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    Quote Originally Posted by The Seer View Post
    berger, you guys should want Hoke. He will probably do an overall better job that Miles in the long run.
    I hope you are right, this guy can't flop...

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    Brady Hoke says hello.

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    Yeah, just read that they are going to announce Brady Hoke tomorrow.

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    cadillac pete
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    Hope he brings in some competent assistants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paco View Post
    NoCoin, do u think Michigan will beat Ohio State next year?
    Hard to say -- depends on who comes back for OSU.

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    Hoke definitely qualifies as "taking a chance on a little known guy" but I think this could work. I don't know if you noticed, but last night's national title game had both teams "elite offenses" getting exposed by each others defenses. Defense wins championships because if you can defend, you're always going to be in every game. Hoke is a defensive guy, and won't effectively concede the best defensive talent in the State of Michigan to MSU like Dickrod did.

    He runs more of a pro style offense, which I approve of and can see Devin Gardner running.

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    great call... like going from riches to rags... oh well maybe in a couple years of more failure meeshegone can try again

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    Getting ready for Japball
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    I love the Michigan fans arrogance in thinking they can pull any coach nation wide... truth is the Michigan job just isn't prestigious anymore...

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    Why isn't the Michigan job prestigious anymore? They have excellent facilities, a beautiful campus, a die-hard fan base, and MONEY! When Hoke brings this school back to relevance within the next three years everyone is going to say that Michigan is back. One good recruiting class of blue-collar pro style players and Michigan will be back. I think it's silly to say the job isn't prestigious anymore because Les Miles (National Championship contender in Baton Rouge) and Jim Harbaugh (stepping up to the show) declined.

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