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    UEFA Champions League Contest - Starts with QFs Aug. 12th - $250 BTC + 750 Betpoints!

    Welcome to the SBR UEFA Champions League Contest with "bracket style" scoring.

    This contest is open to all with SBR Pros competing for a total prize pool of $250 in Bitcoin + 750 Betpoints.

    Note that this contest starts with the Quarterfinals starting Wednesday August 12th, so we highly suggest not making entries until the entire Quarterfinals are set after Saturday, August, 8th. Should you enter picks early, they WILL be accepted and you will not be able to Edit/Resubmit, so if your team does not advance to the Quarters, you would be out of luck.

    Once the Quarterfinals have been set, select your winners for the 4 Quarters, 2 Semifinals and Final ALL IN ONE POST (i.e., bracket style) along with the first 3 tiebreakers detailed below. Note that "winner" is simply the team that advances, so everything counts (regulation + extra time + penalty kicks).

    Scoring is fairly simple:
    Each QF Win: 1 point
    Each SF Win: 2 points
    Final Win: 4 points
    MAX Score = 12 points

    The first 3 tiebreakers are based on REGULATION TIME OF THE FINAL GAME ONLY:
    TB#1: Total Goals Scored
    TB#2: Total Corner Kicks Awarded
    TB#3: Total Cards Issues (Red and Yellow Combined)
    TB#4: Earlier SBR Join Date

    Although it is not mandatory, it would be helpful if entries were in the following format:

    8/12 QF:
    8/13 QF:
    8/14 QF:
    8/15 QF:

    8/18 SF:
    8/19 SF:

    8/23 Final:

    1st Place Wins $125

    2nd Place Wins $75

    3rd Place Wins $50

    4th Place Wins 500 Betpoints

    5th Place Wins 250 Betpoints

    ***Contest Open to all, but if a Non-Pro finishes in first place, that member wins a FREE one-year SBR PRO Membership with the PRIZES ROLLING DOWN TO TOP 5 SBR PROS***

    If there are other Non-Pros in Top 5, prizes simply roll down.

    ***If this tournament is not completed for any reason, contest will be CANCELLED***

    One guess per forum member.

    No editing. Entry must be made by the scheduled start of first Quarterfinal Game on August 12th at 3:00pm ET.

    Cash Prize Winner(s) are paid in Bitcoin and must PM their wallet info to SBR Genie. Winners have 30 days to claim their prize.

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    Good stuff
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    Sounds great LT. Nice format
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    Nice stuff LT. Was looking forward to a soccer contest!
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    more fun stuff..thanks LT

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    Thank you SBR!