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  1. Happy Thanksgiving
  2. Republicans use the F word at Trump
  3. Happy Thanksgiving
  4. Trump mocks reporter with physical disability
  5. Great Orators of the Democrat Party - PAST and PRESENT
  6. This is for a certain someone ...
  7. Clintoni says her use of term 'illegal immigrant' was a 'poor choice of words'
  8. Trump/Cruz 2016
  9. I love it when ....
  10. If really not a far left commie, why such hate?
  11. Theory about Trump
  12. This Mess America Is in Was Brought to Us By Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
  13. pennies
  14. It is early, but Ohio looks real bad for the R
  15. Immigrant who fled Mexico arrested after complaining about wages
  16. Immigrant who fled Mexico arrested after complaining about wages
  17. At long last a great definition of ...
  18. Proof yes there really is proof now
  19. A List of Islamic Terror Attacks Planned and/or Accomplished in the US that Hussein O
  20. Americans must face the fact that today’s Democratic Party is evil
  21. Americans must face the fact that today’s Democratic Party is evil
  22. Shining city
  23. I want to see if anyone here still
  24. For all of you guys who play in the stock market
  25. U.S. Pilots Confirm: Obama Admin Blocks 75 Percent of Islamic State Strikes
  26. Major Insurer (United Healthcare) May Leave ObamaCare
  27. I am completely convinced
  28. Guys would you let in Syrian refugees?
  29. Elizabeth Hasselback Rips Into WH Press Sec. Over Ofukkup's Paris Remarks: '
  30. Current Odds to be the Republican Presidential Nominee
  31. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING!!! Seattle is going to flood
  32. At least Trump Gets It !!!
  33. What a fukking joke
  34. Watching ofukkup whine and cry in front of the G20
  35. When will ofukkup grow some real balls and
  36. France launches wave of 'massive' bombing raids on ISIS targets
  37. Fortune, makes a prediction.
  38. This tragedy my give Trump a bump
  39. Democratic Debate
  40. Let's see the dumb ass fukkers blame this attack on a video now!
  41. Obama: Isis is not getting ‘stronger,’ we have ‘contained’ them
  42. Bernie is having an impact.....
  43. Trump vs Carson
  44. Hillary lied about trying to join military
  45. Barack Obama becomes first president to pose for LBGT magazine cover
  46. Why Is A Person Very Loyal To Their Own Voting Party (republican or democrat)?
  47. Same story, it never changes and it never works.
  48. Thoughts on the debates last night?
  49. P Krugman--despair.
  50. Ted Cruz: "Any President that doesn't begin every day on his knees...
  51. Jeb: "Hell Yeah, I'd Kill Baby Hitler"
  52. Working-class whites killing themselves due to their own racism
  53. Your magical word of the day ....
  54. Here is the data mr brooks
  55. Now this is satire and bs, but it is funny and IMO has a greater shot at truth than
  56. Obama Is About To Shoot Down The Keystone Pipeline
  57. California Signs Law Allowing Illegals To Vote
  58. There goes our highway bill.
  59. All DEMONAZICOMMIEFUKKUPCRAPPIES are worthless pieces of shite!
  60. 2015 more ICE than ever?
