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  1. Obama on 60 minutes last sunday
  2. Liberals are going All 'Alex Jones' on us
  3. Independent/Third Party Perspective on Upcoming Trump Administration
  4. Health Care/DT and Republicans, this is so much fun
  5. No More Insulting the Other Party Until You Criticize Your Party First
  6. How Donald Trump Could Help Legalize Sports Betting
  7. Will Michelle Obama run in 2020?
  8. Trump Is The President
  9. Who voted for Obama 2nd term?
  10. One final gift from Obama to his people
  11. Four years of fun guys/gals. I promise you this will be great fun.
  12. Obama is 438% more wealthy than when he first ran for office
  13. APPLAUD OBAMA on THIS ONE..and I voted TRUMP
  14. How does the u.s.a plan on paying back the 19 trillion it owes?
  15. Now we know why they're MAD
  16. Fiscal responsiblity
  17. trump supporters
  18. Rumors About Political Figures We've Determined to be True
  19. World Bank : Donald Trump’s Tax Cuts Could/Will Jump-Start Global Economy
  20. Hillary ain't done, rematch ? considering NYC Mayoral office
  21. TRUMP: "You're FAKE News" CALLS OUT CNN
  22. Robert Kennedy Jr. on-board to MAGA
  23. Dump may not even make it until jan.20th...
  24. Obama's Legacy
  25. Jeff Sessions is a True American Hero
  26. Will you watch Obama "drop the mic" in Chicago?
  27. 52% of Democrats believe Russia tampered with vote tallies to get Trump elected
  28. Are you a man or a coward? Check-in to take a simple test
  29. liberals check-in so I can make fun of you
  30. Obama leaked Intel report to NBC
  31. How embarrassing for liberals, another fact that climate change isn't real but a scam
  32. You Dumb Liberals Have Two Weeks Left
  33. Assange can go fuk himself
  34. First Repub order of business....do away with the ethics committee
  35. Should the U.S. Become More Like Europe?
  36. A Snowflake's Story
  37. Report: 8 years of Obama vacations cost $85 million
  38. SOS John Kerry giving Israel hell
  39. Good job by Obama on israel
  40. Honolulu Restaurant Wants No Trump Voters
  41. Obama Says He Would Have Beat Trump For 3rd Term
  42. Liberal gets exactly what she deserves
  43. The Dems, have not been so weak, so isolated, so diminished in a century
  44. 2016 Year End News Quiz
  45. Executive Director of CARE Celebrates Russian Plane Crash in Tweet
  46. Conservatism has no ideology, just a hatred of liberals
  47. Gay lawyer screams at Trumps
  48. China has warned Donald Trump
  49. what is wrong with politics
  50. The great white regret
  51. Why Are Liberals So Ignorant?
  52. Trump presidency could spur legalized sports betting
  53. How PISSED OFF are Clinton voters right now
  54. 2016 SBR Browns
  55. "True Conservatism" in a nutsell
  56. Electors divorcing Hillary
  57. Rehab Praised by Obama is “Hidden Radicalization Program”
  58. Atlantic City Gains Thanks to Trump
  59. Again - Obama's Birth Certificate found as fake
  60. The New Republican
  61. Common liberal tactic of lying backfires for Muslim who made up story
  62. Trump approval rating soaring
  63. Why these Electors "going rogue" won't change Presidency
  64. What? Kanye West Meets With President-Elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in NYC
  65. Why Are Democrats So F**king Dumb?
  66. Dow pushing 20,000
  67. liberals strike again to kill free speech
  68. Russia hacked RNC and is holding onto the information
  69. Trump will be in attendance today
  70. Obama is crippling Trump’s effectiveness by helping him out now
  71. Clinton Supporter Creates Fake News, MSNBC Spreads it and Never Corrects It
  72. Another movie to boycott - Office Christmas Party
  73. Once a Harsh Critic, Mark Cuban Now Says Trump Is Our ‘Number 1 Draft Pick’
  74. A class action lawsuit accusing CNN of racism = Irony at its finest
  75. U.S. Citizen Receives Death Threats Amidst Trump's Tweets
  76. d day
  77. Jordan Peterson - Joe Rogan
  78. I wake up and cannot Believe u morons elected Donald Trump pres..
  79. The McMahons Finally Weasel Their Way Into Politics
  80. The Cultural Enrichment of Germany
  81. TIME MAG Person of the Year for 2016 is... (drumroll)
  82. Stop buying Kelloggs
  83. ryan is a p.o.s.
