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  1. Religion poll.
  2. Noweven residents of Harlem acknowledge that coons are a big problem to neighborhoods
  3. The "less government" crowd...when push comes to shove
  4. Ukraine
  5. Heads Up!
  6. Cuba
  7. Great take on US wars, ISIS, & American Exceptionalism from a Vet
  8. Thoughts on the new budget proposal?
  9. Time capsule found at Massachusetts Statehouse
  10. Coming to a town near you? My appeal to liberals.
  11. Look at Warren roar!!
  12. shit starter thread.
  13. Fox News is a Joke
  14. You won't see the lame stream media covering this story about police...
  15. You want less Govt? Here it comes......
  16. Thoughts on how we tortured?
  17. Police
  18. You're Likely a Political hack if You Have The same opinion of Ferguson and Staten Is
  19. Hilary Clinton "Smart Power"
  20. Facebook Support Group Raises $500,000 In Support Of Officer Darren Wilson
  21. This just in ....
  22. Another 'No indictment' for police in Staten Island choke hold case
  23. No talk about
  24. Trailer: The Heavy Water War
  25. Is this the new math?
  26. GOP aide resigns after Obama girls comments
  27. GOP pay back to white middle class voters who voted them in
  28. Did SBR just lose a poster?
  29. The History of the Bush Family
  30. Proof: austerity hurt our economic growth from 2010 to 2011
  31. Ted poopy pants Nugent sounds off about Ferguson (not Turd)
  32. Unbelievable: Ny times publishes darren wilson’s address
  33. This Woman Has A Brain
  34. Most racist AG ever, Holder about to announce he's going to initiate a fed.probe....
  35. No charges for Darren Wilson
  36. Get ready for the riots! People already being killed
  37. With this push by REP's to pass KXL pipeline.
  38. Presidential Election 2016 - Nightmare edition
  39. President Scott Walker's first executive order.
  40. The beginning of the end of America as we know it
  41. Crackhead "Mayor for life" Marion Barry dead at 78
  42. Obama's executive action on amnesty explained in 10 words...
  43. 51-year anniversary of JFK assassination
  44. We need another hearing on Benghazi
  45. did
  46. Quick you have $50,000 cash- whats your move?
  47. Repub heads poised to explode
  48. More hearings on Obamacare?
  49. Who here is part of a union???
  50. Jon Stewart Tears Apart Pelosi for ‘Politically Craven’ Move Against Duckworth
  51. Our Tax System
  52. Don't return a true bill against the Honorable Officer Darren Wilson rally thread !!!
  53. Is anyone in here a day trader/swing trader that uses technical analysis?
  54. Obama Met With Ferguson Activists – Said He’s Concerned They “Stay on Course”
  55. Will you listen now
  56. Best News Program on the web Ring of Fire.
  57. When did Republicans Stop Thinking this way
  58. McConnell evil or just plain stupid?
  59. Media Worships Bush Family on Veterans Day
  60. CNN Hides Truth About Climate-Denying Religious Senator
  61. Dems silent about Gruber
  62. Repubs and Dems agree on these stocks
  63. Republicans Treat Our Troops Like Garbage
  64. America is officially an oligarchy
  65. Sandra Fluke upholding the liberal ways again
  66. I'm a real capitalist. What are you?
  67. It's time for the Repubs to pay the piper
  68. Hillary as a nut cracker
  69. Veterans Day
  70. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Minnesota shatters snow record from 1898
  71. Great example of Republican stupidity
  72. Happy birthday United States Marine Corps
  73. War protest songs.
  74. FBI Memo Reveals Churchill Wanted U.S. To Nuke Russia To Win Cold War
  75. Will Obama/Holder let Ferguson, Mo Burn ?
  76. More proof that Obola wants ebola to spread!
  77. 1 in 5 Americans Want a Third Term for Obama
  78. Make your predictions now that the R's control congress
  79. Mike Brown's parents to the U.N.??
  80. What about Moochelle's comment yesterday
  81. Question to the Democrats on these boards?
  82. Mitch McConnell just knocked it out of the park !!!
  83. I told you demonazicrappy clowns we would take the Senate and we did Republicans +8
  84. Alaska, Oregon, and D.C. Voters Legalize Marijuana!
  85. Sad Day in American Politics Today
  86. Sad Day for American Politics Today
  87. Congratulations to my fellow Independent moderates for flipping Senate to GOP
  88. Anybody See Al Sharpton on CNBC Right Now?
  89. My father spoke with a sitting congressman today and told him to grow a pair.
  90. If Your Democrat In Today's World Your A Jerkoff
  91. Typical Obama administration maneuver
  92. Wildly unpopular GOP huge favorites to win control of the senate
  93. Capitalism Explained
  94. Capitalism Explained
  95. Ann Coulter knocks it out of the park !!!
  96. “The President is the most racist president there has ever been in America...
