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  1. Nate Silver on The Senate Races
  2. Democrat party announces name change…
  3. How can you not love Trey Gowdy?
  4. 11 things the Koch bro's don't want you to know about them
  5. Election wagering. let's get it.
  6. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Extent of Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels..
  7. Forget about ISIS, Obama's "Government Motors" has killed more Americans than ISIS
  8. Why is the US still sending aid to Israel???
  9. Things About America You Probably Didn’t Know
  10. Donald Trump Makes Obama an Offer That He Can’t Refuse
  11. Semi-terrorist Westboro Church is at it again
  12. I have to give credit when it is due; Obama remembrance today is heartfelt !!!!
  13. Obama about to make Presidential Address regarding ISIS
  14. Report: Obama rejected from golf courses
  15. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Meteorologists Predict Record-Shattering Snowfall
  16. "All-in" on Alibaba IPO?
  17. With Russian Sanctions comes a new place to invest.
  18. Obama "Best Economic President in Modern Times"
  19. THANK GOD we have video of the next Mike Browns this time
  20. The HONORABLE George W. Bush has been proven to be right AGAIN !!!!
  21. obama "Wreck-o-nomics" : Record 92,269,000 Not in Labor Force
  22. Here comes the high gas prices
  23. The discuss the impacts of money in politics.
  24. Obama's Illegal Alien Invasion Includes ISIS.
  25. shit is being slashed all over the place
  26. Easy money!!
  27. Alqueda, Isis, Taliban ?
  28. The greatest threat to the United states is...
  29. We had better wake up, this sounds like place i know well
  30. Megadeth vid still rings true today
  31. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker....
  32. Obama finally talks about beheading...........
  33. Latest poll : Obama's "Strong Disapproval" Double His "Strong Approval"
  34. Why is a 9 year old firing an Uzi?
  35. Did ya know?
  36. Let's open our eyes about poverty.
  37. Obama is a complete JOKE!!!
  38. Another reason 'scientists' keep getting things wrong on natural events
  39. chris hedges
  40. Nothing like Hot a women doing the news. Post your best
  41. Oliver Stone
  42. Who Is The Biggest Racist In America?
  43. American journalist beheaded by ISIS...what will be our response?
  44. Keep your political donations in your pants fellas.
  45. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING ! Forecasters warn of 'coldest August spell in a century
  46. NBC pays Gregory $4 Million in hush money to be nice to them
  47. If you like stocks...
  48. white CIA picking on white citizens
  49. Rick Perry indicted.
  50. Cancer is finally cured in Canada but Big Pharma has no interest
  51. Police are now attacking the Press in Ferguson, Missouri!
  52. Most honest moment of the television history
  53. Obama goes back to Washington
  54. Nixon was a traitor
  55. N Carolina Voter ID Law STANDS
  56. Changing “Kennedy Center” to the “President Barack Obama Center”
  57. Dante vs Dwight
  58. Whites no longer majoriity in schools
  59. Obama Cleared on Benghazi Lies.
  60. Some charts for my right leaning friends
  61. Bill Maher examines the militarization of America's police force
  62. M.E. ruled James Brady died of a Homicide???
  63. Iraq Airstrikes Begin Despite Warning ISIS Retaliation Could Put Baghdad Underwater
  64. Fox news hate syndrome?
  65. Obama's immigration dream of destroying the U.S.A.
  66. Is stock market about to bust?
  67. U.S. General Is Reportedly Killed by an Afghan Soldier
  68. 2 Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down MH-17. No ‘Buk’ missile was used.
  69. Israeli High Court: Israeli Soldiers Used Palestinians as Human Shields 1,200 Times
  70. Caption this picture
  71. Enough is enough! Impeach Obungles!
  72. They have no idea what they're doing with Ebola, do they?
  73. This proves that Hamas fires rockets from among civilians
  74. Druggie Mation Berry released from hospital after wrong-way crash on Pennsylvania Ave
  75. Anybody see Pelosi lose it on the House floor? RKelly you've got a great Rep in PA
  76. Homophobia running wild in Utah
  77. Do you think this Muslim regrets asking the question ?
  78. Bill Clinton says he could have killed Osama Bin Laden
  79. CIA Director busted lying again, will Obama ask him to step aside?
  80. New Probe Confirms Harry Reid's Long History of Corruption
  81. Israel once again shows their benevolent, peaceful way
  82. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Obama ‘Doing His Job Less Often Than Any President....
