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  1. The stupidity of this family is never ending
  2. Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Clinton Was PERSONALLY Involved
  3. Message for Christian voters
  4. Coming Soon - US government in the hacking business
  5. Trump launches new network trump.tv
  6. Trump Foundation Paid Activist Filmmaker James O'Keefe
  7. Donald Trump delivers a POWERFUL policy speech on how to Make America Great Again
  8. A flacid, subdued Trump admits he will LOSE the election to President Clinton
  9. Hillary campaign chairmen John Podesta emails
  10. If the election is rigged
  11. Dear Mainstream Media
  12. The Russians aren't hacking anything right now. No need to blame them.
  13. Holy Shitt! Trump is roasting Hillary tonight
  14. Oh Look, Here Come the Bernie Bros
  15. The final debate tonight in Vegas; Trump vs Clinton
  16. Odds of Assassination
  17. Trump leading in the Polls, Hillary will drop out after the last debate.
  18. HIllary Clinton Wants ObamaCare To "Unravel"
  19. Hillary gets it right on at least one of her public/private plans
  20. If Politics was a Game, Dems have Won
  21. Rigging the Election - Video II: Mass Voter Fraud
  22. Hillary clinton's naked statue in manhattan causes commotion
  23. When do books grade Next President Bets?
  24. Did anyone take the quiz at Isidewith.com
  25. Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Ral
  26. Rigging the Election - Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies
  27. "I am not gonna add a penny to the national debt..."
  28. How could you have a daughter and still vote Trump?
  29. Trump caught preying on a 10 year old girl
  30. The white flight of Derek Black
  31. Hillary voters firebomb GOP campaign office
  32. Congrats liberals when Crooked Hillary wins you have officially destroyed America
  33. Pence: "more and more evidence" of Russian hacks requiring "serious consequences"
  34. Trump Sexual Assault Accuser Sent Glowing Email To His Assistant In April
  35. Rush Limbaugh: Consent is a leftist concept that is overrated
  36. Trump can still win this
  37. Reason Why Gamblers Will Vote For Trump
  38. Election Day voting issues
  39. US Security Experts confirm Russians committing cyber warfare
  40. Hilary Clinton UNDER 369.5 electoral votes (-210)
  41. Read this Book!
  42. Donald Trump perverted behavior an acceptable norm for Men now
  43. Key Point about Trump pinny odds
  44. It's really pretty simply
  45. Another example of what Hillary's agenda will lead to for America
  46. Jon Voight's plea to save America
  47. New Trump Accuser Emerges
  48. Sheep like Mac4lyfe who think the left don't want to take away guns check-in
  49. If you read this you can't not vote Trump
  50. Prominent Football Coach: Donald Trump Wins Election
  51. Mass wave of Conservative Christians no longer suporting Donald Trump
  52. top 10 hillary lies debunked
  53. hillary nearly 9 to 1 to win according to predictwise.com
  54. Are the Presidential Polls by mainstream media fake, real or skewd
  55. Supreme Court of USA needs to cancel USA election.
  56. Trump Nets December Hearing For Rape Of 13 Year Old
  57. Two more trump rape victims come forward
  59. Donald Trump Video You Have To Watch
  60. HIllary Clinton Was Given Debate Question In Advance
  61. The Greatest Argument For A Trump Presidency EVER!
  62. Hillary clinton will drop out before november!
  63. gore
  64. WIKI LEAKS anyone reading emails??? Will it hurt Clinton?
  65. New York Times Gave Hillary Cinton Veto Power Over Her Quotes
  66. NYT/CNBC’s John Harwood Advises Clinton Campaign, Gloats About Provoking Trump
  67. Interesting things yesterday that the MSM won't show the voters.
  68. MuslimsReportStuff: Trump gets trolled over Islamophobia debate question
  69. Warren Buffett Just Released His Own Tax Data to Hammer Trump
  70. Hillary Clinton pulled back on a kill shot for a reason: Keep Trump on the ticket
  71. New Wikileaks dump shows Hillary was desperate to face Trump
  72. Get this debate night scalp quick!!!
  73. Debate #2 tonight : Trump vs clinton live thread
  74. Judging by the timing of the Trump recording... (2nd debate)
  75. Melania Trump reacts to her husbands history of assulting women
  76. Lying Hillary is a piece of trash
  77. 100,000 more coming to your neighborhood if hilliary gets in.