  97. Anyone gambling on the election tomorrow?
  98. win 18k on $5 GOP prayer bet.
  99. 96 percent chance Republicans take the Senate tommorrow
  100. What's wrong with this picture?
  101. Can't wait for Wednesday to hear the demonazicrappies crying about obozo the goon boy
  102. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Earliest Snow in Columbia, SC
  103. Harry Reid's 'Begging'
  104. Mexican judge frees jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi, family says
  105. Republican scam to purge voting rolls of millions of "double voters"
  106. scariest halloween mask this year.
  107. FOX news to get exclusive interview with SEAL who killed bin Laden
  108. Denmark is the best country in the world for working people.
  109. Best ad yet I've seen for a 2014 midterm voter's attention
  110. Obama administration involved in more Nixon-esque coverups involving Benghazi
  111. Gov. Christie 'Tired of Hearing About' Minimum Wage
  112. Hillary: 'don't let anybody tell you' that 'businesses create jobs'
  113. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! US Having Its Coolest Year On Record
  114. The latest from the wackos on the left....D.C.s new " concealed carry" fees
  115. Is Michelle Obama's lunch program the trigger behind today's school shooting in Wa. ?
  116. Republicans are heartless animals
  117. Economics and a stock pick play I bought
  118. Cris books with midterm election props
  119. Ralph Nadar: We live under a 2 party TYRANNY!!!
  120. You people are pussies.
  121. Climate change PROVED to be 'nothing but a lie', claims top meteorologist
  122. Join ISIS, Lose Your Passport
  123. You idiots need to smarten up about tax policy.
  124. Terrorist attacks in Canada. I predict it was one of Obama's fellow Muslim terrorists
  125. Voter fraud ? What voter fraud????? Liberals ONCE AGAIN on the wrong side of history
  126. Obama supplying weapons to his fellow Muslim terrorists: ISIS
  127. Russia Todays Max Keiser on Hannity
  128. Early departures of crowd at Obama appearance underscored his continuing unpopularity
  129. More proof Ofc. Wilson told the truth about the shooting of the animal Michael Brown
  130. Ebo-Lie: Ebola Is A Hoax?
  131. Dem candidates not answering if they voted for Obama
  132. Told in 2008: Obama admin. ignored the CDC’s advice to prevent an Ebola outbreak
  133. Rick Scott is not a fan
  134. 60 Days to beat Ebola: Or it's all over
  135. We'll tell you how dangerous ebola is after the election
  136. The Truth About Obama’s Economy
  137. Democrats in competitive Senate races hope Obama stays as far away as possible
  138. Looks like the Honorable George W. Bush was right !!!! Iraq had WMDs
  139. Mark Zuckerman donates 25 million for Ebola research
  140. Thanks West Africa.
  141. Scarred about Ebola and ISIS? Thank the Republicans.
  142. Ad Blames GOP Ebola Outbreak
  143. Civil Forfeiture coming to arrest your material such as homes,cars, cash!,lol
  144. ISIS nearing Bagdad
  145. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Sept. Snow Cover Was Highest On Record in N. America
  146. Obama aides knew of possible White House link to Cartagena prostitution scandal
  147. Piers Morgan SLAMS Obama
  148. Taxpayers get stuck with $6.2m tab for just 3 Obama vacations; $40m over 6 years
  149. President Obama pet shopping for Malia and Sasha
  150. Labor Participation Rate Drops To 36 Year Low; Record 92.6 Million Not In Labor force
  151. there are just too many jobs in the US ...
  152. Ferguson activists turning on each other now
  153. Antarctica's melt down weakens earths gravity
  154. Armed felon rides on elevator with the Pres
  155. Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, Brian Williams, & U.S. Marine Sgt. captured by ISIS...
  156. #IAmARepublican
  157. Obama admits to errors in judgement in the Middle East
  158. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! NOAA: 1695 Low Max Records Broken or Tied in Sept.