  84. Obama Knows he is Buried
  85. Trump slams Boeing deal for new Air Force One
  86. Crazy Uncle Joe in 2020
  87. Republican Texas Elector Vows He Will Not Vote For Trump
  88. How Liberals Really Feel About Black People
  89. Trump Taps Carson For Housing Secretary
  90. And to think he was once a rising star for the Democratic Party
  91. Wasn't even a week ago I wrote A Coulter will turn on Trump over promises not kept
  92. Trump Inherits Obama's Market Boom
  93. Trump Christmas Parody, 'It's The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years'
  94. "Trump Needs 804 More Carrier Deals"
  95. Children: We want $15 per hour; McDonalds: Ok, how about some automation too?
  96. One Of Most Enjoyable Videos I Will Ever Watch...
  97. Can You Guys Help Me by Giving me some Heads Up on Penny Pot Stocks??
  98. Trump will go down as one of the most innovative presidentd ever
  99. howard schultz 2020
  100. Trump's 2020 campaign has already started
  101. Everybody needs to find a TV now
  102. Beware Of Trump's Con On Manufacturing Jobs
  103. Trump unleashed the stock market’s ‘animal spirits’
  104. Libs & Dems Boooooooo Charles Barkley
  105. Searching for a reason
  106. Jill Stein is a Complete Idiot
  107. Will the twitter tantrums ever end?
  108. 376 million in White House renovations by Obama!
  109. Will Trump's Victory spur LARGE Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales ?
  110. How PISSED OFF are Trump Voters right now
  111. After all the Donald Trump fear mongering the DNC chair is going to be Keith Ellison
  112. Shocker: Hamilton cast hasn't voted in years
  113. Protesting at TRUMP PROTEST in Philadelphia
  114. Here Is How Stupid ALL Of You Are
  115. The Truth About Fake News
  116. Jesse Jackson: Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton
  117. Obama in Greece. Why doesn't the news show the protests against HIM going on?
  118. Okay guys this Craigslist post was so funny I had to copy and paste it for you guys
  119. Do the mentally challenge who blow Trump still blow Glenn Beck?
  120. RIP Gwen Ifill
  121. Trump will not follow through on many promises
  122. Washington Post : President Elect to Democrats : I won. Deal with it.
  123. Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxer To Be Charged For Filing False Report
  124. Are You Suffering From Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD)?
  125. Best Of The Young Turks Election Day Meltdown 2016: From smug to utterly devastated.
  126. Steve Bannon should get Trump to open the X-Files
  127. Official Donald Trump Protests Tracker
  128. Congratulations to President-Elect Donald Trump and his backers
  129. Trump Victory Party,,All invited.
  130. What happened to "Drain the Swamp"?
  131. Does Rachel maddow wear the same thing every day?
  132. Trump needs to let white nationalists know he no longer needs them
  133. Popovich not loving Trump.
  134. Day 1 in Trump's America
  135. UN-Fukking Believable - Really sad - Abuse because young son voted for Trump
  136. sick hollywood freaks
  137. Trump to WSJ: "I'm willing to keep parts of Obamacare"
  138. Alert: If you see these magazines BUY THEM ASAP
  139. Liberals already planning opppsition and Trump isn't even at work yet
  140. I'm a millennial help me understand
  141. Hillary still going to win. Election will be flipped
  142. College Kids Are Phony
  143. A woman lost nearly half a million pounds betting on Hillary Clinton to win the elect
  144. Trump voter attacked (VIDEO)
  145. They. Just. Don’t. Fu#$ing. Get it.
  146. Poor people, blacks and hispanics and young people won the election for Trump
  147. Doc Rivers nails it.
  148. Van Jones is Wrong
  149. Another lesson why Political Science is the biggest scam degree out there
  150. Trump wins Michigan by 10K votes
  151. What if?
  152. Thank you Hillary now go away!
  153. SBR Poster with Business degrees, explain Trump job creation policy
  154. What Would Be A Good Way For Trump To Create More Jobs For Americans?
  155. Bernie Sander voters Protesting nationwide
  156. Tout who charges over $1000 for picks buries followers with -500 Hillary lines
  157. When Are These Liberal Arsehole Stars Going To Leave
  158. When Are These Liberal Arsehole Stars Going To Leave
  159. Liberals, Time to Get What You Deserve
  160. Honorable R/conservatives Brett Stephens WSJ Tuesday Nov 8th
  161. What WILL Happen in America Now.
  162. Liberals : Do you want Trump's Prez to fail ?
  163. Donald Trump presidency is exciting times in America
  164. Donald tramp will go down in history as the president ...
  165. Thank You Founding Fathers for the Electoral College !!
  166. Role of Trump's kids in new administration?
  167. the media and trump's relationship with blacks/hispanics??