  61. Republican hypocrisy at it's Finest
  62. Poor Republicans--they got picked on with "gotcha" questions
  63. Corruption is legal in America
  64. Here's the deal, boys........
  65. Conservatives support Bernie Sanders too (one former Republicans story)
  66. Carson
  67. First democratic debate highlights: 2015
  68. It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is (Bill Clinton)
  69. Is John Kasich winning the debate tonight?
  70. Oh no Carson surpasses Trump nationwide.
  71. The real truth about Ofukkup's son Trayvon like father like son ...
  72. Happy birthday Hillary!
  73. Some kid is better at explaining Democratic Socialism than Bernie Sanders is
  74. Justice Dept.: No criminal charges for ex-IRS official
  75. Shawn Miller's Uncle Was on Hannity Last Night
  76. I love watching the DEMONAZICOMMIFUKKUPCRAPPIES squirm
  77. Hillary Clinton failed to hand over 15 email exchanges with 'old friend' Sidney Blume
  78. If Hitlary is found to be a liar during this hearing what punishment will be given?
  79. I love watching the evil bitch Hitlary lying her way through this interrogation
  80. Clinton hearing today on Benghazi
  81. Biden NOT running
  82. People, Mo Brooks is not wrong!
  83. If Jim Webb runs for Prez as an Ind. who will he take votes from?
  84. Sign this PETITION to get rid of TRUMP.. and (Kanye and Lohan in 2020)
  85. Humorous Slant on today's Canadian election 19Oct15
  86. Texas setting example
  87. Why is that evil bitch Hitlary even allowed to campaign now?
  88. Russia destroying isis
  89. Bernard Sanders
  90. Clinton V. Trump: Pick Your Poison
  91. Today's Bernie Sander fun fact.
  92. WOW what about that diversity in your worthless DEMONAZICOMMIEFUKKUPCRAPY debate?
  93. Worthless lying ass## demonazicommiefukkupcrappy debate tonight
  94. Democratic debate tonight in Vegas… Pass
  95. Attn Republicans: which Democrat would you vote for?
  96. President Obama reveals himself
  97. Snowden, Doc w/o Borders Twitter
  98. 60 Minutes Tonight: Obama, Biden, and Hillary
  99. COPS shoot man in a fukking WHEELCHAIR and A 4 year old girl
  100. Still no speaker, solidifies House Repubs are dysfunctional...
  101. Now ofukkup wants to ....
  102. Voter ID laws
  103. It's high time we ban guns (exceptions for hunting)
  104. Why is Hillary aka Hitlary even allowed to campaign now???
  105. Troll of the Politics & Economics award goes to .... drum roll please....
  106. When will black on white crime ever be reported by the libturd lamestream media?
  107. Another Black Scum Bag Kills a White P.O.
  108. Donnie Trump must be a communist, he really wants to tax the very wealth and tax them
  109. La Raza has competition nipping at their heels from Muslim Brotherhood
  110. Ok...who brought the black guy?
  111. Is Chris Christie the President Online Sports Bettors Want?
  112. Why Is Trumper So Insecure?
  113. Your word of the day
  114. JP Morgan head says, America has the best hand ever delt...
  115. A Speech They Don't Want You To Hear
  116. Your word of the day.... I know you just can't wait... drum roll please ...
  117. CNN Debate In Game Thread
  118. Your word of the day.... I know you just can't wait... drum roll please ...
  119. Would Trump survive 2 terms? Who would be his VP?
  120. Let's have a vote this is a serious question
  121. D Trump really a nice guy
  122. Bobby Jindal with the Funniest Political Ad Ever
  123. Just because it is Friday ...
  124. Empire Files with Abby Martin Launches First Show
  125. Now this is really messed up...
  126. More illegals deported under Ofukkup and the regime yeah right read this ...
  127. List of things for Trump to do when he becomes President
  128. Loaded gun pulled from woman’s body cavity during drug bust
  129. Police find toddler's head in Chicago park lagoon
  130. SHOCK POLL: Trump receives 25% of black vote in general election matchup
  131. Finally at long, long last ...
  132. Russia is going to destroy "ISIS".
  133. Taxpayers Fleeing Democrat-Run States for Republican Ones
  134. Pledges? There's no pledges in politics!
  136. Is this the beginning of the end for Hillary?
  137. Iran deal?
  138. Senate Dems get 34th vote to hand Obama victory on Iran deal
  139. POLL - Where is the market going?
  140. New CBO head says, tax cuts don't pay for themselves
  141. Trumps running mate? Ventura even has bigger balls.
  142. Islamic Immigrants Spend Hours Beating Christian Man to Death in Maine Read more at h
  143. Democrats to win in a landslide in 2016
  144. Obama I have a question for you....
  145. Suspect named in killing of Houston deputy
  146. Donald "No Donors" Trump
  147. you think Clinton is hiding something? Imagine what this guy is hiding
  148. Teacher keeps job despite being late
  149. Trump wants to raise taxes on the rich
  150. Whats the deal with Donald Trump and CNN?
  151. orrissey on How Obama ‘Has Meant Nothing’ and Trump ‘Can’t Be Allowed to Represent Am
  152. It takes a real man to...
  153. Revenge race murder: Bitter black reporter who gunned down white ex-colleagues live o
  154. Trump Is Different - He's not like politicians
  155. Today's Shooting Suspect.
  156. Trump tells Jorge Ramos of Univision to sit down you weren't called ...
  157. Ashley Madison fallout
  158. Could be brutal day in markets
  159. There is one thing that really, really bothers me
  160. It is very refreshing to see ...
  161. You word of the day ...
  162. Hillary's 'Wiped' Server
  163. "first republican debate highlights: 2015"
