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    As an eagles fan, I wanted Foles but I also understand the decision for Wentz. If you strictly look at it from a business perspective, the franchise tag would have earned the Eagles a good draft pick. I am an even greater fan now though that they ignored that and after what Foles did for the franchise, they allowed him to leave for free agency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr KLC View Post
    The full list of odds can be seen below:

    Jacksonville Jaguars 2/3

    Miami Dolphins 5/1

    Cincinnati Bengals 9/1

    Washington Redskins 9/1

    Oakland Raiders 12/1

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12/1

    New York Giants 16/1

    Arizona Cardinals 25/1

    Buffalo Bills 25/1

    New York Jets 25/1
    Giants 16-1

    They would love to steal him from the rival

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    Former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will likely sign with the Jaguars when NFL free agency officially starts on March 13, according to Philly.com. The market for the Super Bowl-winning passer “has not developed” as some anticipated, which has led the Jaguars to become confident they’ll land him.

    Many of the teams that had been considered potential suitors for Foles apparently haven’t shown much interest to this point. The Giants have said that they expect Eli Manning to back next season, and they’re also reportedly in the mix to select a QB with the No. 6 overall pick in the upcoming draft. The Broncos opted for a different veteran by trading for the Ravens’ Joe Flacco. Washington keeps saying it’s content to move forward with Colt McCoy as its 2019 starter.

    All of that has added up to a relatively weak market with the Jaguars acting as Foles’ primary suitor, per Philly.com.

    Jacksonville has been considered a destination for quarterbacks since starter Blake Bortles was benched repeatedly during a disappointing 2018 season. The team committed to Bortles with a three-year, $54 million contract in early 2018 after he led the team to the AFC Championship Game, but that decision quickly proved to be a mistake as he struggled throughout last year.

    Foles, 30, has had a lot of success in his seven-year NFL career despite never being an established long-term starter anywhere. He started his career in Philadelphia with a bang by making the Pro Bowl in 2013 after earning the starting gig several weeks into the season, but lost that job the following year. He proceeded to have a terrible 2015 with Jeff Fisher’s Rams, then spent 2016 as a lightly used backup in Kansas City before making his grand return to the Eagles for the last two seasons.

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    Very likeable person. I hope he has great success as long as I'm not betting against his team.

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    It's an upgrade for the Jags. I hope they improve that offensive line to protect him.

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