  83. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! "Warmers" at EPA hearings foiled by cool temps
  84. Anyone else see the utter hypocrisy of this suit?
  85. New Poll Shows Americans Regret Obama; Romney Wins Today By Nine
  86. Jesse Ventura Wins Defamation Case
  87. 15 Brutally Hilarious Amazon Reviews On Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hard Choices’
  88. Obama Thanks Muslims for ‘Building the Very Fabric of Our Nation’
  89. Are Liberals Begging the Republicans to Impeach Obama?
  90. CNN Poll : Americans really wish they had elected Mitt Romney instead of Obama
  91. Is this done by a doctor or a cleric?
  92. Desperate Democrats Try to Stir Up Impeachment Talk
  93. Obama signed off on opening oil exploration to East Coast finally
  94. New IRS Form Proves Obama Lied About Individual Mandate Tax
  95. Man ! Michael Moore played you liberals like PT Barnum suckers.
  96. Obama talking about TAX INVERSION
  97. This is a nice stock market win
  98. PROOF the Obama administration denies woman access to reproductive health care
  99. Howard Stern Gives His Humble Opinion On Israel
  100. CNN Poll: Fewer than 1 in 5 better off because of Obamacare; many more worse off
  101. RED ALERT! Obungles trying to DESTROY internet freedom!!
  102. Hamas has improved on an old weapon used to defend against Israeli counter-attacks...
  103. Obama’s Law Professor: ‘I Wouldn’t Bet’ on Obamacare Surviving Next Legal Challenge
  104. Fed appeals court panel says most Obamacare subsidies illegal
  105. Damn global warming
  106. Damn global warming
  107. FBI pushed Muslims to plot terrorist attacks: rights report
  108. As usual, liberals once again end up being on the wrong side of history
  109. I have a new respect for the USA.
  110. The Way MY Company Works
  111. Does anybody else remember where they were 45 years ago today at 10:56 pm EST ?
  112. Global Temperature Standstill Lengthens: No global warming for 17 years 10 months
  113. Microsoft lays off 18,000 Americans, hires more Indians instead
  114. JOHN KERRY far and away most qualified to be President of United States
  115. Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis
  116. Vagina, Apple and three Michigan legislators
  117. Anyone seen Obama lately?
  118. Official US Government twitter account that talks trash to terrorists
  119. what is your thoughts on the current state of the Israel-Gazza situation
  120. Where is the Head Dumba**?
  121. ISRAEL RALLY THREAD !!! Israel begins expansion along Gaza border by sea, air & land
  122. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Cold Temps Break 128-Year Record in Mobile, Alabama
  123. Malaysia Airlines flight with 295 people on board shot down in Ukraine
  124. Detroit police chief gives credit to armed citizens for drop in crime
  125. How high can the stock market go before a correction?
  126. More Crapitalism
  127. BOMBSHELL: Obama Was Trying to Silence Fox News Within 24 Hours of Benghazi
  128. California trying to set up a vote to split into 6 states
  129. Detroit residents protesting in the streets today because....
  130. A conservative vision for social justice
  131. Obama still killing kids! DEAD CHILDREN Found Washed Up Along Riverbank of Rio Grande
  132. best video explaining Israel is the one that wants peace.
  133. Obama slammed by black Chicago residents: ‘Worst president ever’
  134. 2014 Senate Races
  135. Level of discourse here is concerning
  136. Typical D.C. bullshitt with the sneaky border bailout request
  137. LOL at Koch Bros ad
  138. Dem Congressman from Illinois busted for child sexual abuse
  139. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Brisbane hits coldest temperature in 103 years
  140. Join in the FUN!!!!!!! NOBAMACARE!!!!!!!!!
  141. California's Dem Gov Jerry Brown getting smarter in his old age
  142. Strong earthquake shakes northern Japan
  143. Most recent poll shows Obama at highest approval rating yet: 72% approval rating...
  144. Doesn't Bowe Bergdhal look so cute hugged up to his BFF Taliban gang
  145. Obama's other base is waking up to the border beggers....
  146. Obama Snubs Democrats, Refuses to Go to the Border
  147. FINALLY Harry Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate doesn't obstruct a jobs bill
  148. OBlahblah in Texas Today and Tomorrow
  149. White House spokeswoman should signal exactly whats happening with the border issue
  150. Small Pox vials discovered unsecured....
  151. 2014 U.S. Senate Races
  152. The real worst president in our lifetime
  153. UN predictions subject of ridicule because of their stunning failure
  154. ISIS flattening all the Mosques in Mosul over the weekend
  155. Happy birthday to THE HONORABLE George W. Bush !!
  156. How many of you good ol' boys are open carrying?
  157. Once again Israel shows how a civilized, peaceful nation deals with homicidal animals
  158. Hey Scumbag?
  159. Record Number of Americans Not in Labor Force in June
  160. 288K Jobs Created In June - Thanks President Obama
  161. Obama blaming this on Republicans.
  162. American Citizens Run Illegals Out of Their City
  163. Hard headed McDaniels won't concede
  164. POLL: Hands down Obama is the worst president since WWII
  165. Retired Procter & Gamble chief Bob McDonald to run the V.A.
  166. Putin is greatest defender of freedom on planet.
  167. NOAA caught manipulating data AGAIN to perpetuate the scam of climate chaos
  168. Supremes handed down a victory to Americans today
  169. Leonard Pitts--this guy is always moderate, and always presents a logical argument
  170. The incompetence dogma p krugman
  171. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Antarctica sets new record for sea ice area .....