  159. Obama Praises Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on Killing of U.S. Soldiers
  160. FBI says that NO murders occurred at Sandy Hook!!!!!!!!!!
  161. Rev Al : Helping Obama pick next AG
  162. Why Left and Right Don't Matter
  163. ERIC HOLDER is resigning...
  164. Obama once again proves how little he respects the position of President of the U.S.
  165. Why have no other muslims countries came out against ISIS?
  166. Partyism' Now Trumps Racism
  167. Climate change protests world wide
  168. Thoughts on Windstream Technologies (WSTI) stock
  169. Multiculturalism... Good or bad ?
  170. Obamacare tax subsidies recipients about to get a nice letter in the mail....
  171. Man jumped White House fence and actually got INTO the residency wing last night...
  172. Personally, I hope the Senate stays in control of the Democrats
  173. I placed a bet of £2,000 on Scotland to vote NO
  174. Just stumbled onto this. Not sure what to think. Is this an elaborate joke?
  175. Senate works to pass Syrian rebel aid, where's the House?
  176. The rich get Richer - Get your stock game up.
  177. Perhaps This Explains Why Blacks Abuse Family Members
  178. Huge Anti Terror Raids in Australia
  179. Barry
  180. Fed Up
  181. Benghazi hearing AGAIN?!?!
  182. Federal budget deficit has disappeared according to this article from Forbes
  183. Nate Silver on The Senate Races
  184. Democrat party announces name change…
  185. How can you not love Trey Gowdy?
  186. 11 things the Koch bro's don't want you to know about them
  187. Election wagering. let's get it.
  188. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Extent of Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels..
  189. Forget about ISIS, Obama's "Government Motors" has killed more Americans than ISIS
  190. Why is the US still sending aid to Israel???
  191. Things About America You Probably Didn’t Know
  192. Donald Trump Makes Obama an Offer That He Can’t Refuse
  193. Semi-terrorist Westboro Church is at it again
  194. I have to give credit when it is due; Obama remembrance today is heartfelt !!!!
  195. Obama about to make Presidential Address regarding ISIS
  196. Report: Obama rejected from golf courses
  197. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Meteorologists Predict Record-Shattering Snowfall
  198. "All-in" on Alibaba IPO?
  199. With Russian Sanctions comes a new place to invest.
  200. Obama "Best Economic President in Modern Times"
  201. THANK GOD we have video of the next Mike Browns this time
  202. The HONORABLE George W. Bush has been proven to be right AGAIN !!!!
  203. obama "Wreck-o-nomics" : Record 92,269,000 Not in Labor Force
  204. Here comes the high gas prices
  205. The discuss the impacts of money in politics.
  206. Obama's Illegal Alien Invasion Includes ISIS.
  207. shit is being slashed all over the place
  208. Easy money!!
  209. Alqueda, Isis, Taliban ?
  210. The greatest threat to the United states is...
  211. We had better wake up, this sounds like place i know well
  212. Megadeth vid still rings true today
  213. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING !!! Satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker....
  214. Obama finally talks about beheading...........
  215. Latest poll : Obama's "Strong Disapproval" Double His "Strong Approval"
  216. Why is a 9 year old firing an Uzi?
  217. Did ya know?
  218. Let's open our eyes about poverty.
  219. Obama is a complete JOKE!!!
  220. Another reason 'scientists' keep getting things wrong on natural events
  221. chris hedges
  222. Nothing like Hot a women doing the news. Post your best
  223. Oliver Stone
  224. Who Is The Biggest Racist In America?
  225. American journalist beheaded by ISIS...what will be our response?
  226. Keep your political donations in your pants fellas.
  227. DAMN MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING ! Forecasters warn of 'coldest August spell in a century
  228. NBC pays Gregory $4 Million in hush money to be nice to them
  229. If you like stocks...
  230. white CIA picking on white citizens
  231. Rick Perry indicted.
  232. Cancer is finally cured in Canada but Big Pharma has no interest
  233. Police are now attacking the Press in Ferguson, Missouri!
  234. Most honest moment of the television history
  235. Obama goes back to Washington
  236. Nixon was a traitor
  237. N Carolina Voter ID Law STANDS
  238. Changing “Kennedy Center” to the “President Barack Obama Center”
  239. Dante vs Dwight
  240. Whites no longer majoriity in schools
  241. Obama Cleared on Benghazi Lies.
  242. Some charts for my right leaning friends
  243. Bill Maher examines the militarization of America's police force
  244. M.E. ruled James Brady died of a Homicide???
  245. Iraq Airstrikes Begin Despite Warning ISIS Retaliation Could Put Baghdad Underwater
  246. Fox news hate syndrome?
  247. Obama's immigration dream of destroying the U.S.A.
  248. Is stock market about to bust?
  249. U.S. General Is Reportedly Killed by an Afghan Soldier
  250. 2 Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down MH-17. No ‘Buk’ missile was used.

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