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    Looking for a sportsbook with

    I'm new to the online sportsbook and I'm looking for one that has, lots of futures and prop bets, quick payouts and free withdrawls under certain circumstances that are easy to comply with. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    First off, Welcome to the SBR forum sir.

    I feel 5Dimes would fit your needs perfectly sir. Here is a little info about what they have to offer.

    5Dimes (SBR Rated A) is the way to go for baseball if your a recreational player that bets nickels, and haven't had your limits cut. But just watch out for those delays.

    They have no outstanding complaints or processing issues levied against them at this time. Not to mention they offer some pretty good payment solutions for U.S. players (Echecks most notably 300 max./14 day hold). Plus they offer one free fedex payout per month that you will usually get within about 3-5 business days.

    The bonus they offer for new customers is a 50% free play with a 5x rollover, and 20% reload bonuses.

    They use the ASI software (Which is nice IMO), not to mention the fact that [iSBRFORUM]5Dimes[/iSBRFORUM] has a couple of mirror sites, which helps during the down times:


    Did I mention nickel overnight lines (till 8am est), and offers a lot of prop wagering options.

    Here is the vig breakdowns 5Dimes, and a few of the other wagering options they have to offer:

    .10 up to -176
    .15 up to -201
    .20 up to -266
    .25 up to -280
    .30 up to -346
    .35 up to -361
    .40 up to -386
    .45 up to -421
    .50 up to -461

    Overnight Lines: Yes *See Nickel Lines Chart Below
    Reverse Run Lines: Yes
    5-inning lines: Yes: RLs, MLs & Totals
    Reduced Juice Totals: Yes**
    Reduced Juice RLs: Yes**
    Grand Salami Totals: Yes
    Team Totals: Yes

    Overnight Nickel Lines Chart

    .05 up to -162
    .06 up to -165
    .07 up to -193
    .08 up to -196
    .09 up to -198
    .10 up to -251
    .11 up to -253
    .12 up to -255
    .13 up to -257
    .14 up to -258
    .15 up to -266
    .16 up to -270
    .17 up to -273
    .18 up to -276
    .19 up to -278
    .20 up to -310

    The one complaint I do have against them though. I don't like the fact that they always have problems grading their prop bets. They are notorious for mis-grading those thing and their rules for those seem to have a very gray area IMHOO.

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    ichiro is banned?? ;o

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    would agree about watching out for props on 5dimes. I had a prop bet from the superbowl which was graded correctly initially, but then two days later regraded as a loss. When I tried to argue my case with them, and started citing other players who had had the same bet graded differently, they told me that I was not welcome, effectively closing my account.

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    5 dimes blows...but seems like anytime someone from a forums/sbr gets involved they pay quick

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    5 dimes

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    5dimes is probably the book for you....

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