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    Quote Originally Posted by JIBBBY View Post
    Ruthless Sammy, ruthless..

    KOOL cigs...

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    You know what this is like?

    You've been playing $5 blackjack and losing. You're down to 5 $5 chips and have had enough, pushing them to the dealer to color up. The dealer accidentally picks up a 25k chip to pay you but puts it back and gives you a green $25 chip. How stupid would it be to complain and sue over that?

    The important aspect to this and Bookman's case is you know what you have coming to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac4Lyfe View Post
    I don't know about Katrina Bookman but this Katrina Bowden is someone's jack off piece, er I mean Jackpot. Damn, she can't be related to Bobby Bowden?

    Oh, HELLO

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    She knew she didn't win that money. Just take a look at her face with that selfie. She thought it was funny. Then someone must have told her to cry about it so she can get some compensation.

    Typical ghetto, trying to get something for nothing.

    i mean if she pushed the button and it displayed like 777 or whatever the jackpot is then she'd have a gripe. But she knew she didn't win anything.

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