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  1. Bernie Sanders thinks women fantasize about being gang raped....
  2. Elizabeth Warren caught being a bit of a hypocrite...
  3. 9 Dead in Baltimore This Weekend
  4. Why Hasn't The Stock Market Crashed Yet?
  5. Evangelicals increasing role in our "secular state"
  6. Just How Stupid Is Obama?
  7. Docs reveal the US created ISIS.
  8. 1,600 families including 2700 children now have a chance
  9. Good for me but not for you
  10. Nothing to see here, move along
  11. Who do you believe, the Obama Administration or Seymour Hersh
  12. Guy won't buy insurance and thinks he should be able to after medical issues...
  13. Damn man made global warming !!!
  14. You people are morons
  15. Muslim gunmen shot trying to attack free speech convention in Texas
  16. Trade in the Clown Car for a Clown Bus
  17. scumbag = cancer
  18. Over 50 years of demonazicommiefukkupcrappy rule in Baltimore
  19. Finally, an explanation why the world is going crazy...
  20. Tesla Powerwall
  21. Rand Paul: Poor parenting cause of Baltimore riots
  22. Hillary was AGAINST gay marriage before she was for it
  23. What Do You Get?
  24. Sheldon Adelson's quest to stop internet gambling
  25. Another day ANOTHER MSNBC host gets hit with a tax warrant by the IRS
  26. Does anybody here invest outside of sports?
  27. California Drought
  28. So why are you dumb idiots voting for that bitch Hitlary?? read the info
  29. I still haven't see anyone
  31. Read this info regarding your goon boy
  32. scumbag is a scumbag
  33. lmfao some more dirt on that dumb bitch Billary Clinton
  34. Harry Reid Makes Sexist Generalizations—but It's Ok, because he is roll the drums
  35. Another good reason to hate the
  36. Another MSNBC host who loves taxes, doesn't pay her own fair share!
  37. Show me a real not forged Birth Certificate
  38. Darth Vader For President
  39. These are Fun and often enlightening
  40. Lefty liberal lands copter on Capital building lawn RKELLY check in pal
  41. Young and diverse!
  42. The DNC already has a ground game from Obama out to support Hillary 2016
  43. Marco Rubio to Run for President
  44. So apart from JJ who here has their mind made up and will be voting for Billary
  45. Clinton 2016
  46. Hilliary Clinton Officially Presidency 2016
  47. Spring Break Sheriff has had enough of the 'animals'
  48. If Hillary aka Hitlary gets elected this country is toast
  49. State of Maine gets it! Well done Mainers! Let's do this nationally....
  50. The market has spoken, GM haults production of the Chevy Volt
  51. One thing you want from next president?
  52. The Smartest Liberal
  53. Puerto Ricans receive disability payments for not speaking English.
  54. Rand Paul: 'I am running for president'
  55. BALTIMORE to begin shutting off people's water today for unpaid bills
  56. Iran deal means potential nobel peace prize for kerry
  57. Oops, Christie's privatizing of the state lottery bombs....
  58. Thoughts on this Indiana religious freedom law?
  59. LGR has gone to the great gambling god in the sky.
  60. Comedy Central Finally Announces Who Will Be Filling Jon Stewart’s Chair as Host
  61. It’s Official: The Pentagon Finally Admitted That Israel Has Nuclear Weapons, Too
  62. Harry Reid deciding to retire
  63. WTF!? Dem Congresswoman hits parked cars and just walks away from the scene.
  64. Ted Cruz Becomes First Major Candidate to Announce Presidential Bid for 2016
  65. The Republicans are getting smart about elections
  66. SBR's NCAA Tournament Experts Rip President Obama's Bracket
  67. Mandatory Voting? Obama Says It Would Be 'Transformative'
  68. Let's go to China
  69. Jobs is Jobs
  70. Schocking
  71. The GOP has two kinds of voters: rich people and suckers
  72. Illinois Tollway Commission Suppressing Speed Limits Contrary To New Law and Safety
  73. politics of sports why only NV
  74. 3 Myths
  75. Well that locks up the Texas Ranger vote
  76. Is Russia in the midst of a coup?
  77. 2008 Senator Obama undercut Bush foreign policy.