  168. When Trump officially won..................
  169. Trump is going to be a centrist
  170. hillary only had 54% of FEMALE vote
  171. What's the deal with these news agencies that still won't call the last 3 or 4 states
  172. Will Prez Trump do what he said -- Undo Obama's executive orders
  173. Where is Hillary?
  174. End of not 1, but 2 dynasties!
  175. Congrats to the Trump fans the Shyster beat the Criminal
  176. congratulations Dwightie, can't cheer against my country
  177. Dow not even crashing
  178. Hillary Clinton will go down as one of the worst politicians ever
  179. Where is the 1000 point selloff in the market?
  180. clinton concession speech at 9:30am EST
  181. The president of the united states "donald trump"
  182. Will Hillary Give The Foundation Money Back Now?
  183. What a nasty woman...Clinton being nasty to a student asking an innocent question
  184. Betting website pays out $1 million because it's certain Clinton beats Trump
  185. triple d time to pay up and D2 you're a bitch
  186. 5:30 AM EST You can get Clinton to win Michigan at +150 at Betfair
  187. Why do gamblers/poker players vote for the party that is completely against it?
  188. Pros and Cons - President Trump
  189. The Official Hilary Fans Crying Their Eyes Out Thread
  190. Donald trump
  191. NY Times : Trump wins Pennsylvania
  192. Is This Guy Really Going Off On Donald Trump On CNN Right Now? Wow
  193. Stupid people should really not vote
  194. Should Clinton Be Jailed Now?
  195. Congrats Trump Backers
  196. HEY HEY : It aint over till it's over
  197. Any odds out there when Mike Pence becomes president????
  198. Trump will repeal ObamaCare
  199. Trump is -2000 live right now
  200. President Donald H Trump
  201. Trump -400 on Bovada
  202. Will their be riots if Trump Wins?
  203. I have Hillary Clinton
  204. All in on clinton
  205. Why is the Richest one percent all voting for Hilliary?
  206. Sign in if you would have voted for Ross Perot this elec
  207. Hillary's biggest supporters tonight
  208. Hillary -700 is a lock
  209. Trump Already Suing
  210. #voted on twitter
  211. Coral offer 25/1 enhanced odds on Clinton to win US Election
  212. How on earth can you believe there are over 40 million legitimate hillary supporters?
  213. This Is How You Get Well To Do Whites To Vote Yes On Taxes
  214. Men, dont forget to vote tomorrow!
  215. We could hang the entire congress and senate 9 ways over morons.
  216. A vote for Trump, A vote for the downfall of the Us
  217. Lets See How Many of You Jerkoffs Actually Vote Tomorrowv - Post Your Picture Here
  218. Do people seriously think a legitimate election is happening?
  219. ridiculous edge
  220. All you need to know...
  221. Brutal honest here re: Clinton/woman for POTUS
  222. The General Election Day Live Thread ..Tracker, Opinions, Results
  223. I have not seen ONE Vote Hilary Clinton sign on PRIVATE property in Pennsylvania
  224. Sammy had a Liberal Friend cuss him out today
  225. Those Who Don't Want Hilary To Win The Election Check In
  226. And the Losers Are...
  227. Trump's idea of "draining the swamp"
  228. Trump is not an insider! Go against the establishment
  229. Lebron and Beyonce on the stump for Hilliary
  230. Voting for Hilliary is a blown Opportunity.
  231. Liberal journalist "Yes, The Clintons Are Uniquely Corrupt: A Grand Finale Essay"
  232. Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)
  233. How you know Hillary is a disgrace
  234. Wikileaks: The DNC prepared questions for a Wolf Blitzer interview with Trump.
  235. When you already have the "election" (I mean appointment) results
  236. RIP Trump campaign
  237. Anyone else tired of these political ads 24/7?
  238. If hillary bets lose, you still win
  239. Celebs Threatening to Leave the U.S. If Donald Trump Becomes President
  240. New FBI letter: nothing new in the Weiner e-mails
  241. Prez Election Betting - Just Remember
  242. Official Final Presidential Election Predictions: Predict the election 3 ways here
  243. Trump campaign hypes fake ‘assassination attempt’, donny wets himself like a coward
  244. Voter supression
  245. Navy winning, when they were singing their alma mater
  246. Massive Surge in Latino Voting - Not represented in polls
  247. More like Clinton -800........Grab the Value
  248. 'The FBI is Trumpland': anti-Clinton atmosphere spurred leaking, sources say
  249. Newest Wikileaks: Hillary, Podesta having ritual dinners, and child trafficking
  250. Orange Crush in Nevada

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