  78. Last Dance of the RINO's
  79. Trump anime memes are invading the internet
  80. Worst day for the R party since Lincoln assassination
  81. What Do Kids Think Of Don Trump?
  82. CNN is freaking about what Trump said over a decade ago, Wikileaks released this ....
  83. Trump will DROP OUT TODAY....NO CHOICE
  84. Fueled by Hillary Clinton, White House Debated Nominating Wikileaks Founder Droning
  85. WikiLeaks, Guccifer 2.0 Teaser Exposes Pay-to-Play and Financial Data
  86. More proof the FBI is a joke and full of liberals
  87. Best question at last night's VP debate posed by Governor Penc
  88. another study disproving global warming- special thread for liberals like andy
  89. Clinton once again pulling ahead in all battleground states
  90. Bill Weld Just Wants To Stop Trump and Is Bolting the LP after the Election
  91. Donald Trump’s charity has been banned from operating after breaking NY State Law
  92. Obama DOJ Drops Charges Against Arms Broker To Libya to Protect Clinton & Obama
  93. Tim Kaine
  94. Hillary will not deny she called for drone hit on Assange
  95. VP Debate Is Over - Pence Won
  96. brooks85 and khicks26 fight it out
  97. Bill Clinton calls Obamacare "crazy"
  98. Hillary supporters practicing fascism again, victim brutally beaten
  99. Trump on vets with PTSD: a lot of them aren't "strong" and "can't handle it"
  100. So who's everybody voting for?
  101. So who's everybody voting for?
  102. So who's everybody voting for?
  103. Gary Johnson being Gary Johnson
  104. Lebron James voting for Hilary
  105. More Hillary supporters at work killing teenagers
  106. Christie and Giuliani are PAY FOR PLAY PIGS...
  107. marla maples
  108. what made trump popular also lost him the election
  109. The End for Hillary, coming soon? This is x-rated, for Hillary fans.
  110. ‘October Surprise’ Thwarted? Wikileaks Cancels Tuesday Announcement
  111. San Diego Union-Tribune has endorsed every (R) presidential candidate since 1868
  112. Hacked Recording, Hillary Mocks Bernie Supporters "Living In Their Parents' basement"
  113. If Deutsche Bank Collapses Before 11/8, Donald Trump Will Be President
  114. Why am I hearing about Hillary getting a bump following the debate?
  115. The Miss Universe HIllary Clinton is Using (you can't make thie shit up)
  116. Comey "I don’t remember exactly, sitting here"
  117. this is why obama is smarter than congress
  118. Donald Trump tweets at 4:30am: Alicia M is 'disgusting' and check her out sex tapes
  119. hacking
  120. Man electrocuted attempting to steal booby trapped Trump sign.
  121. Help me out here fellas
  122. Hillary/ Donnie biographies on PBS now
  123. Can Trump Whine His Way To The White House With Complaints About “Biased” Media Cover
  124. Nice guys finish last
  125. It's Past Time for HiLIARy to come clean - about her advanced PARKINSON'S DISEASE!!!
  126. Will Trump Even do the Other Debates?
  127. Debate bets...you're welcome u broke ----
  128. The Most Damaging Ads In Campaign History
  129. Pretty easy money on these Bovada debate props;
  130. Tons of Fun Debate Night Props Out From Bovada! QueenofEVILvs.KingOFDumb
  131. Clinton vs trump live debate thread...tremendous event
  132. Perjury or lie?
  133. New York Times endorses Hillary Clinton, names Donald Trump "worst nominee" in modern
  134. No political yard signs
  135. Team Clinton gives Mark Cuban top seat at debate to heckle Trump.
  136. US Govt Just Legalized Operation Mockingbird — FBI Can Now Impersonate the Media
  137. Lady kills 1 of the 3 hillary voters breaking into her house
  138. Trevor Noah destroys argument for gun control without realizing it
  139. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Hit in Face with Pie, Retaliates, Bloodies Protester