  164. Deez Nuts improving in presidential poll
  165. Donald Trump says that the Constitution is not "going to hold up in court"
  166. Donald Trump's US President Odds Improving!!
  167. Good news for jobs in America - Thanks Obama
  168. McDonald's Has an Answer to $15 Minimum Wage
  169. Your favorite alternative news sites?
  170. Next POTUS - Not that I am overly interested as a German, but....
  171. Your word of the day.... I know you just can't wait... drum roll please ...
  172. Trumps Self Hatred Will Destroy His Campaign
  173. Tea Party Sex Scandal Rocks Michigan State Capitol
  174. Lerner, in newly released emails, calls GOP critics 'evil and dishonest'
  175. A perfect example of why we need to build a wall at the border
  176. GOP Candidates Who Should Quit The Race
  177. Mark Cuban's take on the Republican party
  178. Stick a fork in Hillary Clinton
  179. Will Bernie Sanders oust Clinton?
  180. Roger Ailes Calling Donald Trump
  181. Climate change: The hoax that costs us $4 billion a day
  182. Do You Still Want To Vote For This Wimp, Bernie Sanders?
  183. Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Told to Destroy Emails: Report
  184. Senator Schumer rejects Iran deal....what a shocking development.
  185. Hopefully this ugly, lying evil bitch goes to jail for something
  186. Must Watch Tomorrow Night : Republican Debate
  187. Go trump go
  188. Where are all the Black Big Mouths Now?
  189. This Attempted Mass Murder brought to You by the Obama Administration
  190. The power behind the Hillary campaign
  191. Evidence The Titanic Was Sunk on Purpose
  192. Clinton Marriage is a Sham
  193. Your word of the day ...
  194. Trump is a complete penetrating fraud
  195. The best candidate
  196. How low will Rep's go
  197. Keep Pollard In Jail, Give Snowden a Medal
  198. For the lame of heart especially scumbag and MMV
  199. What happens if Scott Walker is president?
  200. Greek PM Tsipras Under Pressure Over Covert Syriza Drachma Plan Reports
  201. Bernie Sanders: Socialist In Name Only
  202. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi
  203. Only way Mrs. Bill Clinton wins the Presidency.
  204. Convicted Spy Pollard to be freed
  205. The ‘Donald Trump Act’ Just Passed The House By A Landslide, And Obama Doesn’t Like I
  206. Oh Canada
  207. Illegals committed 611,234 crimes in Texasbetween 2008-2014
  208. Trump for President
  209. Fusion running political campaign against Trump, spams my email
  210. Governor Rick Snyder Of Michigan Declares "Financial Emergency" For Wayne County
  211. Bernie introduces Bill for $15/hr Min wage but pays his interns...how much?
  212. Idiot right-winger calls Bernie Sanders a Nazi
  213. Smart people need not apply: Why do Police Departments disqualify smart people?
  214. MLK would have supported Bernie; Black Lives Matter should support Bernie
  215. Hitlary is a lying evil piece of shit biatch!
  216. When to buy gold, when to sell gold. Really easy.
  217. Is Trump the president we need?
  218. Sanders and Martin Omally heckled
  219. Just to get the blood pressure of our progressive friends up today...
  220. Obama does it again.
  221. Ofukkup the race beaiter con and fraud piece of shit read this!!
  222. Trump mocks McCain
  223. Obama pushes to extend gun background checks to Social Security
  224. Scott Walker is a lying piece of shit
  225. Will ofukkup finally ....
  226. Ever seen this before, a kangaroo feeding in the snow in Australia?
  227. How do you people think a Republican can win the presidency?
  228. Fox News Is Not Real News
  229. Flat Earth Society & Anti-Spherers
  230. Greece riots are under way tonight
  231. Jeb Bush elected president +325/ Republican nominee +170
  232. Waiting for Infowars to explode
  233. Repub talking heads bashing Iran deal........
  234. Obama known as the guy who trusted the iranians
  235. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Stadiums
  236. Why we don't have a New, New Deal
  237. Best Sportsbook for betting on American Elections (more than just President)?
  238. Just for scumbag and all the morons around here... drum roll please... i know you are
  239. Thanks To Reduced Solar Activity, We Could Be Heading For A Mini Ice Age In 2030
  240. Escaped Mexican drug lord El Chapo sends threats to Donald Trump
  241. Minimum wage in Lithuania
  242. First, Bush sends them to get wounded...
  243. "Illegal immigrants commit less crime than native-born citizens." False.
  244. I found GiveMeTheMoney on Youtube
  245. NYSE on the verge of collapse?
  246. Greece Illustrates 150 Years of Socialist Failure in Europe: or does it?
  247. Is Ted Cruz Stupid or intellectually dishonest?
  248. Starbucks raising prices tomorrow, again, citing...
  249. Why the Democrats Will Do and Say Anything To Stop Donald Trump
  250. Start stacking open parlays with Hillary Clinton +100

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