. Hitlary Supporters Hope She'll LOWER the STANDARD of LIVING if Elected President!!
  245. Does anyone play the energy markets (crude or natural gas) ?
  246. Before you think Islam is a religion of peace read this ...
  247. Msnbc host furious at publication of tashfeen malik’s photo because it could offend m
  248. Trump Calls for 'Complete Shutdown' of Muslims Entering the U.S.
  249. Addendum to Plane thread
  250. Muslim bangs on cockpit door, threatens to down plane, “wanted to see ...”

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