  78. Obama administration bodyslams Hillary
  79. Is California still a dying state with an exit sign for businesses?
  80. MSNBC's Ed Scultz gives us one for the ages..
  81. Wiki sues NSA, DOJ while CIA was busy trying to hack your Iphone
  82. GOP tries to undercut (stab in the back) Obama on nuclear deal with Iran
  83. standing army: the US military has taken over the world for the Elite true rulers
  84. oh well, there you go
  85. MSNBC Fail: Man Pretending to have been on Delta Flight Says Unfortunate Profanities
  86. 'The Game is Rigged': Richard Wolff
  87. Who are the worst politics posters?
  88. Who's watching BiBi?
  89. David Petraeus pleading guilty to mishandling classified docs
  90. Options Lingo
  91. Congrats America- Nasdaq Back over 5000
  92. Future USA
  93. IRS rewarding illegals will free checks.
  94. Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes if they attacked Iran nufacilities
  95. If you hand people enough rope......
  96. Rand Paul Wins CPAC straw poll....again!
  97. House shuts down homeland security at 12:01 tonight.....
  98. Cpac
  99. Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle
  100. NO SHOCK HERE !!! Idiots like Scumbag once again on the wrong side of an issue !!
  101. NO SHOCK HERE !!! Idiots like Scumbag once again on the wrong side of an issue !!
  102. Will Keystone XL be like Benghazi? Obamacare?
  103. How long until American troops are on the ground fighting ISIS?
  104. Hey Dwight......
  105. Union idiots stage protest in front of Scott Walker's elderly parent's home
  106. Pubby Bill O'Reilly Undet Fite For Exaggerrating War Stories
  107. Forum Question: Do you believe President loves America?
  108. silly liberals, look what walmart did today
  109. Sean Hannity Destroys White house spokesperson marie harf
  110. Gen. Clark on "ISIS" creation
  111. Train derailment sends oil tanker into WV river !! Can the Keystone pipeline derail ?
  112. Noam Chomsky Vs Alex Jones
  113. The little known politics of Hollywood
  114. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Yale's Global Warming protest postponed: Too cold !!
  115. SO many levels now to this Oregon Gov resignation scandal
  116. Noam Chomsky vs Ayn Rand on Social Security
  117. Illegals win tax refund bonus
  118. The Paratroopers of Crony Capitalism
  119. Another Bush-Clinton Race?
  120. My Dem Congressman's response to my e-mail on XL
  121. Obama amnesty creates loophole for illegal immigrants to vote in elections
  122. Kepler-186f
  123. Shithole Philadelphia to Host the 2016 Democratic National Convention
  124. More proof B.Hussein O.is a clown !!! I ended war in Iraq !!! ..it wasn't my decision
  125. Will killing Keystone XL backfire on the Greens?
  126. Liz Warren is a fraud!
  127. Oh the irony......
  128. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Snow sets historic records in Boston
  129. Record Number Gave Up U.S. Citizenship or Long-Term Residency in 2014
  130. Netanyahu says US peace efforts with Iran are intolerable.
  131. The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever
  132. Let's cast another symbolic vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act
  133. 3 Repub congressmen didn't vote to repeal Obama care
  134. Why Conservatives hate big government (hint: so they can impose feudalism)
  135. Left wing wacko Brian Williams lie about Katrina too? Just busted lying about Iraq...
  136. Open Letter to John McCain: Get Out of Washington, You Low-Life Scum
  137. Hey Brooks! This news story is for you!
  138. Talk about a waste of time......
  139. Detroit man who walks 21 miles a day to work
  140. GOP-led House votes to repeal ObamaCare
  141. Politics of measles?
  142. House Benghazi committee to review secret Hillary tapes on Libya
  143. RobinHood app (stock traders)
  144. Poll Shows Giant Gap Between What Public, Scientists Think
  145. Senate votes 62-36 to build Keystone...FINALLY a Senate trying to help US economy
  146. Happy B-Day Thomas Pain
  147. “The rich have done historically well,”