  172. Obama Cries About the Republicans.
  173. Mexican Military Chopper Crosses Into US, Shoots At Border Agents
  174. Boner wants to file a law suit against the Pres.
  175. is go-pro ipo worth a buy?
  176. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! The US has actually been cooling since the '30's..
  177. Who else is ready for the impending doom of historic hurricanes this year?
  178. This IRS scandal has gotten interesting now hasn't it...
  179. A man who Obama released from an Iraqi prison camp is now public enemy #1
  180. You got to love these shitbags who are employeed just to profit a select few
  181. Obama Wanted To Keep Some Troops In Iraq?
  182. What really happened.
  183. Sugar is Killing Us. Here's Everything You Need to Know
  184. Canada approves oil to China since Obama wont decide on Keystone extension
  185. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! June Snow: Winter Storm in Montana, Utah, Wyoming...
  187. No One Has the Guts to Just Let Poor People Wither Away and Die
  188. Turns out Bob Bergdahl is a bit of a perv on top of a Taliban sympathizer
  189. Who are Your 2016 Presidential Nominees?
  190. Guess how attentive our President is to the world crises today boys?
  191. Cantor still doesn't get it
  192. Happy 90th birthday to THE HONORABLE Geirge H.W. Bush !!
  193. nvax stock
  194. John Boner, what a jackass!
  195. Lincoln:Senator from Illinois? Is Hillary really this dumb or is it the "blood clot"
  196. How is Obama doing for you ?
  197. Obama's retreat in defeat in Iraq caused the Shiite to hit the fan this Sunni !
  198. Chuck Hagel admitted today to Congress the Pres lied again about Bergdahl swap
  199. Maybe this will enlighten you Dwightie
  200. OMG Cantor loses
  201. Another school shooting.
  202. Iraq
  203. Entire country being completely destroyed by climate change
  204. Right Wing Crazies and Killings
  205. Hillary said her and Bill were 'dead broke' leaving the white house??
  206. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! DNR Warden Spots Icebergs On Lake Superior IN JUNE !
  207. anyone buy apple stocks today after split?
  208. Something weird and unnatural about these photos..
  209. Sick People Threatening Bergdahl's Family
  210. U.s. Banks preparing to charge customers for deposits
  211. How is this Arizona border dumping of kids not getting more coverage?
  212. Who is overall THE WORST US PRESIDENT?
  213. what do you guys think of all this Bowe Bergdahl and the Taliban prosoner swap?
  214. Jay Carney Abruptly Quits
  215. Montel Tells It Like It Is About Washington Taking Care Of Our Soldiers
  216. Bloomberg channel's special on McDonalds was pretty great
  217. 41 Repub Senators voted against Veterans bill
  218. Lazy welfare recipients don't care about working
  219. Stong cold dumbest states in America
  220. Republican Buck McKeon Says General Lovells recent Benghazi Comments are not Accurate
  221. How Deregulation and the Private Sector destroyed us and Caused the Great Recession
  222. Ronald Reagan's Chief Economic Adviser says We need a bigger Stimulus!!
  223. Florida Democrat says Communism works AND El Paso is safest city in US??
  224. VA Whistleblower: Death Panels Are Real
  225. McConnell crushes Tea Party
  226. Simply a point of interest about the Loon and his attention getting political wording
  227. What's A Benghazi?
  228. I mentioned this a year or so ago
  229. Who are the 5 people born on American Soil you most admire
  230. Points of no Return P krugman
  231. Schools in America still segregated today?
  232. Why is it called 'Net Neutrality' when it allows for 'fast lanes?'
  233. Not a SNL Sketch...This Really Happened
  234. Fox news latest embarrassment
  235. How long before the wackos blame wildfires in San Diego on man-made global warming ?
  236. Military calls for action on Climate Change
  237. Here Are Your Average Hillary Clinton Supporters
  238. Obama gave Iran our drone technology
  239. :an_laugh: Soccerball.
  240. Karl Rove hinting that Hillary may be seriously ill over that fall
  241. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! May blizzard: 3 feet of snow in Colorado
  242. Unable to find one case of voter fraud in PA, he had over 18 months to find one,
  243. Doctorate from Oxford
  244. Who's your daddy USA ? Today's headlines !
  245. Climate change is happening but obviously winters will still be cold--check out
  246. Real distribution of wealth in this country
  247. Putin scores 6 times in final game of Night Hockey League festival in Soch
  248. Democratic Candidate For Wisconsin Governor Put In His Place
  249. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Coldest year on record so far in the US....
  250. Guess why Pelosi couldn't make the vote on Lerner??

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