  140. Clinton retaking the lead over conman Donald
  141. Elizabeth Warren's (D) blistering take down of Wells Fargo CEO
  142. Bush 41 To Vote For Hillary
  143. Yesterday, Resident Barack Hussein Obama said....
  144. The spread between Johnson and Stein is Clinton's margin of victory.
  145. Politifact is left wing propaganda
  146. This looks bad - hands up
  147. Not just Muslims
  148. Mark Cuban offers Trump 10 million
  149. The Circus on Showtime
  150. Here they come/100 a day
  151. Trump to wi the Presidency +180
  152. Trump holds back his lawyers
  153. The two things you're voting for
  154. Truth finally reported on the Trump "rape" story
  155. Female Social Justice Warrior CONFRONTS Student For Wearing "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN
  156. Breaking News: Trump finally says President Obama was born in the US
  157. Does Trump's campaign speak for Trump?
  158. Trump Slams Ford for assembling cars in Mexico
  159. Hillary Clinton a 'liar' who defended a child rapist
  160. Snowden pardon, yay or nay?
  161. Report: Trump is a National Security Threat
  162. Would you rather have Hillary or Putin run the United States?
  163. Secretary of State's Russian Friends
  164. Best way to prove you aren't suffering brain damage, declare war on a cartoon frog
  165. Donald caught saying 50% of Americans are lazy do nothings
  166. Trump Foundation under investigation for improper use of funds, bribery, corruption
  167. would you want this p.o.s has your father-in-law
  168. Median income up 5.2% in 2015
  169. Retarded Trump son caught posting fake Trump rally photos.
  170. Basket of Deplorables
  171. Field vs. Joe Biden
  172. Putin's View of Trump
  173. Woolsey defects from the Clinton's
  174. Hillary using the racist tactic again. Always used when desperate!!!!!
  175. Hillary Clinton FAINTS at 9/11 ceremony and is taken away!
  176. Hillary Clinton......what in the hell is this?
  177. Donald Trump supported the War in Iraq
  178. Donald continues anti American, pro Russian campaign
  179. The stability rkelly, d2 and liberals want... bigger government and more crime
  180. What scumbag would stop families from suing Saudi Arabia for 9/11? Obama of course
  181. Hillary and supporters caught in another lie
  182. Sometimes you just have to say, I told you so....
  183. Why is Chicago a war zone?
  184. WikiLeaks Proves Crooked Hillary Lying Not Knowing C is Classified
  185. Brooks buffoonery.
  186. A story that will make rkelly and other anti-americans proud
  187. The lies told by the Black Lives Matter movement
  188. What the fuk is this?
  189. Trump's Immigration Stance Is The Same As Bill Clinton's In 1995
  190. Democrats refuse to enforce illegal immigration laws and sued Arizona for doing so
  191. Retards in badges
  192. Insider on 2016 president of the USA WINNER> can't lose once you have answered
  193. Debate: Is Hillary more heartless or more dishonest?
  194. Hillary Trying To Start WWIII
  195. CNN Stunned When Fact Checkers Confirm Clinton Phones Destroyed With Hammers
  196. How in the HELL is this guy still Alive?!?!
  197. Who destroys evidence when you have nothing to hide
  198. Hillary will fail.
  199. Gary Johnson ------ Triggered
  200. Clintons again proving to be uncomparable when it comes to scamming people
  201. Barack Obama Has Destroyed The US Economy
  202. Media still protecting Clintons about Laureate U
  203. Most Americans trust Hillary Clinton over donald on immigration issue
  204. Question and thoughts about Clinton to win #
  205. Joe Biden +10000/Bernie Sanders +10000 still possible arb bets.
  206. Mexico's President says he made it clear Mexico won't pay for the wall
  207. Clinton news network
  208. Paul Ryan will win the Presidency in 2020
  209. Trump to win Georgia
  210. Hilliary on immigration/illegal immigration
  211. Apple on the hook for 15 billion EU tax
  212. Scam PACs
  213. Weiner at it again
  214. Uber Chief Advisor Says Donald Trump Is A "Psychopath"
  215. Trump denies using Presidential election to start his own right wing media outlet
  216. If only tax payers voted
  217. Donald thanks all the suckers for supporting him, here comes the FLIP FLOP
  218. This is how corrupt the political system is
  219. Who will host Presidential Debates?
  220. Is Hillary the worst presidential nominee in U.S. History??
  221. Trump's doctor is hilarious
  222. Piece Of Shit President Obama Part 2
  223. "Non-Partisan" debate commission in breathless panic over Wikileaks warning.
  224. Hillary makes false statements against radio host Alex Jones...
  225. The Truth About Islamophobia
  226. 7-8 years of stalled Immigration Reform
  227. Has Trump Met The Blacks Yet?
  228. Picture Donald Trump as a President of USA.
  229. Trump supporter interviews Khicks' commrades
  230. Pay for play?
  231. John Oliver reduced to begging Trump to drop out
  232. American journalism is collapsing before our eyes
  233. Is Donald Trump Is The Biggest Liar In The World?
  234. How Trump bribed Chris Christie to rip tax payers off for 25 million
  235. Paul Manafort resigns
  236. Wait a minute, Hillary health deteriorating?? Not fit for office?????
  237. trumps "apology" is so transparent
  238. Obama DOJ decides to end use of all private prisons
  239. Trump gets most support from low IQ uneducated idiots...Dwight and gay lover brooks
  240. Obama and Dems putting refugees first and our kids last.
  241. Khizr Khan Family AKA “Kinky Lick” On Ashley Madison
  242. jill stein is a lovely lady..
  243. The dangerous alliance between Hillary Clinton's Democrats and neocons
  244. Compilation of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Guests Mics to Protect Hillary Clinton
  245. #HillarysStools Once You Notice it… (Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon)
  246. CNN are propaganda agents
  247. Private Server, Government Business, Deleted Emails - No one in jail????
  248. Moronic Millennials Think Karl Marx is 3rd Party Presidential Candidate
  249. Book that offer state presidential lines
  250. Dem leader asks the CIA to lie to Trump

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