  148. Michelle Obama doesn't wear cover during visit to Saudi Arabia
  149. Phone Company ‘Outraged’ By Fraud, Abuse In ‘Obamaphone’ Program
  150. The system is Broken
  151. New study on work searches vs unemployment checks
  152. Looks like idiots like Scumbag and the other libs are about to be proven wrong again
  153. Quadcopter drone found on White House grounds
  154. False Flag Attack in Paris?
  155. Netanyahu infuriates President Obama
  156. The psychopathy of the rich (Epstein, Dershowitz thing)
  157. lol another fine example of how dumb russians are
  158. New Repub hypocrisy looming
  159. Austerity and Voodoo Economics ruin countries
  160. Holder dropping Mike Brown Civil Rights case
  161. Christian Tea Party Heroine Cheated on Combat Veteran Husband
  162. 1,700 Private Jets Descend on Davos For World Economic Forum
  163. State of the Union (In game thread)
  164. the power to enslave humanity
  165. Hartmann on fire, watch and we can mix it up a little...
  166. Chalk up another one for the good guys !!!!!
  167. GOP should be proud of greg anthony
  168. Another lead balloon the Pres is proposing
  169. 2014 was the hottest year on record
  170. And people say Washington isn’t bipartisan
  171. The clown show known as the Obama administration hits a new low
  172. Radical Muslims
  173. CIA on Trial in Virginia for Planting Nuke Evidence in Iran
  174. Obama didn't show unity by sending anyone to Paris...Will he send anyone to Texas?
  175. Let the clown show begin
  176. Russia can sink entire US fleet in 5 minutes.
  177. Just finished watching "Kill the Messenger".
  178. Revoke citizenship of any American who travels to Yemen for "religious enlightenment"
  179. George Zimmerman Behind Bars AGAIN
  180. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Temps on Mars were warmer on Thursday than 14 states
  181. Why Is Yemen Still On The Map?
  182. Anybody biting on this 'NAACP bombing hate crime terror attack' ?
  183. Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama
  184. Thoughts on the massacre in France?
  185. Connecticut teen with cancer forced by state to undergo chemo treatments...
  186. buying precious metals with PayPal?
  187. in a few more hours, no more "my way or the highway" in the senate
  188. WTF could the left & right agree on
  189. Mario Cuomo dead at age 82
  190. new documentary,Anonymous 2014-2015. new world order, illuminati
  191. Happy new year
  192. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! 80 % of U.S.A. below 32 degrees
  193. What Does the Christian Right Want?
  194. House GOP leader once addressed white supremacists
  195. Confessions of a Public Defender
  196. If you want to know what Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo are really about.....
  197. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON WITH OPEC !!!!!!!! Something really STINKS .......
  198. Another Black Idiot Shot Dead
  199. Eric Garner's Daughter Offers Support to Families of Slain NYPD Officers
  200. Its Great To Be An American Or Have We Forgotten?
  201. FDA wants gay blood in blood banks.
  202. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Waterfall freezes over on the Yellow River
  203. LGR, FBI question
  204. Witness who said Brown 'charged' is liar.
  205. Remember Mike Grimm, Mr tough guy? Pleading guilty.
  206. Religion poll.
  207. Noweven residents of Harlem acknowledge that coons are a big problem to neighborhoods
  208. The "less government" crowd...when push comes to shove
  209. Ukraine
  210. Heads Up!
  211. Cuba
  212. Great take on US wars, ISIS, & American Exceptionalism from a Vet
  213. Thoughts on the new budget proposal?
  214. Time capsule found at Massachusetts Statehouse
  215. Coming to a town near you? My appeal to liberals.
  216. Look at Warren roar!!
  217. shit starter thread.
  218. Fox News is a Joke
  219. You won't see the lame stream media covering this story about police...
  220. You want less Govt? Here it comes......
  221. Thoughts on how we tortured?
  222. Police
  223. You're Likely a Political hack if You Have The same opinion of Ferguson and Staten Is
  224. Hilary Clinton "Smart Power"
  225. Facebook Support Group Raises $500,000 In Support Of Officer Darren Wilson
  226. This just in ....
  227. Another 'No indictment' for police in Staten Island choke hold case
  228. No talk about
  229. Trailer: The Heavy Water War
  230. Is this the new math?
  231. GOP aide resigns after Obama girls comments
  232. GOP pay back to white middle class voters who voted them in
  233. Did SBR just lose a poster?
  234. The History of the Bush Family
  235. Proof: austerity hurt our economic growth from 2010 to 2011
  236. Ted poopy pants Nugent sounds off about Ferguson (not Turd)
  237. Unbelievable: Ny times publishes darren wilson’s address
  238. This Woman Has A Brain
  239. Most racist AG ever, Holder about to announce he's going to initiate a fed.probe....
  240. No charges for Darren Wilson
  241. Get ready for the riots! People already being killed
  242. With this push by REP's to pass KXL pipeline.
  243. Presidential Election 2016 - Nightmare edition
  244. President Scott Walker's first executive order.
  245. The beginning of the end of America as we know it
  246. Crackhead "Mayor for life" Marion Barry dead at 78
  247. Obama's executive action on amnesty explained in 10 words...
  248. 51-year anniversary of JFK assassination
  249. We need another hearing on Benghazi
  250. did

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