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    Heritage payouts

    I dont mess with bitcoins, but i do ** payout,u can only get 300 ay a time but they have had that ready for me the same day the last 20 i have gotten, plus u can only use ur name once a month but you can use any other name any day, so i just give my family and friends a little cash to go pick it up, also there checks come quick and never had any trouble cashing them and they did 8k worth of money orders that were here in 4 days, used to love 5 dimes but they dont compare to Heritage, they are top notch

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    John Dough
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    Yep, never had a problem there and excellent customer service. A+ book.

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    They are top notch

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    do yourself a favor and start messing with bitcoins

    you wont regret

    then you can order a bitcoin debit card and you wont need to goto the ** office and pick up money from juan manuel solis delgado gutierrez

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    Agreed. I was a huge bitcoin skeptic, now a huge believer. Only way to move money from book to book. Get those bonuses.