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    Quote Originally Posted by cincinnatikid513 View Post
    jibbs is this u

    just saying

    California man arrested by FBI, charged with coronavirus related fraud

    A Southern California man was arrested for allegedly soliciting investments in a company he claimed had developed a cure for COVID-19, according to a statement by the Department of Justice on Wednesday.

    Keith Lawrence Middlebrook, 53, claimed to have developed a "patent pending cure,” as well as a treatment that prevents coronavirus infection, the statement alleged. Health officials have stated that there is no vaccine for the virus.

    He was arrested during a meeting in which he delivered pills to an undercover agent posing as an investor, officials said


    As they say, never waste a good crisis...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac4Lyfe View Post
    If 13 people died that also means probably a 100 more people were sick. One of the 13 was a 38 year old healthy man. This virus is killing healthy people too and wrecking havoc on those that recover. To have someone die ever couple of hours to the same virus is scary shit for a hospital staff. Itís the law of large numbers. 13 today is 100 next week is 1000 a few weeks later. When will it stop is anyoneís guess.
    Not only that Mac, 13 in one day....in one hospital....how many hospitals are in New York City alone?

    A Russian client of mine is an ER doctor in a busy Russian hospital. She says her morgue and her classmates morgue were all full, very similar to the article in fact where gynos were being summoned to deal with viruses. Two of em died ...

    It's like people can't or refuse to extrapolate these facts. People are dying and that means more people will die, what a concept!!! Especially if people keep acting as if it's no big deal.

    Natural selection I guess

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    I'd rather die working my ass off than to sit at home and rely on government assistance.

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